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a-Jays One Heavy Bass Impact Earphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The a-Jays Ones give up a rich, deep bass response and will help you to discover your music all over again.
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 4.8 stars from 65 customers

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Best earphones I've owned
Loving these earphones. Sound quality is amazing. Fit comfortably in-ear and they don't fall out easily (like when you're exercising). Would recommend to anyone looking for high-quality earphones at a low price. You won't be disappointed.
My Son's Happy Head
Anyone with young people in their homes will know that they appear to eat earphones for a hobby. There is an inherent fault with every set of earphones, they are not teenager proof! Having bought many different makes, styles and designs I found these Jays flat cable earphones. They out perform and last longer than any of the others tried in this price bracket. Better than that my Son has a happy head and peace is once again restored to the house!
a-JAYS earphones
Very good product & a nice selection of ear pieces.
Good Quality
Nice packaging, good quality headphones. Perfect clear crisp sound.
Best Earphones ever!
I can confirm everything good that everyone else has said, no need to repeat, it's all in the title. If you're looking for earphones, get these. Only difficulty I had was changing the sleeves but after a while I found that it's much easier if you turn them inside out when trying to get them on.
jsys earphone
Love these earphones, they are defo the best I have had and I have gone through a few (earphones, that is!) The sound quality is brilliant and the non tangle cables really work well. Very happy with these - delivery was quick and the earphones come packed in a cool Swedish container...
Nice Sound
Nice Head phone with good sound but it is without speaker facility
Good as hell!!
The product rocks and anyone who is looking for a pair of earphone which is pocket friendy and still gives the bang for the buck will make no mistake..Go for it!!
Great Buy
Don't be misled by the name Heavy Bass Impact Earphones. The top end is also crystal clear providing excellent sound quality over the full audio spectrum. The cables are symmetrical for those who prefer this type. The flat design feels more rugged without being heavy and the cables never become tangled. All in all, an excellent pair of earphones at the right price.
Great headphones
The headphones sound great, good quality and i like them alot. The sound is clear and the bass is great. Also the variety of buds made it easier to find a size that would fit my ears. I am very pleased
Doctor Who?
Having looked at, and quickly dismissed the massive outlay for a pair of Dr.Dre head/earphones, I settled for these a-Jays. My choice was a good one, bearing in mind that I would be using them with my iPhone, and not a high spec Bang & Olafsen system. I feel things have to be put in context.These earphones are comfortable, coming with a selection of rubber grommets of different sizes, and sound excellent. One minor niggle was changing the rubbers. A brain surgeon would probably be dexterous enough to undertake this challenge. For me, with my fat, shakey fingers and diminishing eyesight, it was a battle of wills. Taking them of is simple...putting them back on was a nightmare.
We all know that earphone cables come to life when we're not looking, and coil themselves into the most extraordinary knots and tangles. The flat cables on the a-Jays however, do not seem to present this problem, and have a very robust, rubbery feel.
Do watch out if you have a case on your iPhone. The jackplug on these earphones is angled at 45 degrees to the cable, and could be impeded by a small aperture in the case. I have an Otterbox fitted to my phone, and the plug pushes home far enough to give a good connection.
Please also be aware that there is no microphone on these earphones, something I didn't notice when ordering them. The more expensive models do have a built-in mic.
For the price paid, I certainly cannot fault these little beauties, and would say that unless you want 'state-of-the-art', they are well worth considering.
a-jay's one heavy base
This product is awesome and i loved it.
great service
Bought this item after reading really good reviews but unfortunately the Left earpiece stopped working after 6 weeks. Mobile fun replaced the item for me very quickly, no questions asked. Would definitely use them again.
Flat-back bed-phones
One nice feature about these earphones which no one else seems to have mentioned, is that they have a flat back, which effectively leaves then flush with your ears rather than jutting out.

This makes then extremely comfortable to where whilst lying on your side in bed as you are not lying on them and muffling the sound.
Snug fit, clear sound.
Snug in-ear fit. Crystal clear sound. Elininates all external noise. I SAID, ELININATES ALL EXTERNAL NOISE!!! Top product.
Great product, great price!
I bought the Jays headphones to accompany my new HTC8X with beats audio. They were superb. With 4 earbud size options they will fit almost any ear size. The sound quality is excellent being crystal clear music/video audio. A must buy item. The service was excellent and dispatch was quick and efficient. I will certainly be saving this site as a favourite in my browser.
Superb Quality
I'd never heard of this make before, but the reviews on here tempted me to invest. I'm delighted that I did! The quality of the sound is outstanding - better than any I've had before. The price is incredible given the performance. The service was great as well. Orderd last Friday and arrived on the Saturday.

The box! I too resorted to a screwdriver. Totally unnecessary! Simply remove the sticker that says 'open here'. At the opposite end of the box, there is a hook which you can pull out. Just keep pulling and the whole of the inside of the box slides out. Simples!
At Last! A decent set of earphones at a reasonable price.
I read somewhere that flat wires decrease the chance of tangled earphone wires - and they do, but it is perhaps more importand that these seem to be the best balanced earphones I have heard for some time - good bass, but not at the expense of trebal which is clean and not rasping, like many. And the price is surprisingly affordable!
Bought to replace the poor quality earphones which came with my new Sony smartphone. Very comfortable to wear, don't feel heavy even though cables are thicker, fit securely and don't fall out, high quality sound, as other reviewers have said you can hear instruments you hadn't previously known were there, tangle free cables. Only minus point is the awful box which does not come with instructions on how to open and it's irritating when you're eager to try out your new earphones but cannot for love nor money open the box! I resorted to a screwdriver in the end!
" So glad they fit my ears comfortably"
Really pleased primarily that they have small attachments as I always find others too big to fit in my ears. Great sound and good to use making calls .
They stay in your ears!
The choice of four different size silicone sleeves pretty much guarantees a perfect fit. In-ear buds work much better for me than the standard ear pieces that came with my phone. The sound is very good - almost too bass heavy, if that is possible. They significantly reduce external noise intruding on your listening experience. A good buy, no regrets :)
Fab headphones
These headphones are absolutely fantastic, great bass, great quality and they look really good! I must say though it took me some time to get them out of the box.
Jays one heavy bass earphones
Great set of earphones. Good bass and overall sound.

Excellent service and delivery. Recommend using Mobilefun to others.
quality build and sturdy..
For the price,brillint sound and the cables dont get tangled.
L had trouble trying to buy this item elsewhere. L was lucky enough to find this site. Talked to customer service on line which was great who answered all my questions excellent. L oreded item recieved within 24 hours excellent. Ltem as described excellent packaging. Brilliant base sound. Had to turn the sound down as the power is brilliant. Can not fault service excellent from start to finish.
Fantastic earphones
These are fantastic. Bass is punchy and distinctive. They fit my ears well with the stock caps and do not irritate at all. I also have a set of beats tours and for the money these are just as good.

The non tangle flat cables are a revelation!
Perfect pair of Earphones
First & foremost, these sound great - clear, defined, sufficient and tight bass. They sound at least as good as any earphones i've ever tried. Secondly, the flat cables/leads are a godsend - no tangles and I don't have to worry about them getting damaged like the very thin leads supplied with just about every other pair of earphones out there. Multiple rubber earbuds to get the perfect fit. They also keep surround noise at bay very well indeed. I was impressed with the packaging - it's a gift box (you can tell they're a quality product), it's a shame I don't like keeping product boxes. Multiple rubber earbuds to get the perfect fit. They also keep surround noise at bay very well indeed. I have no negative remarks for this product at all - i'm very happy with it.
a-Jays One Heavy Bass Impact Earphones
Terrific set of headphones at a bargain price. The best low cost bass headphones I have ever tried in all honesty. Work very well with all 3 mobile phones I have tested, great quality as all previous reviews confirm
Budget bass & tangle free heaven.
Budget bass, miserly midrange and half-price highs all go to make these beauties a must have.
Before I bought these I used the sennheizer CX 300 II, and they are excellent.
After owning the rather worn sennys for 3 years, I wanted a pair of earphones that would give me the same performance, but with a tangle free experience.
With these you get far better performance. The bass is warmer and deeper. The mids are open and well balanced, but the highs will make you say,"I didn't hear that before".
Oh I nearly forgot .....the tangle free experience really works very well, and is a god-send when you need to listen to your tunes without wrestling with the cables for 5 minutes before hand.
There is only 1 criticism I have to make, and that is that you don't get a case.
Get these......you won't regret it!!
Best earphones
No tangling, good isolation from external noise, perfect fit and crystal clear sound. I listen to Rush a lot. I always thought Neil Peart's drumming was awesome, but with these earphones, I hear even more drumbeats that ever before. They just bring out the bass so clearly. Best earphones I've ever used and I've tried a few and been disappointed. Excellent price. You won't be disappointed.
perfect earphones
I love jays earphones!thei come with diferent sizes,to fit in you ears,especialy if you are petite like me. Also cables never get tangle. Its perfect and I recomend!.
Excellent headphones. Excellent value. Excellent service.
Wow! What a good buy!
WOW! These are a very great pair of headphones! I use them with my Blackberry Torch 9800 and they are very good! Well worth the £20!
Never thought of upgrading my iPhone speakers until I got fed up with them falling out all the time. These actually fit, and the sound is so crisp. You can hear every instrument - try Pink Floyd on these babies - stunning!
Perfect Quality
I purchased these earphones to replace a quite expensive pair of broken earphones. I really can't fault how powerful and crisp the a-Jays really are.

If you're a huge music fan like myself, then you'll love these earphones. They have great clarity in the bass and high notes, with just the right amount of mids.

The only downside I see is that the cable can be a little heavier at times, but you get used to it after a week or 2.
Fantastic headphones
Listening to arcade fire, I could hear instruments I didn't even know were there. The sound quality is absolutely fantastic!

the cables aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Unfortunately there is no clip so you have to leave them hanging. They fell out a few times!.
Just what I needed
Hi-spec earphones, Highly recommended
top brand
They are absolutely marvelous.Bass is just to die for.Best earphones I've ever had.Cable is flat so they don't get tangled if you ever get them lost in your handbag.There various sizes of the ear pieces ,so it fits any ear.Very happy with them.
Good Headphones!
These are pretty decent headphones. I had to turn the bass up a tad but they coped with it well. The best bit are the wires which will not tangle no matter how hard you try. Great value for the price.
The reception is very good after you
have wet them to get them into your ears. The case is over the top and is only good for storage.
A good buy. I'm happy with it.
jay"s earphones
A lot better than my old ones very happy with the new one"s.
The Best For The Price
Very pleased with these. I like to keep a cheap pair of headphones in my coat pocket as I rarely remember to leave the house with my expensive pair. The sound from these is way above the £20 asking price. They really are tangle-free too. No more embarrassing untangling sessions in the foyer of Tesco! Just lift them out your pocket, give them a shake, and they just unravel! Found the earbuds comfy for several hours at at stretch too.
The only thing I'd like to mention, (and I wont knock off a star for this) is the packaging. OMG. I can't help but feel that they could have knocked £5 off the retail price if they'd made it out of something other than a safe. Seriously the most over-packaged product I've ever bought. You'll see what I mean. You'll have as much fun getting it open as you will listening to them. You'll not want to throw the packaging away afterwards either. It'll come in handy for storing any spare plutonium you may have kicking about.
As always, 10 out of 10 to Mobilefun for their service. Ordered 13:30 on Friday, arrived 12 noon the next day! Flawless.
Jays headphones
Absolutely great, love them! They are quite good for the money. Also they come in this cool case with 3 different sizes of these bits that fit in your ears (to fit all sizes of ear-holes :)
Fantastic set of headphones
I bought these because they headphones that came with my phone were rubbish. I was blown away with the sound quality (the bass is amazing). For £20 I can't see any other headphones being better. Definetly buy.

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