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4smarts VoltBeam Sensor Wireless Fast Charging Car Holder - Black Reviews

Wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled device in-car with this wireless charging car holder. With it's proximity sensor and automatic mounting, this car holder by 4smarts will hold your device in position on your car dashboard or windscreen.

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£39.99 inc. VAT
 4.4 stars from 12 customers

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Pleased with product
Would like to have known it wouldn’t fit all air vents. The weight of the product is too heavy for the vent and when driving the appliance falls down thus the phone doesn’t stay in place
Great product but too sensitive sometimes
Great product but the sensor on the side is very sensitive. So when adjusting the cradle it opens up and the phone drops out. Is slow at charging which is a shame . Wish they did a fast charge system but even with all that I love it ! I have a Samsung s10 plus and fits perfect.
Best wireless vehicle charge holder
I dont do many reviews .
I have used every wireless vehicle charge holder you can get including all big brands and this is best
Charges good even if using Google maps .
Holds phone good even in heavy duty case .
When fully charged. Hasn't opened or anything .
Ticks all the boxes as they say.
Good quality build which also doesnt happen with these.wireless charger for vehicles.
Would recommend.
If any changes on negative side I will update but if I dont then it's still positive .
Today 25th june 2020

Great Charger!
Works as advertised. Easy to install and use. Their customer service is also great. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Excellent phone holder
Found this to be an excellent holder for my phone, it sticks really well to the top of the dash, that way the phone is closer to me as my windscreen slopes a long way forward.

The holder holds the phone really well and keeps the phone fully charged while navigating using Google maps.
Great product
Really convenient and easy to use, also allows access to headphone port on galaxy note 5.
Good but expensive & annoying
So I have only had this for a short couple of weeks to work with my new Samsung Galaxy S20+ but this is my review so far. I do like it. I am overall pretty happy with it. However it is a bit over priced in my opinion. I mounted mine via the air vent which makes the suction cup and arm redundant. I think just an air vent version should be offered at a lower price. But my biggest annoyance with it is when the phone reaches 100% charge it opens. Really annoying & quite dangerous while driving as you try to catch your high value phone. It does eventually close again. But would be better if the charging simply automatically stopped or just maintained 100%
This is awesome!
Super adjustable and easy to set up. The car I drive doesn't make it easy to use suction cups on the windshield, and putting it on top of the dashboard blocks a lot of my vision. I clipped this to one of my car vents and it works great. I had previously purchased another brand and my phone was not charging on it. Or I should say charging so slowly, if I had GPS going, the battery would die. This is one handed use and fast charging. It's awesome! The only downfall I've found, is that the little nut on the back to adjust the tilt doesn't tighten completely...and while I was a little aggravated at first about this, it has made made it easier to adjust it while maybe it's meant to be that way? Anyways, i highly recommend this for anyone who wants an easy cool way to charge and use their phone in the car. Would make a great gift for anyone you know - especially those who are in and out of their cars much!
Great charger/phone holder, just what I was looking for. Every time I dock my phone its on charge, the holder is pretty cool the way it opens and closes too.
Useful but flawed
Works well and charges the phone. Easy to fit to the windscreen. Bad points;
1/ Will not stay attached to the dashboard as shown, therefore can only go on the windscreen, so sits high.
2/ As it is on the windscreen it is on a long arm which is a bit flimsy.
3/ Most annoying, as the phone is now in my eye line, when fully charged, every 45 seconds the phone lights up and the message Wireless Charging paused comes up.
Good online store
Very smart devise.You send upgrade version.Than you very much!!!!
Good Charger
Very good car charger and works fine, except it doesn't fast charge.

But i got good response from Mobile Fun and also a replacement which was a better charger from the one I got first time.

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