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4 Pack Encase FlexiShield Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Cases Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. This 4 Pack of FlexiShield cases provides a slim fitting stylish design and protection against damage, keeping your device looking great at all times. Choose a colour to suit your mood.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52002

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 4.1 stars from 110 customers

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Pretty much what I was looking for and it's fine. Some buttons (power, volume, screenshot) are covered which makes them a bit more difficult to use, and on the other side is kind of loose because of gaps needed for battery etc.
It's fine and price was great. I probably wouldn't get again though.
Nice cover
Nice cover for temporary use. Didn't realise cover wasn't strong.
Does the job well
Simple gel case that fits securely, helps you hold the phone with confidence and provides adequate cushioning for small drops.
Good cover for what I want .. quick access and it fits well
Excellent cover is perfect
Cover fit perfect it came in d mail quickly and I would order again in d future
Fantastic choice... Flexi-shield for z3 compact
Happy with my case. Nice, strong,tight,neat fit. Reasonable price. Will be back to buy some others for my other phones.
Unable to use in a docking station
I charge via a docking station and this case is too thick and therefore can't reach connectors.l Pointless as it has a space were the charging port is.
Good cover
Fits good my Z3 Compact, protects and get a better grip
Got the wrong case
I had no problem with the service I received, it came on time was no issue with payment however when I received my case it was for a z5 not a z3 so I'm still without one, my partner kept it.
Good quality, fits perfectly to phone, nice colours
Great item
great item.
Good protective gel case,better grip
Helps a lot in the handling of the phone. All buttons etc work perfect through the case.
A bit flimsy
Looser fit than expected. Could more robust and rigid.
all good as always
Always good to deal with MobileZap ,fast postage and fine products.
Great initially
I was very happy with this case initially; it fit well, looked good, and offered good protection. However after about two weeks the corners went from the nice green color to a dingy brown/black. Now after a further few weeks all the sides of the case are a dingy black and it just looks dirty. I have to stop using it because it's embarrassing to carry around something that looks so dirty. I don't know if it's the color rubbing off or the case absorbing dirt but I only ever keep it in a clean handbag or pocket so either way it shouldn't have happened.
Does what is supposed to do.
Does what its supposed to do. Gives more grip to holding the phone. Only thing is still doesn't stop the emergency call being numbered some times in your pocket which is a tad but annoying. Overall good quality for the price.
Fits well, looks nice, looks like it will protect it but only time will tell.
Protective, but magnetic ports are off.
The case provide excellent protective coverage. The one downside is that the area around the magnetic power connector is too tight, and most 3rd party magnetic connectors are too fat, so they don't stick in. This makes it a bit difficult to use in the car, where the power port cover must be removed to put in a charging cable.
Quality product
I was happy with the product as what arrived was exactly what I ordered. Staff were polite when I inquired about shipping time.
Excellent product
I have repeatedly broken the back of my Xperia Z3. Not only do I constantly drop it but it's weak as hell. I've had this case for a week now and it's had its first test already, when my phone shot out my pocket and dropped out of pocket onto concrete when I was celebrating a goal at the football. The phone survived without a scratch. I was quite surprised because I once dropped it about 4 inches from the ground and it shattered completely so this is the best £7 I've ever spent. The case looks nice as well and doesn;t change the feel of the phone, so it's highly recommended by me and my clumsiness!
Exactly how described
Quick delivery and good price. Item arrived exactly how expected and fits the phone perfectly. I can use the charging ports etc fine with the cover still on and there is a slight lip so buffers the screen quite well. Good product!
Product is quite good. Though I feel the case should be a bit tighter as it comes out a bit on the left side of my phone.
Very happy
I'd recommend this cover - it looks good and fits snugly.
Good product
I ordered this just before evening and received it the very next day which was very fast and unexpected but also satisfying. Highly recommended.
Does the trick
It's pretty much what I was expecting
I recommend this product
the Flexishield gel case looks great and fits great. If you are not brutal to your phone this is a good case but if you tend to rough you may want a more substantial case.
Great cover fits really well and good service overall very happy
Not a perfect fit
The case itself is not a great fit. It sticks out from the left hand side a little bit. It does protect the sim card cover very well though, and protects the phone brilliantly and is not too chunky. Great service and delivered in time.
Ok Design
These cases can be hard to find, but one thing that would have been nice is for them to make the case without the opening for the top sd/charging port, or at least have an option for a punch out if you really wanted to have that opening. Reason is that since there are so many openings on the one side of the device, it creates a bit of looseness for the left top facing edge of the case,, not anything to worry about, but it would feel better in your hand with a bit more beefy support, and most of that is just a visual appeal thing. I would find it easy enough to pop the case off on one side to charge, but a trade off if you really want the access. However if you have a magnetic dock, you don't need that access anyway... (unless you favor removing the SD card often) but be aware that you may have to extend the other opening slightly on the case if you decide you want to opt in for the charging dock. Decent case & comes in different colors.
Poor fit
The fit for the Z3 compact is pretty shoddy. Leaving a gap for the sd card/usb slot leaves the cover very weak and just doesn't fit snuggly on the left side. It feels fine in the hand, and I'd be happy with the level of protection if it wasn't for the poor fit.
Keep it safe
Good unit - protects but easy to work with
It's OK, I got what I expected
This gel cover cost a fiver. I't OK, just as expected. Stops the phone sliding out of my breast pocket. Gets in the way a bit: have to take it off, which is fiddly, to use the Sony magnetic charger station. Guess the aperture is too small - I may ease it some and see if it works OK then.
Very good cover. It prevents my phone from slipping
Covering a smashed back
I should have got this gel case as soon as I got my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact as I managed to drop it and smash the back five months into owning it. This case protects it and covers the cracked back.
Good case
Matches original colour & fits well. A little bit loose just around the charger slot but that is hard to avoid. Overall very happy with purchase.
covers your load
fits the phone nicely, basically the same colour as the green/blue model, doesnt hinder button usage, pretty good for the money
Good case, great service
I needed a strong smooth case to attach to a bike mount. Asked a few questions and got a nice quick,accurate response.
Phone cover
Very good service
This case was exactly what I needed. It stops my phone sliding around, it protects it very well and fits perfectly. If you are looking for something that's simple and clean then don't hesistate to buy. Postage arrived very quickly too. Top marks!
Extremely good product.
Covers all the sides, edges,and corners perfectly. Love the color. I have the teal (green) version of the phone and the blue case goes well with it. The bottom left opening of the phone is covered by the case, but it isn't really needed and makes the case stronger than those I have bought with it available.
fast service
Great cover and very fast service!
Does what its supposed to
The cover looks good and snaps on tightly. Its fits the phone well, with all openings in the cover lining up with the ports on the phone. The buttons on the cover line up correctly with the buttons on the phone, ensuring it can be operated correctly.

Overall, a good purchase.
Great match
This is my 2nd jelly case. They protect your phone superbly and give full access to all keys/charging point/camera. The green case exactly matches my Sony xperia.
Very impress, quick and good service
Poor fit
The case itself is not well designed because it does not fit snugly around the cover for the memory card slot. Also, and more irritatingly, you cannot charge the phone in a charging dock without removing the case altogether - if I had known this I would not have bought it.
Good product delivered quickly and efficiently
The case fits well and looks good. Slightly loose around port but not a problem. Delivered promptly. Excellent service.
Good case but 1 major weak point for me
I bought this case because I had the same type of case for my previous phone the xperia z1. It offers the same protection with a slight lip to protect the screen and it helps grip the phone as the z3 compact is very slippery. One major flaw is where they have made the cut out for the chargers it has made protection on that side very weak and it moves at the slightest touch exposing the phone. As long as you don't drop it it is a good case but I personally will be changing cases when I find a more suitable one
All great!
The gel case is exactly what I was looking for. It stops the phone slipping out of my hand so much, I accidently dropped it yesterday and it protected my phone well.
It is ever so slightly off shape on the left side as it has to fit around the removable side for the charger. It is barely noticeable. Over all very happy as the service was also faultless.
Fantastic case!
I bought this case to cover up a cracked phone back as it matches the original phone cover (greeny blue). It's a perfect colour match and really nice fit..Not like some plastic cases that are a bit loose and bulky. Also found with out the case the glass back makes phone slippy on some surfaces and now has much more grip. Am very happy overall for such a cheap price and can barely see the damage anymore under new case.
Good product delivered quickly and efficiently
The cover fits well and the price is exexcellent. It was delivered quickly. The only slight issue is that the cutout makes the left hand side slightly loose, but not really a problem and it makes the Z3 Compact feel much better in the hand. Am excellent purchase.
Good case for the Z3
I bought 2 cases for this phone as it is very stylish but quite slippery in the hand. This one is my favourite as the transparent colour lets the Sony brand show through and covering of the on/off button makes it easier to use than the other case (from Amazon) which left it exposed. The material, while still smooth, has enough grip to prevent drops.
great case for xperia z3 compact
This case feels very comfortable to hold and offers good protection as well.
Perfectly protected
I wanted a case that didn't take away from the phone, but still protected it and this was completely the right one! The back looks exactly like the back of the phone and I've had quite a few drops with no damage! Extremely happy.
Good price, good product
I was very pleased with the product's quality and extremely pleased with its price, it was the top competitor in the phone case I was looking for internationally!
Absolutely Perfect
By far the best product for my needs. It prevents the phone slipping out of my hands!
great case and great service
I'm from germany and i've searched for weeks to find a good case for my mobile Phone. At the end i found mobile fun in the uk! I ordered the case on thursday and it arrived on monday in berlin. This case fits perfectly, it seems very robust and i'm absolutely satisfied! thank you guys!
Well Gel Case
The Flexishield Compact Gel case for the Xperia Z3 compact fits well. All the cut outs are in the right places. I purchased the purple one in colour and I am pleased with the colour and product.
great case
Looked at a few cases and decided on this mid priced one. Came today fits well and looks good. I like the purple colour. Gives the phone a better grip as before I had it it was very slippy and would slide off settee easily. I would definitely recommend.
very good
I find the case cover very nice and fits well with my phone except on the left side part of it (its a bit loose).
Very happy, does the job!
Protects without bulk - excellent value product
Gives good basic protection without adding unduly to the size of the phone. This is a good value product and together with a screen protector will probably be all that I need. The case does not fit snugly on the screen edge by the micro usb socket but this is mostly to do with the design of the 'phone.
z3 compact gel case
I did not want a flip case for my phone so i was delighted to find these gel cases at a decent price. I'm happy enough with the quality and its a nice colour too. My only complaint is that the side the has the opening for the charger/sd card is not very tight and dirt and grit does easily get in behind the case. Obviously this is more down to phone design than the actual case.
cannot use table charger
Great case, but design needs improvement.
Good enough fit and increases the phone's slip resistance! The left side of the case is a little flimsy due to the space provided for the microsd/charger slot. Most xperia users do not open these flaps, in order to avoid wearing them away thus weakening the phones water-resistant capabilities. We mainly use the magnetic charger to charge the phone. I need to take the case off to charge it using the magnetic charger. Note to Designers: Cover up the microsd slot (just like the sim card slot is covered) and make just a bit more space for the magnetic chargers.
Cheap and does the job
Bought this to protect my new phone whilst waiting for the 'free' one from Sony to arrive. The Z3C is a great phone, but a bit slippy. It needed something!

It works, looks OK, is cheap, came with little packaging (which I like), and as the case from Sony (or whoever manufactured it) turned out to look nice, but was not for me, this has become the standard case. GREAT!
Cheap and nasty
As title.
Item is as requested, have had 2 other covers and this one is the best. Flexible but sturdy, would recommend this product to anyone with z3 compact
Better than I could have hoped for!
Heart-broken after my divine new Xperia Z3 compact slid out of my pocket and the glossy, perfect, back-casing shattered ( £70 to replace and 2 weeks gone) I took advice - get a cover instead. This product looked like the least intrusive, and although it was described as blue, it turned out to be an exact match for the copper-green of the phone, retaining it's pretty quality. It protects the phone, doesn't get in the way, stops it being so slippy, and is nice to handle.
sony xperia z3 compact gel case
Good and fuss free delivery within 1 working week.
Case feels strong and love the colour but slightly small on the left side so it bulges out a little to the left of the screen, snug fit for the rest of it.
could be better
When you put the shield on the phone, the right side is ok, but the left side, the one where is the magnetic plug, is not enough tight so the phone can't be plugged on a desktop charging dock.
The case is translucent in colour, bendy at the back but solid at the sides so it adds support to the phone. Easy to apply, it just snaps on to the back without having to remove any part of the phone first. It makes the phone easier to hold as it adds a bit of grip due to its gel base.

Really great product, especially for the price!
Very good
Very happy with this phone case, and at a great price too. delivered within 3 days.
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