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3x Olixar iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Lightning to USB Charging Cables Reviews

This triple pack of Olixar Lightning to USB 2.0 cables connect your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to a laptop, computer and USB chargers for efficient syncing and charging.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61257

RRP $47.76 - you save 58%

$19.90 inc VAT
 4 stars from 125 customers

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Good customer service, fast reply.
Received order great product, a little slow delivery.
Good strong leads good quality
Perfect affordable option
Does exactly what you want it for but a little less expensive than the Apple branded equivalent. Good quality, works as expected.
Happy with product
Exactly what I wanted and happy with charging speed
Neat package works well
Does what it says it will do
Does exactly what you want it to do
I use this cable to charge my phone in the car. I have had no problems with connecting it either to the iPhone or to the car. Looks like an Apple cable but costs you less with no obvious downsides.
These chargers are perfect . They seem as good as the Apple ones. I have tried cheaper chargers and they never last and take far too long to charge a phone or tablet. I would recommend the Olixar chargers 100%
Good product
Does the job, good price.
Cables are excellent quality
Cables arrived on time and are of excellent quality. Treble pack is excellent value given the additional cost of a single cable.
really good cables and a good price
Delivery took longer than expected but once arrived really happy with the Product
Great quality lead
Great quality lead and delivered in super fast time. Thanks guys
Not Satisfied with iphone charger
I was not happy with the charger that I bought for my iphone. When I received it and plugged it in, it just kept saying that the cable could not connect with my iphone. When I've looked into this further its because it's not apple approved and it is dodgy.
So after paying money for a charger that you'd expect to charge up your phone to say I'm unhappy is an understatement!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Laura

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please check the power source you are using as if this doesn't provide the iPhone enough power, it can cause the phone to display messages like you are experiencing.
Very happy with product.
The cable is strong and durable. Happy with product. The product came quickly.
most impressed
Very good
Product length was not stated but it measured about 1.2m in length. So not to short.
Not very good
Bought the triple pack and on last one as so far each one has lasted a couple of weeks only. Very poor item but great company have bought things before and had no problem until this item
MobileFun Reply
Hi Arthur, sorry to hear you are having problems with these cables, please contact our Customer Services team.
Not supported by Apple
As an unofficial cable I didn't expect great quality. The cable worked well for a while until the new release of iOS. Suddenly the cable was not recognised by my 5s and the phone refused to charge. Strangely the cable still works with my wife's 5
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the cable. A good place to check is actually the charging port on the bottom of the phone and make sure there isn't any debris sitting in there that could disrupt the connection, which in turn can cau
Not apple approved
This cable is not recognised by my new iPhone 6S plus as a genuine apple cable and therefore will only charge, not sync.
3x iPhone charger leads
What a load of crap 1 out of 3 works and that one makes a buzzing sound when plugged in so just waiting for that to blow up.
Great service just crap product
MobileFun Reply
Hi Daron

Sorry to hear you are having problems with these cables, please contact our Customer Services team.
Works perfectly
I bought this to use for an active phone holder in my car and wanted a black cable, to my pleasant surprise it fitted into the holder perfectly, as it is exactly the same shape and size as the Apple OE cable - unlike all other after-market cables I have tried, it also works perfectly with no error messages on the phone. It charges my phone and allows the phone to act as in ipod with full control via the car HU.
If Apple did a genuine cable which was black I may have bought theirs, but I am now glad they didn't.
Do not buy
Would rate 0 if I could. Bought 10 days ago does not charge phone. Would like a refund as now will have to go to buy another one from elsewhere
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sarah

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your cable. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Great service - great product!
Bought this set of 3 charger leads for the office as someone is always without a charger. The service, as always, was excellent, prompt delivery and a great product. Works really well! You can count on Mobile Fun for quality and service - thanks
Don't buy
I bought 2 packs of 3 cables and 4 out of the 6 have stopped working within 1 month, even though they have been handled carefully.
MobileFun Reply
Hi William

Sorry to hear you have had problems with these cables. Please contact us for a replacement.
The accessory may not be supported
2 out of 3 cables don't charge iphone due to 'The accessory may not be supported'
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your cables. Please double check your charger is working correctly and that the cables are fully inserted into your device. Also, check there is no dust or other debris in the Lightning port on your phone.

2 out of three worked
I bought these leads in a package consisting of camera lenses,power bank and 3 lightning cables. All was ok apart from one of the cables did not fit.I was concerned as it was stuck in the ipad and not working I thought my ipad might have might have been damaged. Luckily all was ok. I didn't complain as I was happy with rest of my purchase. and have never had cause to complain before. I thought I would let you know as I have just read a review containing the same problem
Awful quality
I bought these after my old wire broke, and when they arrived I tried one and it was fine. After about 2 days of use, the wire had stopped working, so I tried the second one, and the same thing happened. Awful quality, the bit that connects the wire to the port was twisting all over the place and on the first one it fell out.
0/5 stars
Really useful
This cable is ideal if your iphone 5 charger cable stops working. This is quite a common problem so this cable is the ideal solution. Really well priced and quick delivery.
Doesn't work
Unfortunately only one cord worked briefly with my iPhone 6 & iPhone 5. It no longer works and the phones keep telling me that the cords re not compatible and it does not charge my phones at all
Unsupported Accessory
When using these cables with my charger I get an 'unsupported accessory' error message and my phone does not charge. Have had no problem charging from my laptop though so I suppose all is not lost.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the cables.

As they work fine on your laptop, please check the power source where the error message appears as this can often cause the error to appear if your phone can't receive enough power to charge
Great value, but short life
Out of 6, only 1 has survived, the neck of the connections are poor. If you buy them, just take immense care, like handling a micro sim. Also, and possibly more importantly, often the cables are not recognised for either charging, or syncing. Don't rely on these cables, especially if you;re going on holiday or trekking, spend extra on more robust makes.

This does not reflect my opinion of MobileFun tho!
Save up and spend more
Very poor value given they last a few weeks, and often don't get recognised by my iPhone. Avoid these, they're too cheap and flimsy
Great lead
Bought to use to charge phone in the car. Works perfectly.
you can never have enough chargers and these three help us stop arguing over "who's nicked my charger again?" They work with iPhones, iPads and you don't get a message coming up saying it's a non-Apple product as I've had with other chargers. So happy with these.
non Apple product appraisal
This charging/Sync lead is cheaper than the Apple lead, unfortunately it only works for a short while before the Apple device decides its not an Apple approved product and it stops working. I sent it back to MobileFun and they immediately replaced it - unfortunately the same thing happened. Take my advice, only buy the Apple lead
I pad mini
value for money, site easy, quick just had to wait for postman to deliver, told my daughters about mobile fun site as they seemed to have a lot of accessories for different things
genuine part?
my phone charges but still said that the parts is not genuine accessory.
MobileFun Reply

As stated in the description, this is non-genuine part - however, it is fully compatible with iOS 7 and later and still provides all of the functionality as the original Apple cable, but with added value for money.

Hope this helps.
Just the job
Quality leads delivered very quickly.
One month use all three broken
At first use these cables were great but after a few days the first one broke. Soon after the other two also stopped working. This is the first ever product purchased from Mobile Fun that has been less than great.
Excellent service
Great product , good price and speedy delivery , would recommend
Does the job for a decent price
Needed some new cables to go with new phone. A lot cheaper than the apple ones and seems to do the job.
Ordered on Monday snd delivered Wednesday. superb packaging snd exactly what I needed. Worked out of the pack and no stupid 'Wrong cable' warnings.... Great service as per usual...
Lightning to USB Cables
Good solid cables, no messages on my phone telling me "this is not an Apple product".
Good value
At last 3 reasonably priced iPhone/iPad cables that do all the things the more expensvie Apple ones do!
Charge Cable
I was advised not to purchase any none genuine parts for my IPad so I was slightly reluctant to place my order. But I'm pleased to say that I'm more that happy with my purchase and would recommend this product to anyone considering buying a new charging cable for there IPad . My order was delivered by Royal Mail and arrived in 3 days , so I will most definitely be placing further orders with Mobile Fun
Failed within 3 months
Two out of the three cables have stopped working. Very disapointed in the quality
Charge... Yes. Sync... Hmmm, I guess
What an awesome deal, 3 charge and sync lightning cables... Yes please.
I wish... my order was a bit more complicated than I would like. Ended up paying for the 3 and im getting a 'not supported assessors' warning so not even going to attempt to sync with itunes (Recognised by iTunes on Windows 8). I think these are only meant for iphone 5/5s. Nevermind, they will charge my iPhone 6 plus even though my battery never seems to die like other IDevices. I Keep one in the kitchen, one in the car and the last one got sent flying out the window, thanks to my lil bro (he has no patients), but it still works. Good communication from Mobilfun though, but still disappointed with stock levels (can't blame them, blame the manufacturer).
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alan

The cables will work with any Lightning compatible device as long as the power source you are plugging into has enough power to charge the device.
Avoid at all cost
I recently purchased a pack of three lightning cables and within a few weeks two of the three cables have failed and I strongly believe the third will fail very soon. I would recommend you do not buy this product. They would not allow me two give zero star rating.
These leads will charge your device but the build quality is very poor. All of ours have stopped working now.
Waste of money - all three faulty!
Had these just about 2 months, one in car, one in office and one at home. Just thrown the last one of the three away, all faulty. Not happy given the length of time I've owned them. "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten" Very true in this case.
Three very useful cables that look good, are great quality and work perfectly. The one metre length is perfect for my uses, including plugging devices into a Mac, as there is little spare cable to look messy and collect dust.
If it was good quality product. And it seems to work fine. I eill come here again when I something like these. Would recommend too.
Verry nice item & 100% genuine
Mobile fun 1 of the most web site for Fone accessories they sell genuine stuff in cheap price
I bought I phone 5s cable they was cheap on price n genuine
The retailers guarantee helped me decide to buy these cables as I have an iPhone6 and a MacBooks Air. I have bought aftermarket lightning cables previously and all work for a short time then fail. These work fine on my devices so I am pleased to give a good review.
Works as well as Apple's cable
No compatibility problems using these cables with an iPhone 5c and far cheaper. They look very similar and the quality is just as good.
iphone 6 chargers
Great item I purchased. The cable for my new iphone. Great price and I love it. May purchase more in the future.
Good Product
It arrived safely and working properly on my IPAD 4.Thanks Mobilefun....!
Very neat and tidy cable.
Ideal length for use in the car.
I was not convinced these would work on my iPhone 6 plus but thought I would chance it before I took out a second mortgage to buy the genuine Apple one from the apple store. Rest assured they work fine! One for work, one for home and one for spare. Perfect!
Break within a month
These leads do work, but 2/3 have broken within the month. Poor build quality = waste of money
Super fast
Great service!
Works fine
It appears to work exactly like the apple one, so very happy with this.
You Never Can Have Enough Of These!
Whether at home, the office or the car you can never have enough of these leads as they seem to vaporise!

At this price vaporisation of such a quality product is less of a problem!
Excellent useful product
Just what we needed as my husband had lost a cable and mine was fraying. As a previous customer, I was emailed an offer for the item - it was like they read my mind! Doubly excellent.
All Charged Up
This item is the best charges and a fab price s I bought 2 and I will be coming again. Thank you Mobile fun.
Great value for money and it works!
Having read the reviews from other purchasers of this product it was clear that the majority of postings were from satisfied customers and I am now happy to include myself among them. Excellent value for money, it does what it is supposed to, I cannot fault it.
exerlant works with no warnings of it not being an iriginal cable
Now I don't loose my charge cable
These 3 cables are great, I keep one in the car, one in my handbag ( most people can lend you a USB plug) and a spare. They are good value for money as one cable can cost more than that from the manufactures. Pleased with my purchase.
Definitely needed these.
To buy these cables from Apple it would cost you the same Price for one and Mobilefun.co.uk are giving you 3 at that Price plus their delivery is very quick and I've never had a problem with them at all. If you have a new iPhone with the new lightning USB or IPad them it's a no-brainer, you do need one for the car you do need one for work and you do need one for home and that leaves you with a spare when you need it The one that came with the "I device".
A very good deal at a very good price.
Best Value
I was searching for the right cable to charge my iPad Air and I found that it was really expensive, but when I found this website I was over the moon. This cable really works so I bought 2 and at a fab price. I will be coming back when I am in a pickle. I will be recommending this to my family and friends. THANK YOU MOBILE FUN.
The charger I ordered was very high quality. It came really fast and not late. It's really hard to find a really good charger that won't break, but even if the charger broke (which it hasn't) I would be able to have a full refund, or get a new one for free. But the product was amazing. Thanks for the product I will be buying from this website again
Does what it says on the tin
As above, looks like a genuine Apple lead, charges like a genuine Apple lead.
A reasonable buy
These are ok and worked well to start with. Once I had plugged the USB cable into the computer it then stopped working when plugged back into the electricity supply. However, after a day or two it started working again. This is possibly a 'fluke'.
As you get 3 for the price of one I would recommend buying them. You can then allocate one for the computer and one for your electricity supply
Good, but fragile
One of the cable has stop working overnight.
MobileFun Reply
We're sorry to hear that. If you believe you have a faulty product, please return it and we will replace it for you.
I never normally review products just because I don't think that they are worth doing however I was so pleased with my order I cannot tell you. First the shipping; they told me it would come between 3 to 7 days but it actually came within 2 days of my order being confirmed. Secondly I am always wary of buying products offline for my iphone incase they don't work however this really does. It looks exactly how it looks in the picture and I'm so glad I brought it. To say in the iPhone shop they are over 20 I would be more than happy to pay moblie fun's price again. Cannot fault one thing, they even not only email you your confirmation but also they text you it. Thank you very much mobile fun :)
some working iPhone cables
My teenage daughter has a penchant for getting through iphone cables. Sone simply don't work.
some break after a couple uses.
some work when they feel like it.
all thanks to the lighting functionality.

so far these ones have worked and have lasted more than a couple uses.

fingers crossed
great bargain
great price for the genuine item can't fault them they work ok highly reccomend them
My Opinion
I thought the service was very good and quick. The device is working well.
Simply don't work
Bought this 3 pack and to be honest they are a complete waste of money. The iPhone 5 doesn't even recognise the cable when it is inserted and the iPad Air flicks rapidly between charging and not charging. Save your money and buy the genuine article. These are a total waste.
MobileFun Reply
Apologies for that, it appears that this might be a faulty item. If you submit a ticket to our customer services, they would be able to arrange a replacement.
No issues!
Works just as it says on the box. No problems so far.
So pleased I tried this before going to Apple and paying a ridiculous price for a cable. Works well
Great well made
Well made just as good if not better than oem
Exactly what I wanted, works perfectly fine and much cheaper than going to apple!
Disasters averted
As a new owner of an iPhone 5s (previous iPhone 4s owner) I was incandescent with rage when I realised my old charging cables were now defunct. MobileFun to the rescue! Although the cable that came with the phone served me well at home when the battery was low, when at work beads of sweat would form on my brow when the little cell icon turned red. With this super little cable I can now charge my phone at home OR at work. I often don't even charge the phone overnight, carefree in the knowledge I can fill the battery at my desk. Sometimes life is good. Cherish these moments.
Poor Quality
I thought this item might be good quality as most thing from Mobile Fun are.
But I was wrong. The lead worked only twice... then nothing.
For the money I expected better.
Works well
The iPhone 5 lightening cable works really well and looks just like the official cable.
There are many charger cables on the market that are sub standard and dangerous, this cable is genuine and perfectly priced. Keep up the good work.
iPhone 5 lightning to USB sync and charge- cable white.
The cable for my IPhone 5 and it came very handly to charge my phone and to down load my photographs to my computer and Good value for the money
From a mobile fun buyer
Works like a charm
After a string of disappointments with some third party lightning cables that either came apart when used or that were not recognised by one device or another it was refreshing to find one that worked.

Well built and reliable, easily as good as an Apple original.
Good Product
Very good delivery from Mobile Fun as usual and the goods provided are working fine so far. Would recommend to a friend.
After my Hoover ate my ipad lightning cable I ordered from two well known sites cheap replacements.However they never worked at all.I then ordered this one and works perfect.Apples own replacements have pathetic reviews.
iPhone 5 Lightning to USB cable
Good value replacement/additional cable for iPhone 5
Every bit as good as Apple Branded
With 'genuine' Apple lead at £25, this is an excellent value for money alternative.
Good fast delivery.
Good customer service
Exactly the product I ordered
just aht my daughter needed
My daughter came in whinning about the fact that her charger cable had broken and how it would cost her a fortune for a new one...
I said I can get a genuine part for her at a fraction of the cost for one from Apple, the part was ordered and delivered on time, on time and at a very reasonable price,
daughter happy, wife happy ,= me happy
Many thanks again for a cracking service..
Cheaper than apple
There is a good reason the lead is half the price of the genuine item. After the first charge the lightening socket pulled apart when I disconnected! Luckily I didn't ruin the wiring. A little superglue applied and I slid the two halves back together. No problems since. 'You get what you pay for'
great quality not like the ones off ebay
well worth it i bought one of these leads off ebay and they are not good a tall i would rather pay that extra cost to get high in quality mobile fun seems to have the best quality iphone 5 accessories cant trust ebay any more for low quality iphone 5 accessories. will be back to buy more soon also speedy dispatch
Not made by Apple but just as good
It's a usb cord so not much to say. Bought for my wife as a backup and does what it needs to do - charge the phone and connect to the computer. Works fine and half the cost of the OEM one.
Ideal extra for car
So far works well and also tried it to sync on computer. Worked well.
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