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3x Olixar iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Lightning to USB Sync & Charge Cables Reviews

This triple pack of Olixar Lightning to USB 2.0 cables connect your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to a laptop, computer and USB chargers for efficient syncing and charging.
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$19.89 inc VAT
 3.2 stars from 19 customers

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3x iPhone charger leads
What a load of crap 1 out of 3 works and that one makes a buzzing sound when plugged in so just waiting for that to blow up.
Great service just crap product
MobileFun Reply
Hi Daron

Sorry to hear you are having problems with these cables, please contact our Customer Services team.
Don't buy
I bought 2 packs of 3 cables and 4 out of the 6 have stopped working within 1 month, even though they have been handled carefully.
MobileFun Reply
Hi William

Sorry to hear you have had problems with these cables. Please contact us for a replacement.
The accessory may not be supported
2 out of 3 cables don't charge iphone due to 'The accessory may not be supported'
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your cables. Please double check your charger is working correctly and that the cables are fully inserted into your device. Also, check there is no dust or other debris in the Lightning port on your phone.

2 out of three worked
I bought these leads in a package consisting of camera lenses,power bank and 3 lightning cables. All was ok apart from one of the cables did not fit.I was concerned as it was stuck in the ipad and not working I thought my ipad might have might have been damaged. Luckily all was ok. I didn't complain as I was happy with rest of my purchase. and have never had cause to complain before. I thought I would let you know as I have just read a review containing the same problem
Awful quality
I bought these after my old wire broke, and when they arrived I tried one and it was fine. After about 2 days of use, the wire had stopped working, so I tried the second one, and the same thing happened. Awful quality, the bit that connects the wire to the port was twisting all over the place and on the first one it fell out.
0/5 stars
Doesn't work
Unfortunately only one cord worked briefly with my iPhone 6 & iPhone 5. It no longer works and the phones keep telling me that the cords re not compatible and it does not charge my phones at all
Save up and spend more
Very poor value given they last a few weeks, and often don't get recognised by my iPhone. Avoid these, they're too cheap and flimsy
genuine part?
my phone charges but still said that the parts is not genuine accessory.
MobileFun Reply

As stated in the description, this is non-genuine part - however, it is fully compatible with iOS 7 and later and still provides all of the functionality as the original Apple cable, but with added value for money.

Hope this helps.
Just the job
Quality leads delivered very quickly.
One month use all three broken
At first use these cables were great but after a few days the first one broke. Soon after the other two also stopped working. This is the first ever product purchased from Mobile Fun that has been less than great.
Does the job for a decent price
Needed some new cables to go with new phone. A lot cheaper than the apple ones and seems to do the job.
Good value
At last 3 reasonably priced iPhone/iPad cables that do all the things the more expensvie Apple ones do!
Charge... Yes. Sync... Hmmm, I guess
What an awesome deal, 3 charge and sync lightning cables... Yes please.
I wish... my order was a bit more complicated than I would like. Ended up paying for the 3 and im getting a 'not supported assessors' warning so not even going to attempt to sync with itunes (Recognised by iTunes on Windows 8). I think these are only meant for iphone 5/5s. Nevermind, they will charge my iPhone 6 plus even though my battery never seems to die like other IDevices. I Keep one in the kitchen, one in the car and the last one got sent flying out the window, thanks to my lil bro (he has no patients), but it still works. Good communication from Mobilfun though, but still disappointed with stock levels (can't blame them, blame the manufacturer).
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alan

The cables will work with any Lightning compatible device as long as the power source you are plugging into has enough power to charge the device.
Three very useful cables that look good, are great quality and work perfectly. The one metre length is perfect for my uses, including plugging devices into a Mac, as there is little spare cable to look messy and collect dust.
Verry nice item & 100% genuine
Mobile fun 1 of the most web site for Fone accessories they sell genuine stuff in cheap price
I bought I phone 5s cable they was cheap on price n genuine
The retailers guarantee helped me decide to buy these cables as I have an iPhone6 and a MacBooks Air. I have bought aftermarket lightning cables previously and all work for a short time then fail. These work fine on my devices so I am pleased to give a good review.
iphone 6 chargers
Great item I purchased. The cable for my new iphone. Great price and I love it. May purchase more in the future.
I was not convinced these would work on my iPhone 6 plus but thought I would chance it before I took out a second mortgage to buy the genuine Apple one from the apple store. Rest assured they work fine! One for work, one for home and one for spare. Perfect!

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