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3x Olixar iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Lightning to USB Sync & Charge Cable - White 1m Reviews

This triple pack of Olixar Lightning to USB 2.0 cables connects your iPhone 5S / 5C or 5 to a laptop, computer and USB chargers for efficient syncing and charging.

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 4 stars from 53 customers

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Great service - great product!
Bought this set of 3 charger leads for the office as someone is always without a charger. The service, as always, was excellent, prompt delivery and a great product. Works really well! You can count on Mobile Fun for quality and service - thanks
Unsupported Accessory
When using these cables with my charger I get an 'unsupported accessory' error message and my phone does not charge. Have had no problem charging from my laptop though so I suppose all is not lost.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the cables.

As they work fine on your laptop, please check the power source where the error message appears as this can often cause the error to appear if your phone can't receive enough power to charge
Great value, but short life
Out of 6, only 1 has survived, the neck of the connections are poor. If you buy them, just take immense care, like handling a micro sim. Also, and possibly more importantly, often the cables are not recognised for either charging, or syncing. Don't rely on these cables, especially if you;re going on holiday or trekking, spend extra on more robust makes.

This does not reflect my opinion of MobileFun tho!
you can never have enough chargers and these three help us stop arguing over "who's nicked my charger again?" They work with iPhones, iPads and you don't get a message coming up saying it's a non-Apple product as I've had with other chargers. So happy with these.
Lightning to USB Cables
Good solid cables, no messages on my phone telling me "this is not an Apple product".
Failed within 3 months
Two out of the three cables have stopped working. Very disapointed in the quality
Avoid at all cost
I recently purchased a pack of three lightning cables and within a few weeks two of the three cables have failed and I strongly believe the third will fail very soon. I would recommend you do not buy this product. They would not allow me two give zero star rating.
These leads will charge your device but the build quality is very poor. All of ours have stopped working now.
Waste of money - all three faulty!
Had these just about 2 months, one in car, one in office and one at home. Just thrown the last one of the three away, all faulty. Not happy given the length of time I've owned them. "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten" Very true in this case.
Works as well as Apple's cable
No compatibility problems using these cables with an iPhone 5c and far cheaper. They look very similar and the quality is just as good.
Break within a month
These leads do work, but 2/3 have broken within the month. Poor build quality = waste of money
You Never Can Have Enough Of These!
Whether at home, the office or the car you can never have enough of these leads as they seem to vaporise!

At this price vaporisation of such a quality product is less of a problem!
Excellent useful product
Just what we needed as my husband had lost a cable and mine was fraying. As a previous customer, I was emailed an offer for the item - it was like they read my mind! Doubly excellent.
exerlant works with no warnings of it not being an iriginal cable
Now I don't loose my charge cable
These 3 cables are great, I keep one in the car, one in my handbag ( most people can lend you a USB plug) and a spare. They are good value for money as one cable can cost more than that from the manufactures. Pleased with my purchase.
Definitely needed these.
To buy these cables from Apple it would cost you the same Price for one and are giving you 3 at that Price plus their delivery is very quick and I've never had a problem with them at all. If you have a new iPhone with the new lightning USB or IPad them it's a no-brainer, you do need one for the car you do need one for work and you do need one for home and that leaves you with a spare when you need it The one that came with the "I device".
A very good deal at a very good price.
A reasonable buy
These are ok and worked well to start with. Once I had plugged the USB cable into the computer it then stopped working when plugged back into the electricity supply. However, after a day or two it started working again. This is possibly a 'fluke'.
As you get 3 for the price of one I would recommend buying them. You can then allocate one for the computer and one for your electricity supply
Good, but fragile
One of the cable has stop working overnight.
MobileFun Reply
We're sorry to hear that. If you believe you have a faulty product, please return it and we will replace it for you.
some working iPhone cables
My teenage daughter has a penchant for getting through iphone cables. Sone simply don't work.
some break after a couple uses.
some work when they feel like it.
all thanks to the lighting functionality.

so far these ones have worked and have lasted more than a couple uses.

fingers crossed
great bargain
great price for the genuine item can't fault them they work ok highly reccomend them
Simply don't work
Bought this 3 pack and to be honest they are a complete waste of money. The iPhone 5 doesn't even recognise the cable when it is inserted and the iPad Air flicks rapidly between charging and not charging. Save your money and buy the genuine article. These are a total waste.
MobileFun Reply
Apologies for that, it appears that this might be a faulty item. If you submit a ticket to our customer services, they would be able to arrange a replacement.
So pleased I tried this before going to Apple and paying a ridiculous price for a cable. Works well
Great well made
Well made just as good if not better than oem
Exactly what I wanted, works perfectly fine and much cheaper than going to apple!
Disasters averted
As a new owner of an iPhone 5s (previous iPhone 4s owner) I was incandescent with rage when I realised my old charging cables were now defunct. MobileFun to the rescue! Although the cable that came with the phone served me well at home when the battery was low, when at work beads of sweat would form on my brow when the little cell icon turned red. With this super little cable I can now charge my phone at home OR at work. I often don't even charge the phone overnight, carefree in the knowledge I can fill the battery at my desk. Sometimes life is good. Cherish these moments.
Poor Quality
I thought this item might be good quality as most thing from Mobile Fun are.
But I was wrong. The lead worked only twice... then nothing.
For the money I expected better.
Works well
The iPhone 5 lightening cable works really well and looks just like the official cable.
There are many charger cables on the market that are sub standard and dangerous, this cable is genuine and perfectly priced. Keep up the good work.
iPhone 5 lightning to USB sync and charge- cable white.
The cable for my IPhone 5 and it came very handly to charge my phone and to down load my photographs to my computer and Good value for the money
From a mobile fun buyer
Works like a charm
After a string of disappointments with some third party lightning cables that either came apart when used or that were not recognised by one device or another it was refreshing to find one that worked.

Well built and reliable, easily as good as an Apple original.
Good Product
Very good delivery from Mobile Fun as usual and the goods provided are working fine so far. Would recommend to a friend.
After my Hoover ate my ipad lightning cable I ordered from two well known sites cheap replacements.However they never worked at all.I then ordered this one and works perfect.Apples own replacements have pathetic reviews.
iPhone 5 Lightning to USB cable
Good value replacement/additional cable for iPhone 5
Every bit as good as Apple Branded
With 'genuine' Apple lead at £25, this is an excellent value for money alternative.
Good fast delivery.
Good customer service
Exactly the product I ordered
just aht my daughter needed
My daughter came in whinning about the fact that her charger cable had broken and how it would cost her a fortune for a new one...
I said I can get a genuine part for her at a fraction of the cost for one from Apple, the part was ordered and delivered on time, on time and at a very reasonable price,
daughter happy, wife happy ,= me happy
Many thanks again for a cracking service..
Cheaper than apple
There is a good reason the lead is half the price of the genuine item. After the first charge the lightening socket pulled apart when I disconnected! Luckily I didn't ruin the wiring. A little superglue applied and I slid the two halves back together. No problems since. 'You get what you pay for'
great quality not like the ones off ebay
well worth it i bought one of these leads off ebay and they are not good a tall i would rather pay that extra cost to get high in quality mobile fun seems to have the best quality iphone 5 accessories cant trust ebay any more for low quality iphone 5 accessories. will be back to buy more soon also speedy dispatch
Not made by Apple but just as good
It's a usb cord so not much to say. Bought for my wife as a backup and does what it needs to do - charge the phone and connect to the computer. Works fine and half the cost of the OEM one.
Ideal extra for car
So far works well and also tried it to sync on computer. Worked well.
Great service as usual
The product is exactly as advertised. Delivery is swift. What more can you ask!
Excellent customer service and good product
Hi was really impressed with shopping mobile fun got a text immediately mine order was dispatched it arrived in time and the quality of the apple lightning to USB sync was great would recommend and the price was better compared to other sites would recommend
Iphone5 charger cable
Yes very happy with the service. Received my order very quick and packaged well. Thanks
Good Experience
Easy to find on website,easy to order and order received in double quick time. V.satisfied
Cable & Service
Am so impressed with the service, ordered 5 pm last night, received by 10.30 today, amazing, plugged the cable in and it works a treat on the phone, am really pleased with the item.

"great work"
Why pay more?
Was unsure whether to give this 4 or 5 stars. Got this as a spare for office or vehicle use and it works fine, charging and connecting/updating. I was going to give it 4 stars as there is a small dark patch in the plastic on one of the connectors, but considering how much it cost compared to an apple one I dont think you can expect it to be exactly the same sort of quality at a fraction of the cost. It works perfectly which is the main thing, hence 5 stars.
No problems
I saw two reviews, one very good, the other very bad.

My experience matches the very good review. Cable works perfectly at home and in the car. Feels like it's well made but only time will tell.

Mobile Fun always offer really good service. I've never had to return anything but I feel that they would handle a return, if it ever happened, in their usual efficient manner.
Works fine
Not sure what the other guy got but mine works fine and is good quality. Very happy.

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