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3G High Gain Directional Antenna - Universal Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Boost your Mobile Broadband signal with this 3G signal booster for Broadband dongles with no external ariel connection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 18963
$67.71 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 19 customers

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Great item - fantastic performance
This antenna is now in my loft, running a 3G dongle from my wireless router (Draytek 2860n). Why? Well because our telephone cable is lying mangled in the farmers field next door and no doubt will until Openreach get round to fixing it. (Telephone cables and tractor hedge-trimming attachments don't get on well by the way.)

Whilst this item came with a very handy strap-on radio pick-up device (giving a nice 9dB improvement), the electronics engineer in me decide to solder the wired connection directly to the small antenna points within the dongle and I now have a fantastic 16dB improvement!

Very pleased to get a reliable connection again!
Doubled the Speed
I got this antenna a couple of weeks ago, at the same time that I got a 3g/4g router which allow me to place the router and Three modem near a window.
My computer desk is against an internal wall, I was lucky to get 1Mb/s download speed, since relocated the router near the window I get speed of 2Mb/s average, and when the antenna is plug in the speed increase to 3.5-5Mb/s with some pike at 7Mb/s (I only saw that once). The upload is about the same at around 1Mb/s.
The Three mast is at 1.5km, not in direct sight as the house is in a hole.
I am very satisfied with my purchase, the universal connector is good, but it's a bit hard to find where to place it on the modem, to get the best result.
excellent item
very good piece of equipment im using it on a 3 mobile network and my signal strength has doubled
brilliant piece of equipment
does exactly as advertised i use it on a 3 mobile broadband dongle my signal increased by double
What a clever little gadget and what a speedy delivery, well done Mobile Fun .. Boosted my signal and my spirits.
Improved signal
This improved patchy signal on a standard dongle. Very handy as it doesn't need a connector and also means it can be used on lots of types.

Bargain when you compare the price of the universal connector on it's own.
Works a treat
Very pleased, use it with a T-mobile mobile broadband modem, I live right on the edge of getting a decent signal, download was slow and erratic and often lose the signal completely.

Is spot on now, strong signal, downloads 100 kb/s , up 200 kb/s on a good day.

I do have direct line of site to the T-Mobile transmitter.

Good service from these guys too.
I am able to write this review because thanks to this Antenna I am back online!! Recently moved to a very poor reception area where my mobile broadband would constantly crash and now can stay online for hours - Great. Money well spent and great service.
3G High Gain (9dBi) directional aerial
Used with '3' mobile broadband USB modem in officially 'poor reception area', it gave a dramatic improvement, even when not critically oriented. There is precious little 3 mobile broadband signal at my home location, therefore I don't normally use it (it's really only for use when away in a motorhome). Normally, I can't even get a usable outdoor signal, but with this aerial I'm now getting a reasonably good signal indoors. The 'speedtest.net' speed checker indicated 150mS ping, 520kb download and 100kb upload. That's pretty respectable for mobile broadband anyway outside of a metropolis. Even without properly orienting the deviceI got 400mS ping, 100kb down and 20kb upload speeds. And that's indoors where normally it won't even find sufficient signal to authenticate and connect! Can't wait to measure its improvement when away in a favourable reception area. Recommended.
Yes very good but also Bad
I must say that this does what it says on the tin (3G high gain directional antenna-universal) but alas only if you have a signal to pick up :-in Windsor it increased my signal triple fold, but alas not in Marlow it is hit and miss, depends on the signal.
But the service that I received from Mobilefun is second to none Highly Recomended *****
Did the job
Changed a very weak 3g signal into a acceptable signal. Easy to install.
3G High gain antena
I was very pleased with my purchase of the high gain antena and it has improved my download speeds. Clearly this device is directional and it is important to locate the transmission beacon for your network.
I would recommend this device.
3G High Gain Directional antenna 18963
I live in North Wales and my download speeds on a Vodafone mobile Connect R dongle K3565 rev2 was 7.5 kb/s. I purchased a 3G High gain antenna part No 18963 from Mobilefun and it has increased down load speed to 21.6 kb/s Excellent bit of Kit, easy to install.
No effect at all
I tried this device (with universal Velcro strap coupler) with three different dongles (ZTEMF666, HUAWEI E156, K3565) on two different networks (3 and Vodafone) over a 12 hour period. I used dozens of different locations and always aligned the device with the correct mast. Not once was there ANY noticeable effect. Zilch, zip, nothing. Some reviewers do report an effect - I wonder if they were using the direct cable coupler or perhaps they are being fooled by the normal variability of mobile signals. I do not think MobileFun are in any way to blame, they are buying these from the manufacturers in good faith and the service I have had from them has been good. But honestly, I just don't think these things work. I have returned mine for a refund.
To Improve your signal get one of these.
This antenna will improve your 3G signal once you have established the best location, it is a directional antenna and needs to be directed towards your nearest base station. Try one for yourself.
Brilliant thank you
got my antenna and was set up in minutes, the difference was astounding, even on a bad day I am now getting a strong signal, would recommend it to anyone.
No improvement
My modem was a vodafhone usb light,before i got the aerial i was getting 2 bars but not always holding a connection.Once i added the antenna it made no difference what so ever,i tried all diff locations etc.So in all a total waste of money.Would not recomend this product to anyone.

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