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12 in 1 Universal Screen Protector Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Pack of 12 universal screen protectors suitable for most mobile phones and PDAs.
  • Mobile Fun ID 21640
$13.26 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 72 customers

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I use it in everything is incredible how you can use it and fit in all the screens and you got it all because you receive a lot for the price of one is great try it I recomend it ...
bought for my Samsung S3 but I am disappointed since the screen protector is smaller then the mobile screen :(
what a buy
I bought the 12 in 1 screen protectors to keep phone screen free of scratches. Have also used them on girlfriends phone and Samsung camera. Even gave a couple to a friend for his and girlfriend phone. Simple to use and versatile. Great gift for any gadget lover...
just the job
excellent product,so easy my phone now looks new once again , and it took no more than a few mins to replace,i really am pleased with this purchase thank you.
Good value for money
With the number of screen savers in the oack it represents very good value. The only snag I found is if you have to trim them to suit the device. I used a scalpel, which is pretty sharp, but the cut edges seem to lose a bit of their 'stick' and do not adhere to the screen as well as the rest of the saver.
Screen protectors
10/10 Simple.
No scratched touchscreen for me!
I bought this pack of screen protectors because I had just taken delivery of a new touch-screen phone and wanted to avoid the problem that goes with a scratched screen. I found the instructions to be clear and the product easy to apply to the phone screen but I had to do it twice because I didn't pay attention to the instruction to make sure that there were no air bubbles under the protector! There are enough protectors in the pack to make it possible to change the one on the phone several times in a year (I guess) and so the pack is likely to last an awful long time. I think the value is excellent and, from my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the use of this prioduct, or supplier.
Save your money
Let's get one thing straight from the start. This pack does not come in many different sizes. In fact there are only 2 sizes. The quality is not as good as one would expect for a product of this nature. One reviewer stated that cling film was better and I have to agree. Don't waste your money.
good value does what it says on box
Screen protector
Excellent product easy to use and fitted well on both mobiles.

Ordered one day and delivered the next morning.
Confusion with product
Not enough instructions with this
product. Can understand the clear
stick ons but what about the dark
one and also the large one covered
in red squares??? Are these meant
for a different product? Although
it does clearly state on the pack
'The 3 layer protector' Clearer
instructions would have been a lot
more useful.
very good product
I was very pleased with this item, it is great value for money. would recommend
Much needed
I am very pleased with this item as it was very good value for money. Would recommend
not great
I ordered these thinking they would fit an ordinary phone ie nokia 300, well you have to cut them to fit total hassle and you lose half the product,ok if you have an I phone or the like, but i would rather of had a simple screen protector for my phone....
You get what you pay for.
The screen covers had to be cut to size, which is not easy with rounded corners. Does not look as good as the 'official' ones, but much cheaper. OK I suppose, but I will go for the specific ones in future.
Thought it was what I needed !!!!
Going by advert it was just the job, reality, no, try and cut to size didn't happen, save your cash buy a roll of cling film !!!!
Super screen protectors
I wanted a screen protector for my new mobile but had always had difficulty applying them in the past; trapped air bubbles and creases being the main problems. However, this product proved to be fantastic. Lots of different sizes, easy to trim to fit, and most importantly, easy to apply with no trapped air or creasing! Now I have screen protectors on my mobile, camera, video, satnav and still loads to spares for any other devices I buy. Excellent product and very affordable. Highly recommended.
Every possible screen protector you could possibly need in one pack.
Nice pack of various screen protectors. You will need to trim them to make them fit your phone though.
Will keep you going for some time.
Easy to fit and remove.
A bit disappointed...
The screen cover does not quite fit the Sensation XL, which is very disappointing as it was a suggestion for the particular phone. Maybe a screen size indicator could be added?
Ideal product
Ideal product to protect your phone's screen.
Screen protectors
Very easy to use and there are so many sizes. This pack will last me ages. Have used on two phones, two ipods and a clock radio so far. Well worth the money.
When I received my Universal Screen Protector Pack, I was agog with excitement. With trembling hands I opened the package - and d'you know what ... the Screen Protectors were exactly as I had imagined them to be. Transparent (very handy!)and easy to apply. There were several types of protector in the pack and its not particularly clear what the differences are but hey I just put a random one on my mobile phone and its fine. All you need are a pair of scissors and a steady hand. And I still have 11 protectors left. Seriously though, have purchased stuff before from Mobile Fun and its always good and delivered quickly. First class on-line ordering system.
Scratching the surface!!
I recieved this 12 in 1 universal screen protector,the problem started with not really knowing which did what as the protectors are just loose in flat pack,and lack of any real instructions. I then realised I thought I had ordered one with a protector for my bold 9900,but it did not have one in. A good product no good for my use so sitting in drawer.
Does What It Says on the Tin!!
Bought the pack to cover a variety of items - mine and the wife's mobile phones, ditto with our cameras, and also for my new sat nav. Don't know yet whether it'll work on the sat nav as it has a "fluid touch" screen. Pack very generous in content - plenty of protectors to go at - easy to cut and although a little fiddly to actually peel off the sticky covering sheets, they seem to adhere pretty well to the surface they are applied to - practice will hopefully make perfect !!
Just what i needed.
Great product and quality screensavers.
These protectors are reasonably good although I'm sure there are better options available.
Exactly what I asked for
Screen Protector Pack, exactly right
and in my opinion vey good value.
delivery time just what was quoted.
Excellent service. Thank you.
Does the job
Bit fiddly but does the job!
Great product. Cut out the size you need and it goes on easily. I havr wasted a lot of time and money on inferior protectors that bubble etc,. This is brilliant.
Does the Job
No experience of other similar products, but this seems to do the job well enough.
They are slightly smaller than the front panel so there is about a 3 ml gap on the sides and about 1 to 2 ml top and bottom but you can only see this close up.
Quite easy to put on and is not noticeable if you take the time to clean the screen first and carefully get rid of air bubbles, but take care in lining it up square and accurately.
Great product
Very good protectors-easy to apply(just take your time!)and are virtually invisible!!Great value for money too!
Not tried the mirror and privacy ones yet so cannot comment on those.But all in all I highly recommend these protectors!!!!
not too sure
I bought the pack as I have various items that could benefit from a screen protector. I've used them for the camera, the iPod and an old mobile. They do what they are meant to do: protect the screen, and they can be cut to size, which is handy. However, as it's difficult to get rid of all air bubbles, so the final result is a bit tatty; I will look for something of better quality for my blackberry. Still, they are a good, reasonably priced option.
Better than the phone specific covers
I went for the universal pack because of cost and the fact that the phone specific one that I had before had peeled off after a short period. Although you have to trim to fit, they are easy to apply without getting bubbles and I'm still on the first one. Haven't tried the mirror or privacy ones yet, but they look quite good.
Excellent service
The screen protector was delivered extremely promptly.I have used it on my mobile phone and , although I found the cutting a bit fiddly, it does its job very well. Maybe I'll be more efficient when I try cutting it for my next gadget -after all, "practice" is supposed to make "perfect" isn't it!
adequate but not what I thought I was getting
Disappointed that I will have to trim item to fit which I will find tricky. Would not have ordered item if I knew.
Excellent and very easy!
Easy to cut to the correct size and shape of phone/mp3/tomtom. Easy to apply with no bubbles or curling up at edges.Privacy and mirror protection too.
Easy to use
This product was easy to use once I had worked out what was required, in fact I have now used it on my wife's phone and camera and also mine. Great product, only downside think the instructions could do with being clearer.
Very good
Very good product. Took a first attempt to get it right so may be worth a practice one before putting it on the actual item, but we've used them for all the phones and gadgets in the house and they do a very good job.
Does exactley what it says on the tin!!!
Protect the phone's screen really well, reduces the appearance of fingermarks. Bit fiddly to apply initially, but then aren't they all !?
12 in 1
A good product does what it sells for and has proved very usefull backed up by well versed customer relation staff.
12 in 1 Universal Screen Protector Pack
Does what it says on the tin. More than you will ever need for your phone screen
12 in 1 universal screen protectors
Product is great. Don't cut with scissors though as it bends the film and makes it difficult to stay stuck down; use a scalpel instead. (not on instructions!!)
12 in 1 Universal Screen Protector Pack
Very good set to have. So many uses. Great service and no fuss.
Excellent value!!
I just got a new android phone and wanted to protect the screen from everyday scratches etc. This product is brilliant, with 12 seperate protectors in the pack it is incredible value for money. I protected my phone, my wife's phone, two camera screens, two sat-nav screens and still have loads left. The protector adheres to the screen perfectly with little or no trouble easing the bubbles out as you apply it. It does everything it says and more and for a very sensible price. What more can I say. I'm very pleased!!
Great value item
Bought this for my new Samsung Galaxy Wave, great product, easy to fit, kept screen colour bright, lost none of the touch functions which I was unsure about. Well worth the money, specially as the phone went back and now I've still got the others for the new phone when I get it.
Lots of screen protectors
More than what I needed but did have problem using so it's just as well. Does the job and plenty left for other items.
this product is the best thing i have brought, it is very good value for money and easy to do!! i would highly recomend this product.
Screen protector
Easy to apply several films oversized. Although one has to cut the film to fit, I found it an advantage as it makes it one size fits all. Very satisfied and it comes with all the necessary tools to install
good price/quality ratio
Nice product. Clear instructions and easy to apply on my smartphone. Very good price for the whole package (variety and quantity of the protectors).
screen protector
items as ordered v/g service and delivery will use again thank you
Does what it says on the tin
Very pleased with the screen protectors as they stop my phone's screen from being scratched. They also improve the screen contrast so the image is sharper.

We worth the money.
Very good protection for screens and plenty of it in the set. A bit fiddly to cut to exact size but I never was much good at crafting! When you cut it keep track of which side is which as it's hard to decide wthout the tags.
Screen Protectors
Got these for a HTC Legend, there ok and do the job but are a bit fiddly to put on, couple were missing one of the protective sides. Mirror protector just makes the phone look mucky.
good promt service definatly use again and strongly recomend to others well done and thanks
12 in 1 Universal Screen Protector Pack
The screen protectors were just what i needed.A bit fiddly to cut to shape but they are perfect for my needs.
Great screen protector
Really good screen protector. Also improves visibility and reduces glare.
Screen protector
Ordered one day delivered next,The protectors absolutley brilliant for phone and also camera brilliant service
12 in 1 Universal Screen Protector Pack
Hello! Take this set of protective films, because it suits all:
price, quantity, size, choice (SLR, protective, reserved)
Screen protector review
I bought this 12 in 1 universal screen protector pack as a gift for a relative. He was delighted with the sizes and clear instruction. I am happy with the purchase and would recommend this product.
Screen Protector Pack
No problem with the amount. I could do with a closer match to the screen due to unsteady fingers.
dsi xl
i was hoping that this would be big so that it would fit the lower screen of my dsi xl because the ones i have seen upto now have all been to small and it would need two side by side to cover the screen but this one had a very large protector in it and it fitted how fantasic is that
Great Product
What an Great Product the 12 in 1 Universal Screen Protector Pack. It's so easy to use and easy to fit on my devices.
Screen Protectors
I wanted to protect the screen of my recently purchased touch-screen mobile and the description of the product seemed to be the answer.
My first attempt to apply a protector to my phone ended unsuccessfully - but I think that was due to me having a senior moment and not reading the instructions properly !! Second attempt was OK and I have also put one on the screen of my digital camera.
I am very pleased with them - they are almost invisible, and no air bubbles. It remains to be seen how long they last, but they seem to have stuck down really well.
One word of advice - It's really important to ensure that your screen is completely clean - my camera screen has a tiny speck of dust trapped on it, although it is hardly noticeable
My only slight criticism is that if you have to trim them to fit a small screen, then that can mean you end up trimming the little "peel tags" on them which makes removing the two outer layers tricky, but other than that, they do the job and I would recommend them.
Mobile Phone Screen Protector
Seems to be ok - you need to make sure you don't cut the screen sizes too large or else the emds will catch on things in your pockets - also round the edges as well and it should stick ok.
Screen Protector Pack
Excellent value for money product,the screens fit our mobile phones, and Sat' Nav', really easy to use. Will definitely recommend to friends.
12 in 1 universal screen protector pack
This is kit is great value, it can be trimmed to fit any combination of items & the delivery service is quick
Really useful
This pack has been really really useful. I did initially think do I really need so many protectors, but I've used them on all my devices - phones, watch, GPS, iPod and some of my son's toys..... lol and even my calculator.

The mirror and privacy are really fantastic, I have the privacy on my Hero and it's work really well. It's great on the train knowing no one can see my screen.

The super large one i have used on my TomTom - and that too was useful.

If it had more privacy and mirrors I would have given this 5 stars.

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