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Zenus Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Minimal Diary Series Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and give it some extra style with this black Minimal Diary case with internal pockets.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36739
$47.34 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 48 customers

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what I need to protect my phone
smart well made and practical for the samsung note 2 not sure that the wallet is much use but the case is a good fit for the phone.
Cheap and nasty
Premium leather it is not. Also, the description claims "All buttons are also still accessible when the phone is in the case." Not so - the volume buttons are inaccessible with the case closed. This one's going to the boot sale - save your money.
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear you're not happy with the case. We believe that this is a quality product and that the quality of the leather is very good. Many customers have been happy with it but you're entitled to your opinion of course.

Regarding the volume buttons
Great phone case
It was packaged perfectly (new) and it easily fit right on to my note 2. You don't take the back cover off (++). Within the first 2 hours of having it, I dropped my phone down the stair and it landed with a muffled thump. Excellent. It's not too bulky but substantial enough to fight with the inside of your pockets. I love this case.
Great, but wears badly
Have had it for about a year now and I use it extensively. It's a beautiful, well made case, but the white tends to get dirty easily and it wears badly when the leather frays. Perhaps consider getting another colour for durability.
Excellent product and delivery as promised
I love the white leather case for my Samsung smart phone. It fits perfect. The delivery was as promised.
Best Cover for the Galaxy Note 2
This is by far the best cover for the Galaxy Note 2. Much better than the flip cover which gives little protection. It is very well made and a perfect fit, highly recommended.
Quality phone case
Expensive but quality, and indeed makes a point when you use it in company. Would have expected it to be a softer leather but otherwise an excellent product the correct case for a phone of this price and quality.
Wonderful case
When I first unboxed it, I wasn't sure I liked the slight sheen in this leather as some of the saffiano leather products I've seen from other companies (i.e. purses, etc.) have more of a matte finish. But after a few hours of looking at it and using it, I got used to it. Now I love the case and even have had a few compliments on it.

The case is well-made and it seems like it's durable. The only issue regarding the quality is the flap that buttons the case close. I've only had this case for 4 days and there is already quite a noticeable wear on the flap from bending it. I hope it won't be a problem further down the road.

The case grips the phone snugly and I don't feel that it would slip out, even if I do drop it.

I only use 2 of the 3 slots as I find that filling up all 3 slots makes the case bulge too much.

Overall, great case and would highly recommend it!
After much research bought the cover from Mobile Fun. Excellent cover and equally excellent service.
Nice case but a little overpriced.
First, the good. It holds the phone fairly loosely so it's easy to take it out. It holds 3 cards plus cash easily and there are gaps for speaker, camera, s pen etc. The case doesn't easily fold back on itself but you can take calls with the case shut with no loss of sound at either end.

Now the bad. It's not as good quality as I'd expected. For £35, I expected real leather. With 3 cards in, there's a noticeable bulge at the top of the case. As it's fairly loose fitting, my phone has slipped out a couple of times.

In summary, it's a decent case and does what it says on the tin. But, it doesn't look or feel particularly classy given the price.
Excellent Product
Having looked around for a case for ages I came across this one.At first the price put me off but after a little hunting around on the net for reviews I decided to take the plunge.When it arrived I was surprised to learn that the phone just snaps straight into the case(I expected to remove the back of my phone and fasten on this).Case is well made and the hasp makes for a good handle to grip when you watch in landscape mode.Very sturdy and all buttons still accessable.The only downside is that the card holders on the inside of the flap do mark the screen, even when empty, so definatly purchase a screen protector but for a phone of this price you be mad not to buy a screen protector.This wouldn't be enough to put me off buying another.Overall an excellent purchase.
As a side note my wife purchased a similar designed item for a htc from a well know online retailer.It was a fraction of the price and to be honest when it arrived it was terrible.
Pay the extra for this.
Postage was very fast.
Disappointing quality.
I wanted a classy case and was prepared to pay a premium. This doesn't look or feel like a £35 product. The phone fits but does slip out a little too easily. I have 3 cards in the wallet section and it looks stretched. Ideally, I think this would only have 1 card in it.

It's not that this is a bad bit of kit but at £35 it's well overpriced. It's not real leather and just looks a little cheap. I'd be really happy with this if I'd paid £15.
Cheap, nasty and overpriced
As soon as I took it out the case it seemed insubstantial, cheap leather feel plastic and no substance. For £35 this seems a little steep, for £10 it would be ok - you should get what you pay for.

It took me a whole 10 minutes to decide to send it back.
awful cover!!!
this cover is really awful!! I have had great covers for my original note in the past, which cost less than half of this and it was brilliant. this however, massive let down!!the cover doesn't clip the phone in, so when you turn it upside down, the phone just falls out. this is because instead of having a plastic holder that the phone clips into, that is connected to the rest of the case, it just has a cardboard type effect thick edging to it that doesn't keep the phone secure. sending this one straight back.
fits perfect
This case fits the Galaxy note perfectly, and there is access to all side buttons, camera etc.
There is also room to carry one or two credit cards, or a little paper money if the phone is all you want to carry as there are small slots on the inside cover for this purpose, which i have used.
My only preferance would have been a magnetic clasp to the case fastening instead of the press stud fastener. I sometimes feel if i put too much pressure on the clasp when fastening i might crack the glass, it is a good sturdy case so i doubt this would happen. This may just be a personal thing, as my previous case had a magnetic clasp.
I have rated 4 stars only because of my preferance for a magnetic fastening, but i was aware when i purchased that it was press stud.
Protective Case
I brought this case as, i was looking everywhere over the internet for a case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that provided all over protection to my phone. I ordered it on 28th Dec 12 and got it on 15th Jan 13. It takes to much time. This was my first order from Mobile Fun. The case feels great in your hands, it look professional and protect phone from sideways also. I like card holder on left side of cover. Overall I love this case. I am preferring this case for Note 2.
Note2 case
Really was quite supprised how good a case it is, I would say it fully protects phone when closed but hav'nt dropped it for 100% proof! Fully recomend to friends
Excellent quality
This is without doubt a quality product, accurate description.
Fast delivery. Dont bother with cheap immatations, I did and they are all in the bin, thid is a keeper
Just right
I bought this diary case and was surprised by the perfect compactness that it provides. I am already using the card holder and it offers great protection for the phone while still giving full use of all the important features when the case is fully closed.
I opted to pay more for this one rather than go for the cheaper versions because i preferred the strap positioning. I would definitely recommend this product to others with the same phone. Thanks for the excellent service as well.
Zenus case the best out there
this is the best case Ive had for the galaxy phone every. works and fits perfect with the galaxy note 2. would be recommend to anyone looking for one.
Apart from - in my view - one minor flaw, the quality of design and manufacture of this case is faultless. The one thing I am not keen on is the card pockets in the inner lining: they leave an imprint in the screen. I would never use such a case to carry cards in and I think it would be better to finish the inside of the case in a soft material to protect the screen. Otherwise I can't fault the product - it actually makes an attractive PDAPhone look even better.
quality case
i ordered Saturday it arrived fist thing Monday. well done. product fits well giving access to all facilities of the phone whilst in the case. the case has a lovely textured finish it is not bulky on the phone
Awsome communication!
I purchased a case for my phone and they sent me an email asking once I recieved my product to write a review. I had not recieved it at that time so I responded explaining just that. The same day someone contacted me and said that it would be reshipped with a tracking code. I recieved my product today via DHL and I love it! Now I only have to carry my phone instead of a wallet and a phone!
I brought this case as, i was looking everywhere over the internet for a caes for my Note 2 that provided all over protection. This does not disappoint! it feels great in your hands, looks profession and covers my entire phone, it would of been better in my opinion if the button clip which fastens the front to the back was magnetic, as you have to press the button in quite firmly to secure it, but thats just my personal opinion. and it certainly doesnt detract anything from the case at all, i also bought the bodyguardz all over screen protector film, for added protection and it fits nicely in the case. overall i love this case the best case on the market by far, considering its a new phone i personally prefer it to the samsung galaxy note 2 original case! will not be disappointed!!!.

p.s.. super fast delivery and great customer service from mobile fun. my first time buying form them, and it certainly wont be my last!
Brilliant phone cover
This phone cover is brilliant just what I needed, it's sturdy we'll made and looks good on my phone ,it doesn't make the note bulky either even though its a big phone anyway. The card lots on the inside are also a fabulous idea just the job if you need to go out with just a few cards..
Received item with in time frame.
Protection With Style
I looked everywhere before ordering this case from Mobilefun. The case is made from real leather with all the cut-outs in the right places and does an excellent job of protecting my phone. The phone simply clips into the case. I would honestly recommend it to anyone - ALSO the service from Mobilefun deserves a mention too, I ordered the phone on Friday lunchtime and received it 10am on Sat morning, the following day - Brilliant all round
screen abrasion?
I wonder if those credit cards wouldn't eventually cause wear on the screen? Tell me no as I like the functionality and would love to leave my wallet home.

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