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Zenus G-Note Diary Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Vintage Brown Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Zenus G-Note Diary Case in Vintage Brown is made from genuine leather which betters with age for distinguished and vintage look for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41534

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 4.8 stars from 29 customers

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This is the 4th Zenus case that I've buy( for some other phone).
Always the best, the price is high but the quality it's EXTRA!
Zenus G Note Dairy Case for Galaxy Note 3
This is a really lovely case. It is of exceptional quality and fits the phone perfectly. It does seem quite a lot to pay for a phone case, but in my opinion it is well worth it. I will purchase a similar product for my next phone.
Excellent case
An excellent case. Stylish and keeps my phone encased. Which as its a case is a good thing
My case came earlier than expected, so was thrilled with that. The leather case is really lovely quality unlike the nasty cardboard ones that are covered in a thin veneer of leather and almost immediately fall a apart, worse still is that they look 'cheap and nasty'. The This case is great quality leather and comes with a free detachable wrist band. The lining inside the wallet is of a nice quality too and is easy to put cards in and out. The wallet compartment is a little shorter than bank notes so won't lay in as a wallet would.My phone fits snuggly and all ports are open when the case is closed except for the volume rocker. I also found that this case is cheaper on this site compared to others that I researched.
Excellent quality and will definitely buy anymore cases from here. Everyone is very complementary about my case too and I would recommend to buy from here.
My phone is well protected and a pleasure to be seen with.
Quality Zenus G-note
Excellent quality. Leather strap is helpful getting phone out of pocket. Lined cash pocket is sweet touch. Has speaker hole on face, my cheaper one didn't. Leather wraps around plastic phone grip. I miss my lovely inexpensive white leather case with the suede interior and magnetic latch, and I wish my zenus was suede or padded, but it's sturdy and should last longer than my sweet 17 dollar old one.
Zenus G-Note: Beautiful, well crafted, protective.
I am very happy with my purchase of the G-Note. The case is well made with attention to detail. All ports are fully accessible, with even the humidity sensor on the bottom right corner of the phone open via cutout. I love that the part holding the phone is so solid - it feels very safe!

My one gripe: I wish they had put a corner piece on the upper right as well - just for that little extra protection. However the screen cover is higher than the phone so it's not completely unprotected from a corner drop landing.

The phone is easily usable in portrait and landscape - I frequently read for long periods on my device and there is no hindrance and plenty of grip (very comfy in the hand and the strap is wonderful for extra hold).

The case feels and looks fantastic! I was expecting from the photos for it to be more of a lighter faun colour - it was a little darker than I expected but that in no way detracts. It does look like it's going to mark easily- however I think that will add to the character of the case.
Very precise and protective.
Always a fan of zenus, the cover fits well and looks very good too. A perfect blend of style and performance.
Practical Item
Hard case phone cover, card and note holder means I can minimise pocket clutter.
No more pocket slap "HAKA" (right=keys,left=phone,rear=wallet)for me.
Thanks gents!
beautiful soft leather
The case is great and as others have said it fits well, i can get the pen out easy, recharge without taking off the case etc.
Super !
The Best !
Fits like a glove
This case is a must for the note 3 it fits like a glove with all the cut outs in the correct place. Looks very nice and feels realy quality.
A quality case
The fit is excellent, the look of it is great, and the cut outs for the camera, controls, and stylus match up really well. There's no cut out for the volume control but as that's on the side where the case hinges so it's no surprise.

The leather, while lovely and soft, does mark very easily, maybe a little too easily. But after a while this does add to the character of the case.
I waited a few weeks for this case and it was well worth it. Scrumptious feel to the leather. Extremely well made. Fits phone perfectly. Will enjoy this cover it is very stylish.

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