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ZENS Bluetooth Speaker and Qi Wireless Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Listen to music and wirelessly charge any supported smartphone with this convenient and stylish black ZENS Bluetooth Speaker and Qi Wireless Charger.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42907

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 3.3 stars from 3 customers

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Let down by bad Bluetooth connection procedure.
This looked like a good product but it's let down badly by the requirement to go through the Bluetooth pairing process every time you want to connect to it. You can't just pair it with your phone then connect to it as needed, you have to turn the speaker off or press the pairing button and start from scratch. If you walk out of the room and lose connection, when you come back in you have to pair again. Even if the phone already has it in the paired list!
my option on this great speaker
Great product. Sounds great. Very loud for a small speaker. Very easy to use. Lasts all day on an overnight charge. Would recommend this product to others :)
Sold it to a friend after a few days...
Pros: Its a quick qi charger with clean rich sound, very loud considering the devices humble size.

Cons: won't play music when charging, has a flashing light that illuminates the whole room at night and makes a insanely irritating intermittent beep noise when the battery is low.

Buy it as a transportable charger and speaker, not for a main charger or speaker.

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