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Xoopar 3-in-1 Stylus - Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Xoopar 3-in-1 stylus is the perfect tool for your smartphone or tablet. Stylus, Micro USB Cable and Cleaning Squeegee all-in-one.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40400
$14.87 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 25 customers

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Great item
Everything you need in a neat pen size product.
very helpfull
Found the devise very usefull for playing games on both devices.
E-Z Grip
At last a stylus that I can hang on to. I have arthritis in both hands. Most stylus' are so small and smooth that I keep dropping them. Now even I can hold on to my Mobile Fun Stylus. The USB Tips are always handy. This is a great buy.
Groovy Gadget
Wonderful gadget. Does exactly what it says . Cleans grubby paw prints off the screens and because you use the tip they don't come back .
The added extra of the little cable is invaluable , no more tangled wires in the handbag just pull apart the Xoopar and off you go .
Really is a Super Xoopar
Never knew I needed one.
What did I do without it. I thought it was a bit extravagant but what a useful tool. I haven't had to clean my screen & it is so accurate, I don't lose my page anymore. Brilliant
Charging adapter
The 3-in-1 Stylus in just the right gaget to top up my phone while working on the Laptop.
Best stylus yet!
I have been on the hunt for the perfect stylus, still not quite there but this is the closest yet, stylus tip glides over the screen and is accurate enough that I rarely use the cursor keys in SwiftKey! Light and comfortable the screen cleaner to my amazement actually works extremely well, and you have the hidden sync and charge cable, to top up phone from battery which is also a torch & handwarmer, actually this makes it the BEST stylus ever as I was going to say all it needs is a torch :-)
Stylus with Style
This 3-in-1 stylus looks, feels and is a high quality product. The micro USB connector is 100% functional, the screen cleaner effective and the stylus is the best I've tried. It is very accurate in writing notes on my phone notepad and works well as a touch stylus.
5 star excellence is very difficult to achieve and this stylus could have achieved that, in my eye, with the addition of a pocket clip.
Highly recommended.
Excellent product
Does exactly what it says on the box. 4 gadgets in 1. Light weight & tactile to use.
just what i needed .
this 3 in I stylus is fantastic I use it on my mobile and my kindle ,
makes sending texts so easy .
A neat multi purpose pen
I am really delighted with this stylus. It works well as a touch and drawing tool and the rubber tip on the other end can be used to clean a screen, a neat way of making use of what is a cover for the USB connector. Pull off this section from the main body of the pen and there is a connector that fits my Samsung S3. Crack open this attachment to reveal a short lead linking the two connectors. I have already used this to download photos to my laptop and to charge my 'phone when away from home. With a slight twist the lead packs away neatly again. My only issue is that the rubber cap is not a tight fit and I know sooner or later it is going to get lost. A pity. I don't expect spares are available.

Handy little tool
This little tool is really rather neat. I have big, warm fingers which cam make typing rather random. Hence, it can make typing on the screen more accurate and quicker. It also can carry out sliding, tapping and touching functions and other actions requiring the use of a single finger!

The built in screen cleaner is really handy but could do with being a tighter fit onto the USB plug because it can fall off in your pocket. wallet or bag. Will have to knock of a star for that.

The short USB plug has been useful on a number of occasions when you need to attached the phone to another device or when you cannot locate your charger in the car.

I would recommend it highly.
Great idea but!
i loved the concept of a 3 in 1 stylus but unfortunately this stylus is flawed. First of all the tip which is the screen cleaner kept falling off after a while, the rubbery bit stretched I think. then once the micro cable section was opened I couldn't get it back properly so the top fell off even more.It eventually reassembled properly but by accident. I haven't dared open it since. The sqeegee was adequate but still left smears, the stylus itself excellent. Fits nicely in the loop on my Kindle cover.
Just fantastic
The stylus has completely changed the way I can use my phone. Everything is so much quicker and no mistakes. Texting is a delight. A really great piece of kit.
Just what I needed.
Very good product.
Pocket helper
Love gadgets, this one is small and handy for handbag or pocket, all the components are useful so a worthwhile package - truly a bit of mobile fun!
Love it.
What a neat gizmo
This neat little tool is so versatile and smart! No phone owner should be without this stylus.

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