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XMI X-mini Mini Speaker Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A small and compact speaker that can be taken anywhere to enhance your audio.
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 4.4 stars from 30 customers

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Does not work.
Speaker does not work, at least with a LG tablet. Waste of money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Teri, please contact our Customer Services team and we will see what the problem is.
One of the best things I've ever bought.
The x-mini speaker I bought recently was to replace an old one of the same generation which I owned for around 2 years and used on a regular basis. The only reason I bought a new one was because I lost it, it still worked perfectly.

Me and my mates used to do a lot of overnight get togethers at one of my friends houses and he had no speakers at all so that was all we had for music. Mine and my friends music taste is pretty varied (I don't listen to heavy metal or anything so can't say if it works for that) but I was never disappointed with any genre it played and the bass is brilliant, not to mention the battery life or how loud it goes.

I'm not saying it's the best speaker ever, but given it's price (let alone its size) you will not find better value for money when it comes to speaker quality.

Mine was shoved in a backpack daily, used outside and overnight in a couple of pretty wet field parties, used by random drunk people and friends at parties on a fairly regular basis and was frequently dangled by the wire by friends, despite the way I cringed.

The only things I did to make sure it didn't break are these: Try not to turn it up until it distorts. Avoid picking it up by the wire. Always make sure it is 'unlocked' (the middle part is showing) and the lid is up when you use it, just put it back to being locked with the lid closed when you are done.
And to be fair the only one of those I really managed to get other people to stick to was the last one.

Basically it will work perfectly as long as you treat it well (ish).

-Saul, 18
Just what I needed good sound for size was pleased with my purchase
Amazing sound
I use a laptop and projector for training sessions, but the laptop speakers are totally inadequate when showing video clips.
The volume from the X-mini speakers is absolutely amazing. More than enough and crystal clear.
Pretty poor
Really dissapointed with this one. Poor, crackly, sound which is little better than placing the phone in a glass.
Small and powerful
Bought this as a small lightweight speaker system to take on holiday. This certainly does the job, very powerful and clear. Would definitely recommend
Brilliant device
I bought this to take on holiday with me and found it to be an excellent choice. Perfect size and weight for travelling; good volume and sound quality. Would recommend it to anyone else looking for one.
Excellent little product
These mini speakers are fantastic and the battery life is brill, I got just over 7 hours on one charge. So good I've bought a couple, hooked them together and turned the sound way up. The sound quality is excellent for such a small product.
What a speaker
Great design,love it in black.
Well thought out speaker ,small enough for your pocket and easy to open,flip the protective lid and listen to the sound this small speaker produces.....unbelievable.
Ideal for underway
What can I say? This little fella sure knows how to bring out the music from a portable music device, it's so easy to charge, set-up, then pack away when finished with. It gives a good few hours worth of playback and I would certainly recommend buying a second one, not only to enhance the sound even more, but together, they look so cool!
great little product
Very impressed with the build quality, and most of all the sound quality. The cables and linking are perhaps just a little fiddly. I was pleased with the deal I got on these, buy one get one free, but have since seen them on a rival site at half the price, so suppose it evens out.
Amazing sound can't believe its coming from my phone
Works on my tablet too absolutely brilliant
Than you Mobile Fun
Service is second to none

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