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X-Power 3 in 1 Speaker, Emergency Battery and Stand - Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The X-Power is a portable speaker as well as a battery charger for your electronic devices such as your mobile phone, iPad or MP3 player.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35786

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 3.9 stars from 44 customers

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Listen - Charge!
Want a duel purpose gadget that performs well then have a look at this and read on
I bought one of these mainly as portable speakers having charged it I tried it with iphone 5s Samsung Galaxy S3 & Ipod classic.
The sound is good from all devices considering the size of the speakers and if you can play with the equalizer settings the sound becomes amazing from something this size even from the Ipod. Tick the box for the main reason for purchase good small speaker system just remember they are not ghetto blaster standard but they are great for their size and you can set your own tones with your device settings.
Now for a suprise I found myself out and without much charge in my phone plugging the charging cable in I expected a quick boost enough to make a call (despite the claims) but found they're true you get a decent charge on the Samsung Galaxy S3 point I start this review 19% battery its now 35% using this gadget it is that good.
So if you want to have a device that one way plugged in you can listen with friends or by yourselves to music plug in the other way will charge your device and thats just a little bigger than a large cigar tube so easily fits in your pocket or bag yo can't go wrong with this gadget in my view
Happy listening and Charge!
Nifty and aesthetically pleasing phone speaker/charger
Well its early days but initial opinion is "wow" what a brilliant bit of kit, adequate sound, good looking, compact and just right for my hols. My partner suitably impressed begged me to order one, so naturally I did. fingers crossed it meets his needs too
Love this little speaker!
This is a great little gadget! Not only is it a wonderful speaker for my mp3 player, it's compact, sleek, well-built, good-looking, unique, and multi-functional. I prefer a separate speaker to the tangling cords of a headphone set. My old speaker required a cable to connect to the mp3, which was quite unwieldy. I love how the Xdream X-power connects directly to my mp3 player. It has good sound quality and runs quite a while on a charge, also. I'm very happy with this speaker/stand/charger unit. The one thing that would make it better is if I could listen to the mp3 and charge it at the same time.
good stuff. like it.
item is as described. good one i should say. volume and quality of the speaker ok but can be better:)...very fast shippment. will keep shoping here. thx.
Terrific accessory
I have to say this is an excellent product - it enhances the sound from my mobile to a superb quality.
It's so easy to operate and charge - and with its long life I will be able to run my sat-nav off its USB port instead of using my car's lighter point.
it's a great design and I would recommend this to anyone.
Had to return it, very disappointing. It took ages to charge and the sound was not much louder than my phone.
Having being let down by my iPhone 4S battery so many times this little gem is ideal - pity it wasn't supplied with a mini iPhone connection/charger lead.
a handy little gadget
it works a treat, compact and easy to carry in your pocket, maybe just a little short of bass but quite acceptable.
The sound is good, looks good. Not so stable
Great sound. Great looks. Almost got my phone to hit the ground as it is not very stable. Display with plenty of flat space around.
Finally !!!!!
after purchasing so many of these devices that describe themselves as doing so much and delivering so little fanally one that does what it says on the tin , an excellent bit of kit for the price i paid , very happy with it , a little bulkier than i expected but above all an excellent device that took seconds
to work out and get using .
Brilliant, fits even with the case
Fits well with a case on, without a case it fits less brilliantly, but who owns a phone this expensive without using a case? Currently using a cheap TPU plastic case until my superb custom-made Noreve Suede Leather case arrives ages from now, but it works well with the current case.

Great with the Infinity as well, since that has low tinny mono sound but put the tablet in the keyboard dock and carefully place this speaker behind so it rests on the bed/table or in front of the screen resting on the upper keyboard while watching movies.

It does charge the battery of the phone (Note 2 is 3100mAh); there is slight interference, but I think of the battery charge as a nice emergency option, not something to be done regularly, especially while listening to music, as that will degrade the speakers battery over time and I intend to use this baby for years.

Use PowerAmp music player and set Equalizer preset to Bass, then it is by no means tinny. Compare sound quality to the built in crappy speakers that all phones have, not to a proper speaker system when evaluating whether it is tinny or not.

Very happy with it so far and thought I should just let fellow Note 2 / Infinity owners know that this is a great buy.
Does what it says on the tin.
Exactly what I was after. It's compact, light and modern and delivers a high quality sound for any device with a 3.5mm output. I can easily fit it in a bag or my coat pocket and take it anywhere. The battery life has been pretty incredible and there's a handy 3 light system showing you how much power you have left.
My only problem with it is that it sometimes doesn't pick up that my device is playing. As the speaker turns on as it receives a signal it can be quite a pain when it's doesnt detect it. A little twisting and playing with the volume soon corrects this though. Still a top quality product and I haven't found anything to rival it yet. So glad I found it.
Life saver
Bought at the last minute to get me through a festival weekend, so good I just charged the charger before i went and simply plugged my phone in to charge overnight, brilliant invention. Didn't get a chance to use the speaker but will be taking it on holiday as its so compact to go in my suitcase, love it.
Decent with some flaws
I just received this yesterday. The shipping packaging had at some point been opened and never closed securely so I am pretty amazed it was still intact. My first impression is that the item's packaging itself was incredibly impressive. I think though they should have spent & focused a little bit less on that and more on the actual item. Visually and holding it, it is sleek and well made, but the actual use leaves a bit to be desired. The speakers output is pretty weak and lacking in any bass. The plug itself is sturdy, however seems to be made a little bit too big as it continually slides out of the 3.5mm so easily it almost renders it useless. The best feature is that is holds my Samsung Galaxy S3 in landscape mode extremely well, but moving the phone will cause the plug to slide out so essentially, it is for phones that do not have a landscape mode dock. The pic where the hand is holding the phone vertically will not work on the SG3 as the plug just isn't a snug fit so the phone slides down and out.
Bad product
Don't waste your money on this product because once you fully charge it and when you try to charge your mobile threw it consume power very quickly with out charging your mobile fully charge it's less than full charge ... Anyways my mobile is Samsung Galaxy S3 the battery power for the battery is 2100 mAh and the unit got also 2100 mAh so how come guys it can't charge it full ?? Simply waste of time and money especially when you charge the unit fully charge and when use it.. it consume it's charge very quickly without any benefit!
Handy tool
Handy as a charger and loudspeaker, fits nicely in your bag, very pleased with it
Speaket quality not particularly good only mono & does not allow for iPhone to have a case on. Have put purchase down to bad judgement on my part could not recommend this product
Very good multi-purpose device, instructions limited
The speakers are very well made, look great and emit a good quality sound. There are no buttons, only a few LEDs to show it is working & battery level. Once plugged in, it "should" automatically switch on and emit sound - this doesn't always appear to work and the instructions do not help enough. After trail and error, it appears that to ensure the speakers work all the time, the sound level on your device needs to be at a reasonably high level. As an emergency recharger, it works as it says it should - once you attach your own device connector.
Sorry about my last mail. It was not the X -poverelle 3 in O'Neill that i hadn't recieved, that was the on'er that didn't work. Thougt that you Verne abble just to send mé at new.
Whatelet I havn't recieved was a Belkin Conserve Valet USB charging station Order nr. 35816.
Birger Steiness
Very innovative
Great design speaker, very impressed with the build quality and finish. Has a nice sturdy/solid feel.

Speaker is good, no buttons to activate it, but recognises music playing and starts to play music after a few seconds. Audio quality is very good, good size so perfect carry with you when travellling - great in hotel rooms and props up the phone well so you have access to the controls to switch music controls and also read emails whilst.

Battery pack element is a great benefit, gives 2200mah haven't tested that out, but topped up my iPhone from 50% to full quite well. Tiny LEDs show you how much battery left. Only downside is when charging your iPhone whilst the music is playing you do get some speaker interferance, so would knock a star off for that. But overall very happy with the product. Would recommend just for the innovative speaker the battery pack is a great bonus.

Mobile Fun shipping was supberb, fastest yet! - Ordered at 5.50pm and delivery at 9.10am next day - 16hrs!! Well done.
Cool looking stand
Can pop this in my handbag when I dont need it as it is a tube shape not unlike a perfume bottle (just dont get mixed up!) its fairly light and doesnt scratch. bought one for my hubby as he has a big phone that needs lots of charging. he can now watch tv on his phone if he used the stand.
Awesome speaker
This was very useful on my travels recently, as my husband and I watched movies together that he had downloaded onto my phone BUT not only was the phone at the right angle for viewing, the phone could be re-charged afterwards too. A god send as I forgot to take the charger with me anyway !
Great item, good price
I often go away camping and am often finding myself running to and from the car to charge my phone but this product is perfect. Not only does it allow me to charge my Xperia S when it runs low (which is quite often) but i can listen to music at the same time which is perfect on the night when we're sitting around a fire and having a drink.
The stand also comes in quite useful as i can just skip tracks without having to pick up the phone etc. Although the sound quality is amazing, i wouldn't expect muchn from a portable speaker so im very, very impressed.
Just great
I bought this primarily for the speaker, but have found the charging aspect very handy too. An excellent robust cylinder shape that parts near the top to show the charging usb port. The sliced bit if you want to call it that, aids as a support for the desk stand option of this device. I was surprised that for being so shiny, the speaker did not move on a slippery surface when I answered my calls and used the touchscreen. The charging facility I have found to be extremely quick. As aforementioned, I purchased this item for the speaker and I am very pleased with the sound that it conveys. It is in no way tinny given the finish of the speaker and is also loud and clear. I pleasantly feel that I have been given a gift with the additional features when all I wanted was a good travel speaker. Highly recommended - 5 stars.
A speaker, charger and stand - wow!
I can't believe the X-Power does so many things - I'm really impressed. The speaker is loud, the stand is great and the battery stops me having to worry when I watch films.
Great buy, great price
looks like 2001: a space odyssey
Very cool speaker - looks like it comes out of 2001: a space odyssey and has the capabilities to match. It's the kind of all-in-one device that will always come in handy, so I toss it in my bag whenever I'm out and about.
Love this speaker. Not only does it sound good, but the charge is quick too. Only use it as a desk stand when I am listening to music so cannot comment on the stability if used for texting etc.

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