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WorldWise Power Travel Charger with USB Port - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
World Travel Adapter With USB . Make sure that your usb device is always fully charged.
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 4.7 stars from 60 customers

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Best design I've seen for a long time.
I'm usually not that enthusiastic, but this adapter is a design feast! The way it has been conceived is absolutely genius, rarely do you come across a simple piece of equipment that combines intelligent design and ultimate functionality with such enjoyable harmony.
Surprisingly Compact
I bought this for a business trip I'm planning after receiving this I can heartily recommend this. I have other world travel adapters on this one is smaller and gives a usb charger as well.

Versatile and easy to use
I bought this item for use on holiday in Greece this year. The build is great for something that is so versatile. It doesn't have a cheap, fall apart after a few uses feel and is very cleverly designed to stow itself away into a very small package. The inclusion of a USB port meant I could charge both my phone and portable speakers at the same time as they were being used. My only small gripe would be the indicator LED is quite bright in a dark room but a well placed book sorted that during overnight charging.
Excellent quality and value!
Doesn't look much . . .
At first glance this is just a travel power adapter, but it's actually so much more, to be able to charge more than one piece of equipment at a time with indicators telling me what was happening - plus finding the right pin settings wasn't fiddly like some of these things can be. Very useful
Excellent gadget
It is everything I expected it to be. I purchased it in preparation of an overseas trip but as it is so handy, I have been using it since I received it. A plus point is the USB charging port. Nowadays, most electronic equipment use this so it is really useful and I do not need to carry around any other plug point. I will certainly take it with me whenever I travel and highly recommend it to anyone who requires a travel charger.
What I needed
Received item in good order. Had gone on holiday before it arrived due to out of stock. But look forward to using it on my next trip.
Just what every traveller needs
Just what every traveller needs to keep all their gismo's batteries charged up. Feels good in the hand - not tacky. Charging my kindle as I write. Will charge it in france next time I go out there, and I wont get caught out when it's battery goes down !
great product great price covers the worlds sockets.
Travel Charger with USB Port
Extremely useful and versatile. And the fact that it's so compact just adds to its' functionality
WorldWise Power Travel Charger
We took this item on holiday with us to turkey. It did everything we needed it to. All 3 of my children used it to change their ipods and phones. And also my wife and myself used for our phones. A nice peace of kit. The staff at mobilefun were very good when I messed up my order they got it sorted and ship very quickly.
I've been looking for something like this for ages
This is good quality and well made; charges all my devices , including my iPhone, and is so versatile.
WorldWise Power Travel Charger with USB Port
Extremely useful can have phone and laptop charging at same time and takes up very little space
Small and compact, just what I needed, at a good price too!
I liked it because it has the USB port, but all the other adaptors are usefull too
OKish for the price
The LED was a bit intermittent and my iPhone didn't work properly using the USB cable directly. It did charge the phone though and seemed to work OK as a plug adapter.
Just the ticket !
Fantastic piece of kit that does everything it led me to expect. Very clever design that allows you to charge two devices at once anywhere in the world without having to take several different adapters ; in France last week I was able to easily adapt it to the French socket system, plug in my phone charger and also charge my iPod with a USB lead at the same time -great ! Considering it can "morph" into so many options, it is compact and light and I love it that it comes in white (my preferred choice) as well as black. Brilliant product -can't fault it.
Universal Travel Adapter
I have just purchased 2 of the above one for me and one for my brother,they are great all countries in 1 Adapter plus a USB, I have bought many things from Mobile Fun and this item is great as were all my other items.
Pretty handy
Works very nicely and does everything you expect.

Minor downside is that when you pull it out of the socket it's quite easy to pull it into 2 pieces but this isn't a big problem (no pins exposed)

All round a very good bit of kit.
Simple, but effective
Easy to use and compact mains adaptor. Seems to work fine, although have not had it long.
Ideal for holidays
Bought this Travel charger for when I travel, I can now keep my phone, ipod, laptop and any other battery fully charged wherever I go. Haven't found a country yet that it doesn't fit. Best gadget I have bought in a long time and the price was right.
What a gadget this is !!!!!!
Absolutely brilliant, its just what any traveller will ever need. No more "This plug for there" or "I must remember this one when go there" its THE one travel plug that does the lot.
extremely useful bit of kit
Excellent product can be used anywhere there are electicity sockets for charging and powering anything that needs it
perfect traveling companion
As soon as you see it you know you want one

When you get it you glad you did as this product is very well made and does what it says and saves all those travel adapters we all need on holiday, you can even use it at home.
Just a great idea and for a small price
Worth researching
Someone suggested a Travel charger with USB port would save me taking a number of chargers on holiday. It purchased, which was in sale, is just what i needed.
Great Product
Great product, spot on functionality, small and compact which when traveling is a must.

USB Port in this day and age is a must and stopped me buying anything other than this.

Being able to convert from EU, US, AUS and UK to EU, US, AUS, UK or combination is great especially when you have over seas friends visit you.

Only reason this is not 5 stars is the noise of the transformer to operate the USB port
Simply Brilliant
Compared to my last adapter, which was the size of a small tool kit and from which bits seem to have been "borrowed", the worldwise is fantastic, it's solid and well made, simplicity itself to use and switch from one country mode to another. On a home test, charging my camera, laptop and smartphone worked perfectly, I am now confident my forthcoming multi-stop visit to the far east will not suffer from lack of power.
Essential holiday product
With increasing pressure on weight limits, but increasing desire to take all your electronic gizmos with you, this has become an essential purchase. It can charge two gadgets at the same time and is easy to use. My only negative point is the type of plastic used, which appears cheap, but this is an aesthetic rather than functional issue.
Very Convenient Product
Yet to use abroad but this seems a great little device when you are short of plugs.At least one of our adaptors is alaways charging a phone,the USB charging is invaluable as it leaves the normal plug still available for use.
Graet value at £9.99
Simple and effective
This travel charger is just what I needed because it allows you to charge your mobile devices via USB and connect a conventional plug-in device at the same time. It's also well made and great value for money.
Does what it needs to do!
This is an excellent plug adaptor & charging device that works very well with many different devices from i-pod's to camera's to mobile phone's. I would highly recommend to purchase this product if you're thinking of travelling abroad in the near future.
Just what I needed
Does everything that I need to do, great idea, I am going away on july 8th and will be taking this with me to charge up my phone via usb,and ipod, keep up the good work.
Perfect for the traveller
If you are going on holiday this is the best travel adapter you could have. Be it Europe America or nearly anywhere.
Power Travel charger
The charger is great, just what I wanted/needed
Just got to say this travel plug is great now onle need to take one charger away with us now as blackberry, iphone, kindle and tom tom all have separate plugs but all use usb so now only one plug in suitcase saving space and weight.
Does what it says, on the Tin.
The item was bought for my, Jet Setting Uncle, he travels here, there & everywhere, quite frequently. At present, he is on his Hols, using the item. A quick text message has confirmed, the item is very good, Most importantly it is very compact & versatile. Cutting down on the need for multiple plugs & attachments.
Great Charging Accessory
Brought this to use on a recent holiday and found to be an extremely useful charger when charging either 2 iphones / ipods or an iphone / ipod and any other item!
Travel Charger
This product is cetainly the best one I have ever come across,certainly like the USB connection, very handy, never seen one on any other travel charger.
Well made very easy operation, one plug and the world is yours.
Excellent Product.
Great product
I haven't actually used this charger yet but it does seem substantial. The idea of being able to charge two devices at once, in this country as well as abroad, is very convenient and I can't wait until my next trip.
Solution in one.
Very pleased with the charger does everything it says on the box.
World wise power travel charger port.
Exelent product do not go abroad without one of these ,reasonabley priced & well made.
worldwise Power Travel Charger with USB Port
thank you for this Product.i am very please with it,is just what i wanted for my sony ericsson phone when i am traveling.One thing is the delivery was on time and got a email to tell that its be'in dispatch.And so very please and thank you
Regards Colin
Solved my charging problems most efficiently, very clever device and compact.
Useful little thing
Never mind how useful it actually is abroad, I've been using it in the UK as well as it's a really handy little device for charging 2 things at once.
WorldWise Power Travel Charger with USB Port
First class product that saves on quite a few arguments with all the appliances going away on holiday with us now!!
Can't recommend this highly enough. Easy to use, great value, compact to carry in your luggage.
absolutely must have accessory for this year's holiday.
Not Recommended
I was initially pleased by this product, but after trying it to charge various of my products using the appropriate USB cables, I realised it could damage my prized (and expensive) devices. With some items the charging light flickered and went dull, with others it seemed steady and bright but with my smart 'phone, it caused screen judders and froze the touch-screen. So I hurriedly consigned it to a bottom drawer. I suspect that it produces power at the wrong level and so I cannot risk using it in case I damage my devices. What a pity!
A godsend
This charger is a godsend, it has saved me time from constantly hunting around for a USB charger, if thats all I use it for then its been well worth the price. Cheep chinese usb plugs do not last long in my home but this unit is a professionaly made product & when I go on holiday at the end of the year I know that I will be able to take it with me for my iPad & my mp3 Player.
WorldWise Power Travel Charger with USB Port.
Ideal, compact and easy to carry. Recommended
A handy little item to take all hols with you and keep my Desire HD happy
just great all in one
Wont have to carry a loade of plugs the one will do thanks.
WorldWise Power Travel Charger with USB Port
Will do the job but better quality workmanship can be found if you are wanting a high quality product. Great for the price
Worked well
Got this for my daughter to take to France on a school trip she was v happy with it.
Travel charger
Best one I have ever come across, a charger you can travel the world with, and the USB plug in is great allowing you to be able to charge two items at the same time. Build quality excellent delivery excellent. Highly recommended
Very handy gadget
Brilliant gadget for Vacations any where in the World and you can use it at home thats makes it Brill.
Ideal travel accessory!!!
I seem to lose my travel chargers all the time, or can only find one for the US when i'm going to france! But with the "WorldWise" one, i don't have to worry about what country it's for as it works for all of them!!! Also great that i can charge my phone and laptop at the same time at home :)
Did everything I wanted and more, comes with enough tips to go worldwide, good build quality, can't say much more really, worth the price.
Does exactly what it was purchased for, recently went to Spain on holiday and needed to charge my devices and iPhone. This was perfect because I didn't have to take my Apple wall charger, just plugged the cable into the top. Best part was that I could charge my digital camera battery at the same time. Would recommend to all.
Piece of Genius
Everyone should have one of these. UK adaptor with USB fitting plus adaptors for other countries. All for such a reasonable price. If you travel, this is a must.
Excellent idea
This is a must for anyone who travels abroad or who has a USB connected phone (for charging. I have pensioned off my existing charger, my travel adaptor and other sundry chargers for this one! Even connects to my 2 pin shaver lead and toothbrush lead. With the USB socket as well, I need nothing else. Happy days!!!
Only one slight (very slight) niggle... the complete adapter is front heavy and is a tiny bit loose in the mains socket. Not enough to downgrade this product in any way. If you've got gadgets you need this!
Proving very useful
Very useful item although I didn't buy it for use as a travel adaptor. It was bought to replace a lost phone charger. It has subsequently been put to use to charge a Philips GoGear MP4 player which only comes with a usb cable for charging from a pc.
Very useful!
Brilliant gadget everything I needed would have liked to have known size up front before purchase but it was small and easy to pack.
A light, tidy little charging solution!
Really good little product, does what it says on the tin!

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