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    Sorry, but Wind Up Mobile Phone Charger / Torchhas been discontinued. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Wind Up Mobile Phone Charger / Torch

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Emergency wind-up phone charger with in-built torch - emergency power and light!

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Most Useful Customer Reviews

faith fhain
23rd March 2011
wind up,mobile phone charger
Looks good, hurah! I can roam free and take technology with me!!!!! your delivery time was next day and prompt thank you!!.

N Scotland
2nd November 2010
Wind-up Torch and charger
Brilliant piece of compact kit. For once, it is a torch which does not fade after about 10 seconds illumination, but retains its brightness. Winding and looking at the red LED is a bit of a challenge, becuase it is so small, but at least it does exactly what it says. The red LED indicates well if one is winding fast enough to be giving a charge. Should have bought two.

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This wind-up phone charger and torch is the end result of an extensive search for the best mini emergency phone charging gadget that we could find. A twist of the wrist means you’ll always be able to charge your mobile in an emergency and there’s a handy light whenever you need it to!

It’s small enough to keep in your glovebox, handbag or, even a jacket pocket if you’re out hiking or camping and it means that you’ll never be caught in a sticky situation with a flat mobile phone battery. Adaptors for virtually all modern mobile phones are included, and it can even charge iPods too. Environmentally friendly and money saving, it’s both compact and tough. A solid ergonomic design and powerful internal dynamo make this is an essential gadget for anyone travelling, camping or heading to festivals.

Whenever there’s even the slightest risk you could be out of reach of a power socket this mini wind-up charger is the perfect solution.

Note: Only compatible with the Original iPhone, not the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS

Wind Up Mobile Phone and iPod Charger

Wind Up Mobile Phone and iPod Charger features:

  • Small, portable design.
  • Built-in torch.
  • Includes connectors for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry / MiniUSB, Motorola, LG and iPod.
What's included with the Wind Up Mobile Phone and iPod Charger? What's included with the Wind Up Mobile Phone and iPod Charger?
  • Wind up charger
  • Connectors
  • Instructions

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