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Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy S8 Plus Full Cover Screen Protector Reviews

The Dome Glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus from Whitestone uses a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Also featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection and 100% touch sensitivity.
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 4.4 stars from 44 customers

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works pretty well so far
best one out there, much better then those with adhesive only on the edges and rainbow effect, but it's not without an issues
installation complicated might not work well but you get 2 bottles of adhesive in case of unsuccessful try. my issue is light seems to bleed from all the sides of the glass giving it some yellowish hue to the edges. bit annoying but tolerable.
A solid product
Best one by far from all other out there. installation is complicated but if you follow well you can get precise result. My only issue is that it seems like light is bleeding from all of the edges bit annoying but manageable.
The best glass for galaxy s8+
The glass is great but the installation was a bit complicated. At first i install the glass on my device everything works great no bubble at all. But when i put my device in Spigen case i notice that the case was contacting with the glass and the start to have the bubbles. So i remove the glass and clean it with a lot of warm water and scrub the glue with sponge. When the glass is clear i start to install it again at this time its perfect fit no more case problem. The cleaning process doesn't cause any scratch at all that's great.
At last to anyone want to try this product be very careful when you drop the glass on the screen make sure you do it slow and look for the edge make sure it fit and you will have a perfect tempered glass for your galaxy s8 8+.
Look no further..The best screen protector HANDS DOWN
I have a real obsession to keep my phone pristine. I have wasted so much money on different brands and they either have a poor rubber feeling or end up peeling off. The Whitestone dome you have to take your time and follow the clear instructions provided and also mobile fun have a really good video guide I recommend you follow. Once it is on you will be surprised how clear it really is. Clarity is 10/10, feel 10/10. This product is case friendly with 90 percent of the cases out there (any thick ons will interfere). Mobile fun have a competitive price and fast delivery times with great customer service. you wont go wrong with this product.
Best Screen Protector I've ever used!
This is the best screen protector I've ever used! I would recommend it to anyone who owns a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.
Best tempered glass for S8+
Saw this on youtube.com and was bummed because it was only shipping in USA at the time, however I kept looking; then when I found out that mobilefun.co.uk was shipping in the EU, it was a no brainer.

Once I this, I made sure the environment was dust free, took my time with the installation, making sure that I was watching the video and following instructions to the letter, and most importantly the table was level.

I cleared the installation on the first attempt. The feeling of the glass is awesome, no issue with discoloration, no bubbles, no dust.

By far the best tempered glass I've worked with and surely well worth the investment.
great looking clear and thank goodness for 2 bottles of glue
The installation is not for the faint of heart. I mucked up the first installation and was thankful that there was another bottle for a second chance. Looks grate but think the glass is a little soft. I got a tiny chip a week later. Bought another one and will try again.
Fantastic screen protector
Fantastic screen protector. I have tried numerous other screen protecters that have either bubbled or lifted when used with a case. This protector has no such issues. Easy to install. Be careful of the supplied adhesive. One of the supplied bottles had very little adhesive in it which required me to use the second bottle (supplied).

My phone now feels a bit more secure :-)
Pricey but good product and fantastic service!
I'll start by addressing the elephant in the room first...The price! Yes it's the most expensive screen protector out there but that's for a reason, it's on of the best. Others are fine but will fall off or peel within days/weeks and then you'll end up having to buy another! This WhiteStone protector has all over adhesive due to the application method used so will stay on your screen unless you remove it!

I followed the MobileFun installation video TO THE LETTER! And had no issues at all with the installation process. I did however get a few random bubbles on my first attempt, I contacted MobileFun and they sent me out a replacement the very next day! Second attempt I had no bubbles at all and the screen protector has been spot on!

So in summary, you'll have this on your phone probably for the duration you'll own it unless you drop it and break it so really this is a one off cost to protect your screen for the duration of ownership so the price is a drop in the ocean for the peace of mind you'll get :)
Great product but breaks very easily
I have to say that I really love this product. It is different from any other screenprotector. The way it is applied is professional and impressive. I have never seen a screenprotector-package which included a UV-light for application.
But unfortunately it breaks very easily. I have had two of these, and both have broken within the first 24 hours (after the application/setting period). The way it functions is more important than the way it is applied. So that's why it only gets 2 stars.
WOW it's amazing
Just brought this item. Was fed up of the popular auction website screen protector. Cheap & waste of money. So I found whitestone dome glass & brought it. WOW it's amazing. A proper protection. Clear as glass & So easy to install. Would recommend this to anyone who has a Samsung s8 edge. Worth it to spend this amount. You won't be disappointed. 5 star for this product. Thanks mobile fun was a quick 2 days delivery.
Bloody expensive but works well
Its a good protector, unlike anything I have used before. It is working so far, installation had a few hiccups but otherwise all good. No bubbles so far and the adhesive has bonded well. I would recommend this fully only if you think the mnoney is buring a hole in your pocket. The price of this hurt I am not going to lie.

I can only see copycats now creating competing products like this one so the price is definitely going to fall, which is good.

I dont think it is worj money at this time. I would be happy with a £15 price tag.
Top class product
Very high quality top class product, i have tried a lots of screen protector but none of them was great. Finally decided to use this one ,though it is a bit expensive but this screen protector is very clear, no mirror reflection like other curv screen protector in the market and case friendly. Having no issue with neo hybrid Spigen case. Customer service is excellent 5
Best screen protector for galaxy s8 by far
Everyone with a galaxy knows how hard it is to find a good screen protector; they either cover the whole front glass so you can't put a case on or they have those annoying dots that are supposed to stop rainbow affects. The phone is also water resistant but if you have a screen protector that onky has adhesive aroubd the edges (thats the case 99% of the time) when you get the phone wet the water goes between the screen protector and the screen and the protector comes off. This protector fixes all of that, it has full adhesion and it doesn't have any annoying dots on it. I can't recomend it enough. Best protector ever.
Best tempered screen available
Tried just about all there is to protect the screen of my new S8. Disgusted by most, disappointed by many. Some left my phone crippled by their lack of responsiveness, others were tacky to touch, some just didn't attach well. None had me drooling over the feel of the screen until I installed the Whitestone Dome and had me all in a quiver again over my new toy. Application went smoothly by following the video, attached well, feels amazing.
After wasting almost £60 on tempered glass screen protectors for my S8 plus in the space of 3 weeks, i had a look through youtube and came across a review for the Whitestone Dome and it looked like the perfect solution. I ordered from mobilfun with next day delivery which arrived the next day. Installation was fairly easy, i watched the installation video a few times and also read some of the comments on here. Biggest tip would be to install the Bubble Level App from google play store to make sure your phone is level and also do a dry run putting all the bits together inside the jig ( i put the L shape brackets the wrong way round top on bottom and vice versa which meant i had to switch while the glue was on screen and moving a bit)
in the end result was perfect no glue on the sides of phone, screen looks flawless, no fluff sticking to to any of the edges like with my previous screen protectors and my case fitted good too as there is quite a bit room on the corners and sides.

Thanks to mobilfun for stocking this item.
This ous actually the best screen protector you can get
This ous actually the best screen protector you can get forever the s8 and s8+. Only issue is that instalation candice be very messy and you get only one chance.
Great screen protector
This is by far the best screen protector I have found for my phone. I have tried several others and none even come close to this one
The best
I bought these after having seen high youtube profiler's review and the whitestone dome is the best screen defender on the market. Very easy to fit and the process will take almost 30 mins. Touch functionality works 100%. A very worth investment.
Hands down the best screen protector for the Samsung S8+ easy to install no issues what so ever feels smooth to touch & looks great I can also confirm that it is compatible with the Tech21 Pure Clear case.
Best glass screen protector for Samsung galaxy edge screens so far!
Best glass screen protector for Samsung galaxy edge screens so far! Quite similar protectors for flat/non-edge screens.
best of his kind
Fantastic product
Best screenprotector for Galaxy S8+
This is the best screenprotector I have tried for the Galaxy S8+. The installation process will take quite some time but it's worth it. This screenprotector is awesome! Remember to not touch it before curing the screenprotector or it will move. (Like mine)
The Only Option!
This product is fantastic! I did ALOT of research before buying this and it is perfect for the edge screen on the Samsung S8 and S8+. It fits perfectly and works very well with the case I chose.
MobileFun were great with the turn around, keeping me informed of the updates of the arrival from the supplier and then the delivery date. I certainly will be revisiting them for my next piece of tech!
Not Happy at all
Money I could've spent on something a lot better. Did the install exactly the way it was shown on a video and got two air pockets and by the next day the whole thing had come off my phone very disappointed .
It's garbage
The uv light did not work and the oil adhesive liquid thing spilled the phone all over waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Edgar.

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector. Please check the installation surface is perfectly flat, otherwise the glue can run off to one side instead of remaining in the centre.
Not good
The screenorotector Broke within a week. I didnt even drop my phone, it juist Broke. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone because it is too expensive and not worth your money
Really is amazing, so much better than the rubbish i've used on my s6 and s7 edge. Just be very careful installing it as you only get one chance.
Super compatible
One of the best screen protector for samsung galaxy s8+..Super compatible
Excellent product - care must be taken on install
I read that you should use the Bubble Level App from the Playstore to check the phone is level before applying the glue, but I decided to use my trusty old spirit level "to do it properly". I adjusted the work surface until it showed level, however when I released the glue onto the screen it immediately ran off the screen and into the tray the phone is held in. Oh no! I thought, I've wasted about £50 on a screen protector I can't use.
I contacted Mobilefun's customer services and they sent me out more glue free of charge, it arrived a couple of days later. Very impressive!!
This time I used the Bubble Level App to level up the phone in the tray before releasing the glue. All went perfectly.
If you watch the Whitestone video right until the end you will see a couple of clips about levelling.
I've used the screen protector now for 3 or 4 days and it is perfect.
Great screen protector
This is by far the best screen protector I've found for this phone I have tried several and they all were garbage. This went on just like it was supposed to and looks great I would defiantly recommend this one
Do not buy this from mobilefun. Just wasted 67 euros and they don't care
I watched the videos (mobilefun and whitestone) how to install the protector and red the instructions carefully. I even leveled the table carefully with professional tools before I started the installation.I have used screen protectors for the past 10 years.

I did everything according to the instructions BUT for some weird reason the adhesive leaked from both (opposite) sides of the phone after the adhesive spread 100%. I did not press the protector or did anything to make the leak happen. The adhesive was dead center of the phone when I lowered the protector per instructions.There is absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent the leak.

I finished the installation and let the phone settle for good 12 hours before further inspection. In the Morning I noticed about 3cm long string of air bubbles on the other side of the protector. This must have happened beacuse of the adhesive leak. Took the protector out later since it looked terrible.

Mobilefun support just said that something has gone wrong with the installation. Thank you! That was so helpful!

MobileFun Reply
Hi Lasse

Sorry to hear you had problems installing the screen protector. We have tested this particular screen protector a number of times with great success, but can understand it can be frustrating when there are issues. There could be a number of re
Perfect Screen Protector
Make sure you apply the screen protector in a somewhat dust free environment. Otherwise it's a perfect screen protector with great clarity, even though the application is somewhat strenuous.
Highly recommended
This has to be the best screen protector I've used on an edge display. I'm not a fan of edge adhesive screen protectors. This is only screen protector I've come that's uses UV liquid to bond the screen protector to the display. don't worry it's not permanent it can be removed as and when you really need to remove the protector. It's pretty straightforward To apply the protector. And the end result is excellent no problems with Touch sensitivity and it's smooth just like the original display .this is not the cheapest screen protector but it's well worth the money. The only problem I had is the USB cable that comes with this for the UV light didn't work .but luckily I have a spare cable. this review is purely on the screen protector itself for that I give it 5stars
At last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At last
A curved glass screen protector for the galaxy phones that actually works.
I had watched a few YouTube videos about this product ( and i had to have one ) when i saw that mobile fun where going to be stocking it , i put an order in and waited .
Now that i have got , i have to say that it's absolutely brilliant.
If you take your time and follow the instructions, it's easy , but very rewarding to fit.
It's a bit pricey,but I suppose its a drop in the ocean bearing in mind the cost of the phone!
I think it would be good if you could get a glass and glue refil pack, as you could reuse all the other stuff in the box.
Don't mess around with any of the other brands with glue on the sides , like i did originally, you'll be wasting your money
Great product
From UK to a small spanish island in Africa in less than 36 hours... Bravo ! Great service ! Great product ! Will definitely shop with Mobilefun again. True 5 stars service.

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