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USB Mains Charger Adapter Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
USB Mains Charger Adapter. Make sure that your usb device is always fully charged.
  • Mobile Fun ID 10521
$7.77 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 159 customers

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blackpool illuminations
Use in conjuction with power cube very bright blue charging light remaninisant blackpool illuminations
Excellent piece of kit and about a third of the shop price. Nice blue light comes on when in use! Cool!
The picture was sufficient.
pleasant surprise.
I picked your site quite randomly and as it turned out a very good choice easy to navigate, easy to order,in fact my experience with your company has been positive, the adapters I needed are just what I wanted. Job done, many thanks.
Regards John.
Saved my life
When my Nexus charger stopped working, this got me charged within two days!
a lot cheaper than the real thing. i would recommend it.great value
Great for using with charging leads
This device is more than 'worth its weight in gold'.
I frequently take leads instead of a full charger and this device does both tasks; provides fast charging, and takes the requisite usb charging leads.

Together with the speedy delivery, it shows why this website gets so many good reviews.

Keep it up Mobile Fun.
USB mains adaptor
Exactly as required for the HTC.
Nothing else to ask for--just GREAT
Exactly what I ordered
Good quality usb/mains adaptor. Arrived in good time and works as it should
U S B charger
This was a great purchase & I am very happy with the quality & fast delivery of this item
Fully charged
Bought this as the charger adapters on the amazon web site are so expensive.
Fantastic product!
This is the second one of these fantastic chargers that I've bought as the first one was "comandeered" by an equally impressed relative!

These charge my Mp3 players/Kindle and mobile phones quickly and, in the case of the Kindle and Mp3 players, cut out the need to boot up the computer.

Very convenient, brilliant for the suitcase to keep everything charged and excellent value for money!
Exactly as described
Item is exactly as described and I was impressed with the same day despatch - it arrived very quickly.
The small (unobtrusive) light acts as a good reminder to switch it off when not in use. 1000mA output gives a speedy charge time. Better than many cheap alternatives I've tried.
Just the job!
I ordered this for charging my Kindle from the mains, and it works perfectly. It's not an HD Kindle - just the basic!- but it charges much faster than through a computer. I just plug my USB lead into the USB slot on this charger and the mini USB end to my device,and charge away!
Great performance and great price too!
Just the Job
This is an ideal piece of equipment for rapid charging of my Kindle. I would recommend it to everyone.
Brilliant Product!
This charger was perfect and EXACTLY what I needed! I originally got it to charge my mp3 player without having to boot up the PC which runs like a drunk man...

Now this charges two Kindles, mobile phones and three mp3 players.

My dad wants one! My brother wants one! And, I should think most houses could use one.

Added to that, the product came well packaged and VERY quickly!
Spot on
Got this for my kindle hd but use on all my USB gadgets spot on and cheap what more could you ask for especially as it was delivered the next day, bonus!
Just what I needed
I bought this item as my kindle did not have a plug charger.
To buy the correct charger was expensive and looking at reviews this was the charger that did the same job for a fraction of the price.
It works great and I'm more than happy with the product.
good charger no problems with it, recommend it to anyone. cheers.
USB Mains Charger Adapter
Quick delivery. Does the job perfectly. Saves sparking up and draining the laptop, just to charge the MP3 player.
Precisely what was needed
Found whilst checking for the item on e-bay. Good quality item well packaged and rapidly despatched.
Not enough output
I bought this item to replace one lost by my wife. When it was plugged in did not provide enough power to charge the galaxy tab 2 or indeed my ipad. It's was fine charging smaller items but not hat I wanted it for. Not a major issue as I can use my ipad adaptor to chare it it. Te cable was the main purchase and that was find.
Exellentt service items arrived the next day.
Does what I bought it for
Seems to do the job perfectly and didn't blow up my Kindle!. So very pleased as it was half the price of the branded one. Would have been handy to have it fold up but doesn't really bother me.
I had just had a new Kindle Fire and wanted a charger to plug into the mains. Amazon Charger was about £18 but found this one for £6. Brilliant. Does what it says on the tin!
speedy delivery and works well
It charged the Kindle in 4 hours rather than 12 via the computer.
However, it only stayed charged for less than 2 hours - has anyone else had this problem?
does exactly what it says
needed an extra charger to use on a trip down under it was delivered promptly and charges quicker than the one I allready had which is the one for my camera. Well satisfied thanks a lot Mobile Fun. Ps. a hell of a lot cheaper than Kindle Fire charger which should in my opinion come with the it and not be an optional extra!!!!!!!
small compact and lightweight.!! ha ha that's a joke
Bought 2 of these as gifts.delivery as said but received 2 different models.1 as described although not the spec on your site,another that i can only describe as a dinosaur,must be old stock u want rid of.certainly not compact if u travel lots.embarrassed to give to anyone,also the supply ratings were different.to return will cost me.wish I had paid more and got the real thing.very disappointed and now have to look for alternative gift.Hope you put this in your review so no one else makes the same mistake as I did.what u c isn't what u get is it?Do u do 0 star ratings by the way? gutted and very annoyed
Really Useful
Bought two of these for my grandchildren to use. They can now charge their mp4 players quickly and easily where ever they are and without bothering with computers. Excellent product
I bought this to charge my mobile phone - waited a while for it to be back in stock and when it arrived I found it didn't work! Really disapointed.
Replacement for stolen original
Bought this based on the reviews and the wife tells me it works fine, charges the phone as quickly as the original. However, the manufacturer should make the LED on the unit less bright as it lit up the bedroom after turning off the room light. Masking tape may have to be used as improvised dimmer.
One stop job
This is just what you need small simple plug unit into it and then in to the mains bingo job done.
Just perfect
First class and super fast delivery would not expect any thing else from you guys great team to deal with many thanks
Exactly Right
Does what it says on the tin. Not the same charge rate as the amazon one but sufficient for the job. Smart and practical
Exactly what I was looking for
Bought one from elsewhere that didn't work, this is much better quality & works with both ipad & kindle fire HD , very happy
Cheaper than Kindle
Bought this rather than pay the price they were charging for one on Amazon!!
says what it is
Very quick service and does exactly what it says
My Kindle life line
Without this charger, my new Kindle Fire HD would die as I don't know any other way to keep it going. I can take it on holiday with me where it can be addapted to any country; it will become my 'holiday buddy'. Thank you.
Not what I ordered
I ordered a Belkin USB mains charger. I received an unbranded charger. Time will tell if the substitution will last.
Built for purpose
Ideal item needed for charging Kindle. Multi uses for various electronic devises - will be used by all family members. Definitely good value for money.
Built for purpose
Ideal item needed for charging Kindle. Multi uses for various electronic devises - will be used by all family members. Definitely good value for money.
Works perfectly
Arrived promptly, looks good, works perfectly, just what I needed for my e-reader. Thank you so much.
Plugs a Gap!
Actually purchased this for someone else to use as I am giving them my old Kindle. To be honest I may keep this one and give them my official Amazon charger.

It is of sturdy construction and the charging light is very handy as I have a habit of forgetting about things I am charging up...

Service was exemplary and I will definitely use you site again if I need any other similar items.
great gadget
great gadget, charges quickly and a good price too.
Excellent speedy service. Charger arrived the next morning byt first class post. Item fitted the bill and was as stated on your web site
Excellent value
Absolutely excellent value for money. Much sturdier than it looks. Charges faster than the normal Kindle charger. Bought this as I refused to pay £18 for the Kindle Fire HD charger and what a bargain it has been. Arrived on time too.
Is it a bird? is it a plane? No it's....
the USB Mains Charger Adapter!
I don't know about longevity, 'cos I've only had it for a few days, but it certainly works "as described". It charges my Kindle Fire a helluva lot faster than having to inconveniently leave it plugged in to a powered up PC, and makes the price Amazon are asking for a speed charger laughable (£17.99!!!).
I just begin to suspect, though, that it may be from the planet Krypton, 'cos whenever it's plugged in I get a suspicious green glow permeating the room. Where did they get that LED from, an ex-WD searchlight factory?
Greta kit, great price, and the despatch service was excellent! It arrived well before the estimated delivery date. Can't praise it (and Mobile Fun) enough.
Much, much better than the standard charger
I bought this soon after receiving my Kindle Fire HD (pre-ordered) - superb - the charger with the Kindle Fire HD, via a USB on the computer is VERY slow, this is VERY FAST - a no-brainer - good price, excellent product, everyone who buys a Kindle Fire HD should buy one - easy!!!
Just what I wanted
IT works very well and it fits my USB cable
It does exactly what it says on the packet. Perfect USB charger for any phone or other USB supported device.
Charging mini helicopters
I was looking for an alternative to using the USB port on my computer for charging my mint helicopters. This device fitted the bill completely and does the job very well.
My only concern is that the 13 amp plug does no contain a fuse.
Charging Batteries
In stead of using powering up my computer to charge batteries in the "Wacom Inkling", I purchased this USB mains charger adapter instead.
Good product, well made.
Does the job
fast delivery and item is exactly as advertised, just what I needed.
Great , Fast Service Will Deal Again
Great just what i needed, and a very prompt service
Does the job fine
Quick delivery, well made and good fit for the plug (unlike some ebay plugs)
Great for the job.
Works ok on my scanner,just what i
needed,also a very excellent service,ordered one day delivered
the next.
Kindle charger
It is much easier to plug the kindle into the mains than connect it to a computer. Therefore we were very pleased with the item that arrived in the post. thank you.
Great Value For The Money
It does just what it said on the box, you plug the lead in connect to the mains and the phone switch on and thats it and the other good thing is you don't need to have loads of wires with it just one. Great Adapter
Just the Job
Great item saves me putting my laptop on just for charging my things. best of all a great price and good service from MobileFun and fast delivery.Thank you
Great product just what I was looking For and a good price
Just a great little charger for all my portable USB gadgets and a great price too, Good service and very Fast delivery. Thanks
mobile phone charger
What a brilliant product I can charge my phone or anything that has a usb end on it saves taking many different chargers. Great site with super fast delivery. Will definately use again.
It does what it says on the box!
Not a lot I can say about this really. It's a neat little device that enables one to recharge any USB device via the mains. I bought it for my wife's MP3 player and have also used it for my digital voice recorder. Excellent service from MobileFun as always, a company which is totally reliable.
USB Mains Charger Adapter
Brilliantly priced gadget, swift delivery, many thanks
Very useful
Needed to replace charger for blackberry phone bought this thinking it would have a lead it didn't but soon got one ordered with help from company via email all arrived now and happy son as he can charge his phone again. The charger having a USB end can be used for a multitude of leads making it handy for holidays.
Have been looking for this item just what I needed
This device is just the thing I have been looking for,I have a sat nav which I di not use very often so I can now just plug it into this and it stays charged for when I do need it,it's great for my Kindle and a lot cheaper than the charger made for kindle, it is endless what you can charge with this all that you need is the USB lead.
Great piece of kit.
USB Mains Charger
I ordered this item to charge my Kindle but it will charge anything with USB lead nice looking piece of kit and it does what it says on the box, it also comes with a two year warranty.
And the service from Fun-mobile is outstanding ordered midday and it came in the post first thing this is the second item I have ordered from them and both times service was the same, great company.
Wonderful little piece of equipment
Especially when you want to charge your Orbyx BT-200 Multipoint Headset which was only supplied with a USB lead and you don't have a computer, you just fit the USB end of the lead into the USB Mains Charger Adapter (Making sure of course that the other end is plugged into your Multipoint Headset), plug it into a 3-Pin Mains Socket and Wulla! your Orbyx BT-200 is charging!! Brilliant Stuff !!
USB mains charger adapter is first class. I have charged 3 different items which required a USB adapter and would definately recomend it.
a well made bit of kit
Well made & looks sturdy, works on all my bits & pieces that I normally charge uo on the laptop. Use it on my kindle & is much cheaper then the Kindle charger. All in all well pleased.
Great Adaptor
Great adaptor to charge my xperia x10 mini as I accidently broke the adaptor that came with my phone and the usb lead to charge my phone
USB Mains Charger
Great little charger to use with my Kindle mainly. Really impressed with the service as I ordered it 5.00pm Friday and received it the following morning @ 9.15am.
just a little charger but brilliant shiny black with a nice blue led power indicator, ive charged loads of stuff up with it and best of all its powerful enough to charge my dell streak7 tablet
Kust what I needed
great adaptor just what I needed for my mobile as the adaptor had broken works perfect
I purchased two of these USB Mains Charger Adapters (one for my brother-in-law and one for myself.) As we both wanted to take our Kindle's on holiday with us this year (my husband and I are holidaying this year with my Siter and Brother-in-Law) and are not taking laptops with us, I wanted to make sure that, if necessary, we would be able to charge-up the kindles, hence the reason for making this purchase. It's a neat little charger and will take up no space whatsoever in our suitcases. The price was great, good communications from the company and the delivery was speedy. If I require anything further, I will definately check-out MobileFun.co.uk first to see if they stock what I need. Pleasure to deal with them.
so simple to use and the light is so useful if fitting in the dark.
Just what I needed
After accidently breaking the adaptor that came with my mobile phone it couldn`t have come at the right time and received the adaptor promptly.Just what I needed right now.
Just whot I needed as not I don't have to take my laptop with me to charge my kindle or my mp3player or my camera an the post came so quick only a couple of day
Great USB mains charger adapter
The charger is black not silver grey as depicted on the website. It's output is 1.0A, 1.2A maximum. I've purchased it to charge a TomTom Go Live 820 sat-nav. It does the job easily. Usual good service from MobileFun, the charger arrived within 24 hours. The postman was late today otherwise it would have been within 20 hrs.
Great item, very pleased.
Works a treat!
Fast friendly service. Bought this item primarily for use with my Kindle and it works a treat. Good value for money. Thank you.
USB Mains Charger
Just what it said it was only it looks even better being a nice piano black colour. Does what it says, ideal for both Kindle and smartphone, now living in my caravan where it is the in house charger for both.

Well packed, next day delivery, good price - I can't ask for more
Multiple usage- Great plug
I bought this plug originally to be able re-charge my Kindle but when it arrived not only was it great for that purpose but I can use it to charge camera, ipod, phone and bluetooth hands free. That is just the things I have found so far I bet there are more things so one plug charges loads of things GREAT.
Versatile Product
Purchased the USB charger, and was very pleased at it's many uses.
Had read that some people were put off by the blue light , but i didn't find it a problem, very happy with it
speedy service
I haven't yet needed to recharge my kindle, but I am very impressed with the speedy dispatch, ordered before 6pm thursday & at 12.15pm friday the postman delivered it. the quality appears excellent.

Thank you
Just what I needed
Small enough to be portable. Good value.
What I thought I didn't want.
I always try to persuade my kids, they're in their forties now, that I have everything I want by now and don't need christmas or birthday presents any more; but it rarely works. So this year I got a kindle. Much to my surprise it has turned out to be one of the best thing I have been given. However, as a non-owner of laptop, tablet or other such device I was stuck for a means of charging it when I am off in my campervan; hence my search for a mains unit. I found you after a very short search and to my surprise you were,even allowing for delivery charge, half the price of the local store. Delivery was prompt and efficient; I will certainly remember you for the future.
handy gadget.
This a handy gadget for recharging via usb connection. Don't have to have the PC or laptop on. Another good idea.
Just what's needed
Makes it easy to mains charge via a USB lead. Could be really useful on holiday - take USB leads for phone, Kindle etc and leave the separate chargers at home.
I needed this adaptor...
...to connect my new KOBO e-reader directly to the mains for charging. A lot cheaper than the official Kobo accessory and a lot cheaper. Seems to work well.
great deal
Having been given a kindle for Christmas, I decided to purchase a mains charger. This was being offered at a third of the price of any other website, including amazon. It came the next day as promised. Also had a text to tell me is had been dispatched. Very impressed.
Weird Christmas Present
I gave two Kindles as Christmas presents and I bought two mains chargers to go with them. They both worked perfectly and were far preferable to the charging leads which came with the Kindles, and cheaper than the prices charged by Amazon. I woud thoroughly recommend them and this company.
Superb value
Not a very exciting item, but nonetheless extremely useful as I can now top up my Kindle without the use of a powered up computer. The neat design also means that it will fit most sockets even in awkward places unlike some of the chargers you see.
usb mains charger adapterhave received
have received the item i ordered very good buy super quick delivery very pleased
Spot on
Charges my sandisk sansa clip with no problems and faster than from my usb, great buy.
USB Charger for KINDLE
This item is great. You can take it with you where ever you go and recharge your Kindle or power up any USB driven device.
A 'must have' item
For electronic items that require to be connected to a USB port to be charged, this is just what you need to enable it to be charged from a mains outlet. I used it whilst abroad with a standard continental mains adaptor. Excellent!
Top quality at a proper price.
Great charger for my iphone4, faster than the apple original at 1/4 of the price. It doesn't buzz when nothing is plugged in, like some cheap ones do. Oh and as a little bonus the blue LED is so bright it makes a great light at night when you need to find the way to the bathroom. Fantastic. Going to buy a second for the missus' phone.
USB Mains Charger
Bought for an Amazon Kindle this is a far cheaper charger than Amazon are offering, and it does the same job. Speedy delivery and good packaging. Good product and good service.
Perfect size. Does the job perfectly,warning light perfect,price perfect,just absolutelt perfect.
Just right - apart from the light
Well it does a great job, and charges nicely, but why the incredibly bright blue light?!

I've had to cover it up with a piece of blu-tac so we can get some sleep at night! 5 stars without the light, 4 stars with it!
Not for Sony Reader
Works fine for i-pod but main reason for purchase was for Sony Reader 505 - once connected it immediately discharged what was left in Reader battery and would not re-charge.
Perfect Birthday present
My children and I clubbed together and bought a top of the range Kindle
eBook Reader. To complete the present I asked Mobile Fun for one of their A/C mains to USB adapters. This duly arrived as promised and was well packed.
Hey presto, it also works!
I now have a happy wife and children.
What a bonus.

Thanks everyone.
Better than advertised on the website!
Not much you can say about a USB mains charges - it is what it is. However, not only did this came the next day, well packaged as is usual from MF; but it is a better unit than that shown on their website - it is a glossy black and outputs 1,000mA (max 1,200mA) so is great for my Galaxy S2 & Kindle. Recommended.

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