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Universal Cradle for iPad, iPhone and iPod 30 pin Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Universal Cradle for iPad, iPhone and iPod 30 pin.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29408

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 4.8 stars from 16 customers

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Very good quality
An excellent product which allows the phone to be docked with cover on.
It also charges phone quicker.
Item was delivered very fast as usual well done
Very good quality
An excellent product which allows the phone to be docked with cover on.
It also charges phone quicker.
Item was delivered very fast as usual well done
A surprisingly rare product to find, and in top quality
For quite a few months already, I'v been looking for an iPhone4 cradle that allow for easy charging even when the phone is covered with a rather bulky case. It's surprising how hard of a task that was... but my search is over now! This cradle supports my case perfectly (sgp linear) and will probably support 90% of the cases. The slick design is also quite cool. The only "issue" i could find was that it's a weird choice to use a micro usb cable for an iPhone/iPad charger, but hey, the cable is included so who cares :) Five stars from me no doubt!
Have been wanting to buy one of these for a long time and glad I waited until I saw this one and when received it was better than I thought it would be. It is very modern very neat and works well.
Nice Product
Adjustable docking position works well. Bought for IPhone but sturdy enough for IPad3. Elegantly designed and well made
Great item, fantastic customer service
MobileFun have been a great company to deal with. Quick delivery and the two iPad docks I ordered were just what I was after. Will be ordering from them again.
Excellent kit
I originally bought this holder for an 80 year old who wanted a stand for an i pad 2. It worked well and the new owner was really pleased with the device. It charges and provides a sturdy stand without the need to remove the protective case. After I had downloaded some music to the said 80 year olds i pad she decided what she needed now, to enjoy the best sounds of her newly discovered music library, was a docking station and not just a stand. I further advised her on her choice of docking station and was rewarded, for my efforts, with the original Universal cradle. Result two very happy people. The only way this device could be improved is by a longer, white mains lead and a way to dock in both horizontal and portrait modes.
Very happy
A very nice compact user friendly little desk charger for both i phone & pad.
I read some reviews prion to buying this item, yes it is a little tigh at first to fit on to, but after a few go,s you get use to it.
Better tight than lose.
For the price and fast delivery, you can't go wrong..
Could do better
Having tried numerous charging units that will accept my iPad 2 with (slim) backcover, this is the only one that fits.
The connection point is moveable which means that, no matter what case you have on, it should fit.
However, the description is misleading as it DOES NOT CHARGE THE iPAD2 THROUGH THE USB CONNECTION(it does charge when connected directly to the mains adaptor (not supplied).
Syncing with both the iPad and iPhone is good and the phone is charged as well.
Two issues that need to be mentioned - firstly, the actual connector is a tight fit, especially to the iPad2. Care needs to be taken to prevent possible damage; Secondly, the lead supplied is quite short (1 mtr) and would be better if slightly longer.
A good product but could be improved.
Fits wide range of iPads and iPhones with cover still on!!
This is fantastic. It is a place to rest your phone or iPad. Really nice design and an easy way to charge the iPhone or iPad without having to search for the ailing wire and plug it in. Obviously putting the plug in less also means less damage to the socket. The best thing is that you can adjust the plug so that it will fit any iPad with cover. There s a huge range of adjustment and then it leans safely on the back rest to stand the iPad up. I think this is brilliant and will consider getting one for myself rather than just a present!!
Quality dockage at reasonable price SHOCKER!
I'm a neat freak... some have called me the male "monica" from friends. I have a streamlined, and minmalist study.

I needed a dock that would charge/sync/cheap and that would a). Keep my iPad safe/secure and upright and b). Looked great and was instantly accessible.

Look no further this dock does it all. My biggest gripe about docking stations is most of them don't account for a protective case and you usually have to remove the protective case to charge it.How annoying is that? The reason you have a case on it is to protect it. Anyhow I'm pleased to say that this dock accounts for cases and no cases. The handy connector is on a movable slider that moves to 3 different positions. This is perfect! As it allows you to charge, have your case on and stand my favourite tech upright.

The dock also works well with my iPod Classic, iPhone 4 and now new iPad 3.

The only dodgy bit, is fixing the connector into the power port on you Apple devie, its a little stiff to start with. Take your time and after a week mine has given just a little. It's now a breeze.

Perfect purchase and highly recommended. Buy it! :)
Stand proud
It's neat, chunky, and looks the part, a design almost worthy of Apple itself. The cradle is not only somewhere safe to put an iPad when it's at rest, but also keeps it charged up for when you next want to use it. My only slight criticism is that charging is slower than you might expect, but it's fine for topping up or an overnight boost. Good value for money and highly recommended.
I originally bought a cradle for my new iPhone 4' this arrived and I was extremely disappointed that I had to remove the cover to charge it up. I returned the unit and then found MobileFun, on the Internet. The cradle arrived on time and fits the iphone4s perfectly with various cases fitted, and as an extra bonus my iPad also fits the cradle and it also has a thick case fitted. The mains conection uses the original iPhone/iPad lead and mains adapter and also can be used with my USB conection on my PC, so ten out of ten for this product, and for MobileFun...........now where's my £20 voucher!!!
A perfect product
I wanted a cradle/dock for my iPhone and iPad for the bedside table. This works perfectly with both and is especially good with the iPhone as I have it in a case and don't need to remove the case.

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