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Universal Aluminium Desk and Media Desk Stand for Smartphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hold any smartphone at a comfortable angle for charging and watching videos and photos.
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 4.4 stars from 39 customers

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Not a bad little holder
Bought for bedside wicker draws and it kept falling over as not as weighty as described. Partner glued small heavy steel plate to it to weigh it down so wouldn't not fall over when I swipe my phone to snooze the alarm. Working ok so far. Probably more suitable for flat desk like surfaces.
Smart and functional
I'm quite fussy about what things look like so spent a long time researching various solutions for a stand for my (rather large) HTC One M8 as my previous stand wasn't heavy enough to support the new size HTC. This one works just great and looks good too. I would have liked a little instruction sheet as to how to assemble it though as it took me a while to work it out. I had to go to images online and work it out.
I keep this at my desk, the "sticky" plate works great and doesn't leave any residue on my phone. I can have my phone in portrait or landscape mode with the connection dongle in (which is one of the reasons why I bought it). This stand is great for mobile developers.
Could be better
This is a good stand for the price. The only issue I have after 3 weeks of use in my office, is I need to clean the stand with alcohol once a week. It attracts quite a bit of dust, and my iPhone slides right off. I do not have a case on my phone, so it could be the metal back doesn't work well with the dust. If i had a rubber case on the phone, it would probably not be an issue.
So unbelievably useful I bought 3...!
I first got this little 'Universal Aluminium Desk and Media Stand for Smartphones' desktop stand in the Ultimate Accessory pack and thought it was just a gimmick until I started using it... Well, after a couple of days it proved so useful I bought another 2...! The phones stick to it VERY well, quite how it sticks so well I don't know but it does... push it on and it stays there all day (if it gets dirty just rinse it under the tap, shake it dry and off you go again). Unlike most other stands you can plug the phone in whilst it's on the stand. It's great for hands free calling at your desk, you can tap away on the phone without it moving and you can turn it portrait or landscape depending on your preference. I use it with an iPhone 5, Moto G and a Sony phone and they all sit happily on the stands on my desk. I can now see them all, have them all plugged in and take handsfree calls.
Oh and they look good too... Did I say how well they stick...? A great purchase - the best desk stand I'd say.
Just perfect
Brilliant accessory to show of my iPod.

The stand is very stylish and the aluminium finish was just perfect for its location in our kitchen.
Mobile fun web site description was spot on.
Stylish aluminium stand:
- Slender, light weight and soft pad on base.
- the stand simply clicked into the black holder. (Portrait or landscape)
- the holder securely grips any smart phone.
- can easily position your iPod or phone with your charging / comm's cable connected.
Just what I Needed
Elegantly looking and serve well its purpose. Only comment is the base which is kind a slippery, should have put a rubber base instead of a felt cloth.
This holder is awesome, it looks great on my desk and means that I'm not always searching for the thing. The design is very simple and stylish and the friction holder is really cool. You can literally throw your phone at the holder, at it'll stick. Nudging it, shaking the stand around won't make it budge but when you need it simply lifting one side of the phone releases it. The friction pad on the design isn't sticky so won't leave residue and would work for any regular phone or case material. It can also be rotated to a horizontal orientation which makes it useful for video/ app use.

I would strongly recommend this product, it's really cool and really good value!
Just what l needed
great product, works really well.
why have these not sold out
I bought a £20 pack of accessories which had one of these in it, its the best bit of the lot, car charger, screen protectors, the suction desk stand the car windscreen phone holder and this stand, buy it before its gone......
Holds more than I thought
Not even that it holds perfectly well a smartphone like HTC One... but to my surprise it would even hold with no issues in landscape position a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1... :)
Useful if a bit wobbly
Clever simple design sticks well to back of my S3 in portrait or landscape. The 'adhesive' doesn't seem to be glue but a high grip plastic cling. I expect you can wash it after it has collected a coating of dust. The unit is just stable - I'm going to mount mine on a piece of wood to make it really stable so I can control the S£ without it keeling over.
This is sticky! And I mean sticky. It comes in two parts 1: the metal stand and 2: the sticky pad for your device.
The pad mounts on the stand via a crisscross slot on the back of the pad, allowing for portrait or landscape mounting. This make it great for video calling, watching movies etc!

The sticky pad part works best on a smooth device or cover, it's made from1000s of spiders feet (all spider feet were obtained via the spider Donor card scheme)
That's a made up fact! I don't know what it's made of nor do I care. It holds onto my iPod perfectly and that's what I got it for!

The only criticism I have of it is that the stand pard could do with a minor design change as it can topple over quite easily!
Not exactly what i supposed
It is a nice little thing to any phone, but not heavy enough to stand really stable during the usage of the phone. The soft pad on the bottom is good for protecting (not to scratch) the desk surface but also "good" for sliding on it. It should be a rubber instead of textile.
What a clever piece of kit, I was a little dubious at first but I would be lost without it now, this actually works, I am very pleased and would recommend it to anyone......
Great phone holder
I bought this desk stand for my Nokia 920. This is quite a big phone which sits perfectly on the stand. The nice thing is I just place the phone on and lift it off when I need it. No catches or fiddly switches - simplicity itself. Stylish design too. This holder would suit most phones though I'm not sure if it would work with some phone covers fitted.
All in all a good looking phone stand and recommended - just buy it! Fantastic service from mobilefun too.
Not good to Iphone 5
Just got i from Mobile Fun, it's not good to iphone 5, it cant hold the phone!.
Very impressed!
I was very impressed with this product. It holds the iPhone at a great angle and perfect height. The best bit is that it allows you to charge your phone whilst it is also on the stand. I was a little bit concerned it would not hold my phone as a previous review said it did not work with a gel cover however this is not the case. It works brilliantly with my gel cover and also with my boyfriends iPhone 4S which also has a Barclaycard pay card stuck to the back. Overall very impressed.
A Near Perfect Stand
This is a well built phone stand. The silver support is solid aluminium and quite heavy for its size. This is good as it means the phone is really very stable. I got this primarily for my iPhone 4S which it works fine with due to its perfectly flat glass back. I was very surprised however just how good it is when supporting the much larger Galaxy Note 2. It doesn't matter if the phone is positioned in portrait or landscape mode (it's very easy to change the orientation WITHOUT unsticking the phone every time), it is stable enough and perfectly angled. I can use the buttons and charge the phone without any restrictions. Finally, the large sticky pad has just the right amount of suction. Another stand I have (costing almost twice this one!) has too much suction and this makes it a real pain to remove from the phone. If you need a stand for your phone, and who doesn't - if only to keep it away from spills on your desk! - then this is ideal.
Very High Quality and Nice Little Stand!
I really love this stand! It does hold the phone at a nice and comfortable angle for you too see. Everything about this stand is just superb. Really easy to change from portrait to landscape; vice versa. Highly Recommend!
Beautiful design
Beautifully designed stand that is cheap and works exactly as advertised. A great substitute to Googles phantom wireless charging dock.
Fantastic item
Amazing - I couldn't quite believe that it would work as well as the demo but it does. Excellent product, my phone looks so tidy on my desk now. I ordered two - one for myself and one for an Xmas present for my husband - I'm sure he'll be as pleased as I am.
The new lightening connector meant none of my stands fitted
I had my new iPhone 5 but none of my connectors in stands fitted because of the new lightening connector and being disabled the iPhone would slip out of my hands, so I already sorted the IceBox Edge case but that is not enough to hang on to it, so I had to find a stand which stayed together with the iPhone 5 and the IceBox Edge case and looking at Mobile Fun online I spotted I saw this aluminium stand for Smartphones, there were a few different makes of this type of stand but Universal Aluminium Desk & Media stand for Smartphones was on offer, that is the only reason that I bought it, but I am glad I did as it works perfectly keeping the phone, cover & stand all together with the sticky pad on the stand. I had doubt about its stability but it has stayed in place every time on the desk, no tipping & no scratching the surface as the base has a protective cover on the base of the stand. So I am really pleased with the setup and considering all I am glad I bought the iPhone 5 and Mobile Fun has come to the rescue for the shortage of these by the manufacturer.
Great Little Product
Universal Aluminium Desk and Media Desk Stand for Smartphones.

It does exactly what it says above, it holds my iPhone 3GS, I have an iPhone 5 on order and can tell there will be NO computability issues. This is as future proof as can be.

You can literally turn this (almost) upside down and your iPhone will stick to it! But there is no adhesive used at all, so no damage to my iPhone.

It's by far and away the best accessory I have brought for my iPhone (Given, in three years of owning the 3GS, it's the only accessory I've brought, but still).

Beware - if you have a gel cover on your phone it will not stick to this stand and simply slides down and then slides off.
Wish I'd kept the delivery note - I'd have sent it straight back. Very disappointed.
Simplicity at its best
Simple, classy product. One of the bsst value items I have bought online. Thank you for the speedy delivery also. V happy
Perfect Phone stand
Item is simple, classy and it works.
The phone sticks nicely to the gel pad,no residue marks.The felt pad on the base of the aluminium stand means my glass top desk doesn't get scratched.
what happened
my desire c phone does not stay adhered to stand surface, it keeps slipping down.
Perfection for the office
Excellent product, excellent next day delivery, A+
I can find it now!
I chose this item for aesthetic and price. Best looking for the money. And I kept burying my phone under papers on my desk. I now know where my phone is and it looks stylish too. The product does what it says, is easy to assemble and looks good. Considering buying a second one for home.
Perfect Product, Look and Works perfectly.
Great build quality and works perfectly. Look really good next to an imac. It works will all phones so your not limited. The sticky area is brilliant and you can mount your mobile both ways.
"Just what I needed"
"Universal Aluminium Desk and Media Desk Stand for Smartphones"

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