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TypeTop Bluetooth Mini Keyboard Case for iPhone 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your iPhone 4 the physical keyboard it's been missing with the TypeTop Bluetooth mini keyboard case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 27130

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 4.2 stars from 14 customers

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Outstanding service! ordered this friday afternoon and delivered saturday morning! Very impressed.
I love it too, easy to set up on your i phone with bluetooth. Its nice to use either holding it using thumbs, or flip out stand on back of it and type away like using a normal keyboard. You do have too press keys quite hard but you get use to it. Overall its fab! Looks good too! :)
Perfect Accessory
Needless to say "the service was par excellence,received the case within 24 hours,actually I had bought the case for my wife because although she likes the I phone she hated the touch screen,and believe you me this case did it, exceptionally easy to set up had it going in under a minute,one thing I must say,it is a bit bulky for men to carry in their pocket but perfect for my wife as she carries it in the purse.
Cool Piece Of Kit
Well if you want the ultimate iPhone 4 accessory then this is it. Although the package adds a lot of bulk to the phone it is great for using on the train and in the office. The keyboard is a little clunky but for the amount of use it gets is adequate. The biggest issue I have with it is when you are making a call you have to bend the whole piece in half and it is not that comfortable to use. However, would I recommend it to anybody else, absolutely, a very cool piece of kit? Might suggest you buy a second slim cover for every day.
It works quite weel good value for money my main problem is that it is still too big.
Excellent Purchase
Have bought before from mobile fun ,excellent purchase , keyboard holds charge well and is a nice size , wallet is nicely designed so that in the event of dropping the screen is cushioned by the keyboard. Well impressed.
I am pleasd with the service from mobilefun but the pruduct is a disappointment, this is the second one as the first broke fairly quickly, mobile fun sent me a replacement but after a short time the same has happened.
I love this keyboard as it seems to have everything. It was easy to pair. The keys respond well and you can type easily considering it's so small. I would have liked simple instructions on how to hide the keyboard as, apparently this is necessary to use it for playing music and dealing with texts and other iPhone tasks. Apart from that it's a definite thumbs up from me. Well done!
Neat littlr Gadget
Effective gadget. Well thought out. The3 keys are a bit slow in reacting and you have to push down quite firmly. One needs to use the headphones for calls as it is otherwise awkward to make or receive calls using the phone by your ear. The conclusion is it works.
Excellent adds the wow factor to the iphone...
When i got this product it took me approx 5mins to get used to all the swivel motions of the keyboard. It looks gr8 and adds more value to the iphone. However few minor drawbacks as below:
1) The wireless bluetooth keyboard doesnt have any instructions on various buttons like charging, bluetooth lights, on off switch etc though it took me few minutes to figure that out.
2) The mini USB charger for the bluetooth keyboard fits into the inside end of the case, so everytime you need to charge it need to remove the keyboard out from its case and do the needful.
3)You cant use the keybrd in a laptop position sitting it on a desk etc more than 90degree - for one simple reason ;)The iphone weighs more than the keyboard, however the other way around it makes a grt stand to watch your movies etc.
Despite these drawbacks its a fantastic product & of good quality, i can give it a 5 as its not a defect but the drawbacks need to be improvments.
Also Just for info: Make sure the keybord is fully charged, then pair your bluetooth with your iphone by pressing the thin rectangular key inline with the red key (be sure to also turn ON the keyboard by a small slide switch visible).
Turn iPhone into psion series 5
I never got over there not being a replacement for the series 5 ..so when I saw this I thought it might come close

The keys are a little rubbery - bit like the zx spectrum for those that remember it, but once you get used to pressing them at the right speed it's fine .

I can't type as fast as I'd like to on it because of this but overall value for money I think is great..
difficult to answer phone.
Its a fab kits, luks amazing and has a great protection effect....only prob Is when answering phone its difficult...ok if its hand free....delivery from supplier was very very impressive...next day.
Great item easy to sync doddle to use bit bulky but well worth the money,and super fast delivery.
Well my iPhone 4 cover/keypad works well, although I've removed it again now as I found the keypad kept slipping out and rather bulky to hold and type, I love the idea as I'm a gadget freak but will use occasionally when I want a different cover
All I can say is wow - this is such an amazin product, I can't believe no one has thought of this before.

I first saw this on a blog, and thought I would give it ago - as it does take me a while to write emails and text messages (dam you fat fingers). But now with the keyboard I have never been faster.

The keyboard has keys nicely spaced out, and it's very simple to use - I was literally able to pair in seconds and the battery for the keyboards easily lasts for over 100 hours.

The case is leather, which does mean it flops in the middle, so if you use the keyboard in your hands you have to use your fingers to keep the iphone up - but that is easy after you get used to it.

The keyboard is very slim, which means the overall case is not as bulky as you would imagine. And the real icing on the cake is the wow factor - everyone in my office has seen and they absolutely love it!!!

PS ordered Thursday, got Friday - MobileFun service is simply amazing.

Thank you very much.

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