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Twelve South SurfacePad Luxury Leather iPhone 5S / 5 Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Manufactured from luxury Napa leather, this black SurfacePad reinvents protection for your iPhone. Featherlight and credit card thin, the SurfacePad adheres to and wraps around your iPhone 5S / 5.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38439
$40.58 inc VAT
 3.6 stars from 15 customers

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Twelve South SurfacePad Case iPhone 5c - Brilliant!
Absolutely brilliant case. I wanted a case that wasn't just a plastic or silicone one, so I opted for the Twelve South SurfacePad. Absolutely love this case! Looks very professional and smart, but it also offers the protection value to the front and back of the phone. Certainly would recommend to other buyers. The technology used to 'stick' the case to the phone is brilliant. I have taken if off to realign the case and amazingly, there is no residue left on the phone.
yes it is a good slimline case but you have to 'stick' your phone to it and it doesn't protect all sides of your phone and leave one side completly uncovered. I really think the design is poor and wish I could return it but travelling tomorrow and no time. Not worth the money
I loved it
It is so thin and really elegant. May buy another. Best on the market.
Huge disappointment!
First impressions are of a quality product that wont add bulk to the slim profile of an i-phone 5s.

Unfortunately it appears to offer little protection if the phone were to be dropped. This is more a stick on cover than a case. Its also hard to line it up with the outline of the phone.
Great product
I had been looking for a suitable cover for some weeks.

I am very pleased with this good quality leather cover. It is slim, easy to access the phone and I like the colour.
Product quality
Good quality.
Very slick looking
I bought the white cover, I had searched for ages for one which would not look tacky. Most are cheap imitation leather or plastic. This cover is very nice thin leather so it isn't bulky and it protects my phone well. The in built stand is cool too. It will be worth it if it lasts and only time will tell I suppose. Very nice design though and I am pleased with my purchase over all.
Perfect Item
I just got my first iphone and I have a Bose ipod dock. I was looking for an ultra slim cover that wouldn't prevent me from mounting the phone on it. Anything more bulky requires removal or prevention of making all the right connections and enabling me to use the remote control. This is just perfect and I was very grateful to find one after a long search. The only disappointment is the limited range of colours.
Real disappointment
Again as per last review, i love twelve south products and was really looking forward to this, but like the previous review after only a week of using it the seam on the cover started to come undone, and after a week had totally separated. a real shame as the concept is brilliant.
Bad decision
To be fair the product is like it was advertised but my disappointment seems from the fact that the sides of the iPhone, which need the most protectin, are completely unprotected. I have in fact scratched one side with a plastic toy car! Very sorry to have bought it!
Terrible product - real disappointment
I love Twelve South products, so had high hopes for this case.

To start it looks great (though it does have to stick on to the back of the phone). However, within days the seam had started to come undone, to reveal the "surface", which is piece of wood.

Now after only a few weeks of use it won't close properly and the seam is open along almost the whole length of the case. I will have to swap to a different case.

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