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Tuff-Luv Embrace Kindle / Paperwhite / Touch Cover - Purple Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Kindle / Paperwhite / Touch with this unique Embrace case in purple from Tuff-Luv.
  • Mobile Fun ID 32813

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 4.7 stars from 22 customers

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OK but a bit too thick
I bought this cover for two reasons: Firstly I liked the "stand" feature and secondly because it was not too expensive.

Both of these reasons were validated and the stand feature is very useful (as is the hand grip).

However, the case is quite thick - about four times the thickness of the Kindle itself, which turns it from a slim device into quite a bulky one.

It also has various clips and Velcro that do not seem to have much function but add to the bulkiness.

I am still trying to get used to the cover but I suspect I will end up getting another at some point.
Makes my kindle just perfect
Fits my kindle perfectly and makes reading one handed easy using the special strap on the back. Even if I fall asleep reading it stays firmly in my hand.
Protects my kindle well.
Best cover on the market for a kindle.
Delivery exceptionally speedy. I ordered just before Christmas and it was here next day. Thank you
Arrived really fast - excellent service
Well padded cover - good protection for the new device. It's a gift that will suit my technophobe butch brother well as he grapples with the new kindle!
Great case. Feels lovely and soft when closed and looks well.
Like leather, not bulky, good design
First I was afraid that the slim Kindle Paperwhite will become too bulky with a case. While this calendar-style case is synthetic, it feels like leather, nice to hold, very light and the one-hand-read feature is a nice plus. It is designed with rubber bands in the binding, so it won't break if you turn the cover over completely, and the leather straps hold the device snugly.

I can't tell you about how long it will last, but it seems to be quality stuff.

The only downside is that the one-hand-hold pocket is too big for my hand (I have small hands), so it is not too comfortable to turn pages and hold with one hand.
Perfect fit
Fitted kindle perfectly with plenty protection. Colour quite dull purple. Service from mobile fun second to none highly reccomended
Perfect fit
I found the Tuff-Luv Embrace perfect for my needs. Easy to fit and keeps my Kindle protected and safe. Much easier to hold, with the elasticated hand strap I can hold it with one hand comfortably, with no chance of it falling.
Perfect Kindle Cover
My wife wanted a cover for her kindle touch for Christmas (along with some other things) and has been looking round for some time to find the perfect cover. It had to be light but sturdy, protect the kindle and not have the leather/plastic tongue fastening that slips into a small strap - this just adds to the thickness and is not completely secure (according to my wife). After some internet searching we found the Tuff-Love Embrace cover. This is thin yet sturdy and has the type of elastic fastening that goes over the full front rather than a leather tongue. The cover looks good - we got the black leather. When I got the cover I tried it on the kindle and at first thought the fit was bit tight, but no, once on the cover was a perfect fit - push the bottom corners in first and then pull the top corner elastics over the machine. Once all corners are in place push down the kindle to fully seat it in the bottom corners and the fit is perfect. This makes the edges of the cover only just proud of the kindle which makes it as small as it can be and still do the job effectively. The cover is fairly ridged, bearing in mind it's not metal, and looks like it will do a very good job of protecting the reader. One very nice feature is the hand band. When the cover is open and doubled back there is a band that you can slip your fingers into to effortlessly hold the kindle without having to exert any effort in gripping it. This makes the kindle even easier to hold than a book. Altogether a very good product that I'm sure my wife will like (and yes, she is getting some other things as well !)
The Perfect Cover
This is neat, well-made and smart. Lovely understated colour. It's not as bulky as other covers, holds the device securely and includes a pen/stylus loop. The hand strap is brilliant. I'm chuffed to bits! Highly recommended.
Best Kindle cover on the market
Love this Kindle cover! This is the second one I have bought and have given it as a present to a friend. The space on the back for your hand is perfect as you can read with no fear of dropping ie if you fall asleep on your side the cover stays attached to your hand so your Kindle does not fall on the floor! It leaves your other hand completely free to drink or eat. I recommend this cover to all my friends who buy a Kindle.
Really handy
This cover really fits the hand. Tried myself and gave to my man to try if his big hand fits as well. Thanks to the elastic hand strap, it feels comfortable even in a man's hand. Good material, absolutely recommended for buying.
Got it covered
Well made, very practical, almost leather feel to this Kindle cover. Really good value for money, and it came next day delivery!
Practical and comfortable
I love my books and this makes the kindle feel comparable. Not too heavy and the right bulk to make it comfortable to hold. The elastic strap holds the cover closed in my bag and the hand strap on the back makes it feel secure allowing you to concentrate on the the book. You can reach all the controls and it protects all the corners.
Tuff-Luv Kindle cover
Very impressed with this kindle cover. It appears to be good quality, holds the kindle well without interfering with any controls and is a joy to hold one handed with the hand strap. Mobile fun, 1st class service as usual.
Very Pleased!
The case looked and felt lovely. The leather was extremely soft, the case great colour (not too garish like some other ones I've seen), and it felt very expensive! Bought as a present for my mum, she particularly liked the handy strap. Best of all, extremely quick postage. Very impressed and would highly recommend!

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