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Trident Kraken AMS Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Trident Kraken AMS case features an inner layer of shock-absorbing silicone with outer layers of hardened polycarbonate, designed to provide ultimate protection for your Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36217
$12.96 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 32 customers

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galaxy S3 trident case
Arrived with in two days. Case fits the phone well and plugs the charging port which is what I need. Also quite a nice looking case and galf the price of some.
Mine fits perfect love the feel and look of it and my phone feels safe would recommend it to friends and to the people giving bad reviews cause of power buttons mine are working fine and I'm sure you got a faulty 1 not every 1 is going to be perfect and I'm sure they would replace it for you so stop moaning
Bit Disappointed
After looking for a case and scrolling through different reviews i decided on the Trident Kraken AMS case. To say im slightly disappointed would be an understatement, the problem being once the rubber casing goes on then you put the harder outer case on my phone keeps turning its self on and off due to the tightness of the buttons on the case against my phone and the volume button having the same problem plus in camera mode you keep zooming in because of the case......
very good case for protection but had to take out button for on/off as it kept turning phone on/off on its own
Awesome case
I really feel like my phone is protected and the case looks kinda cool. As if you wouldn't want to own a case named The Kraken??

The buttons work great. It does look a lot bulkier, but I can still fit it in my pocket without too much problem.

The belt clip is a bit bizzarre; clips to the front of the phone and makes the phone stick out like a sore thumb... probably won't use it.
After reading some good reviews about this product I decided to purchase the case as I recently dropped it and I wanted to protect my phone from further damage. I was really dissapointed after receiving this case. The case wasn't the easiest thing to put the phone into and the case was far too tight causing the power button on the side to be pressed from the pressure of the case. I had the case on the phone for approximately 5 minutes and in this time the phone switched on/off at least 3-4 times. The case also makes the phone really bulky and quite heavy. I decided to return the case and purchased a much better one for a quarter of the price.
built to last
Initial thought when I opened the packaging was that it looks big and bulky but when it's fitted it turns out to be the perfect size. Very impressed with how the phone is held by a soft rubber skin and then encased in a sturdy plastic outer layer which clips together neatly and tightly. All the buttons work fine and the screen protector doesn't lose any screen sensitivity. I'm a contractor and use it for work so I need a strong case. My wife thinks it looks quite industrial though and I tend to agree. But my phone is protected!
Well needed
I work in the MIlitary so needed to protect my phone when doing my job. I was looking for a case, and some times you have to order a few to find the one to do the job required. My First order and I need not look any more. Cheers.
Only snag getting the plastic film on the screen I failed so need to get another one, do you sell them separately.
Good product
Case fits well and is easy to fit. Not sure about the clamp, can't see to work out how you can actually use it! Will probably remove the little belt type clip. Clip is a good stand but not a useful as a belt clip and stops the phone from sitting flat on a surface. Overall would recommend case as a protective tool.
awesome case
Bought this case as I wanted the best protection so far no disappointment, not all that big but adds a fair bit of weight which I prefer. Seems solid and sturdy for the price. The kickstand is a great little accessory too. All the ports are covered by silicon and the speakers are covered by mesh to keep out dust and other nasties. All in all a great case that I am very happy with.
nice case
Great case looks after your phone . Not that big . Make me think that I still got my old Nokia 9000 in my pocket. Only one thing that's to do with all phone cases. What car holder is suitable . Vary few if any .

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