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Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Device - Four Pack - White

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Product Reference: 61508

With this four-pack of the Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker, you can track up to four items individually or give them to others. Keep an eye on your keys, wallet, luggage or anything else with these four compact, lightweight Bluetooth tracking devices.


Why Buy?

  • Four-pack for friends, family or the forgetful
  • Keep track of your belongings
  • Locate your lost phone
  • Up to 100ft operating range
  • Stay supported by the Tile Mate community
  • Small, discrete and stylish
  • Up to 6 month battery life
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Smartphone and tablet compatible


Four-pack for friends, family or the forgetful

Track up to four items or give Tile Mates to your friends and family with this four-pack of the Bluetooth Tracker. 

Keep track of your belongings

With the Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker you can now easily find your lost belongings. Simply attach the Tile Mate to your keys, bag, wallet or anything else you wish to track and the free app will show you where it last was.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Device - White

Locate your lost phone

Tile Mate can also be used to find your misplaced or lost phone. If you are within Bluetooth range of your phone, by pressing the Tile Mate, it will help you to locate it.

Tile Mate will even make your phone ring if it is on silent, and you can visit the Tile Mate website to view your phone's last known location, make it ring or make a message appear on the lock screen.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Device - White

Convenient key ring attachment

The Tile Mate features a hole for attaching to keyrings, bag straps or camera lanyards, so you know that not only are your items secure, but the Tile Mate is too.

Up to 100ft operating range

Tile Mate's Bluetooth Low Energy technology maximises the lightweight tracker's battery life while remaining effective up to 100ft, so the tracker is always ready to find whatever you've lost. 

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Device - White

Stay supported by the Tile Mate community

If your Tile moves out of effective Bluetooth range, the Tile app's Last Place Seen feature enables you to see where your item was last recognised by your phone. Additionally, whenever another Tile user comes within Bluetooth range of your Tile, you will receive an alert on your smartphone or tablet telling you where your device is.

Don't worry, though-the Tile doesn't store any personal information and the location ping is anonymous, so the user who finds your Tile won't know anything about your item or where it is.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Device - White

Small, discrete and stylish

Not only is the Tile Mate small enough to attach to your keys, but it is also discrete and stylish, making it perfect for attaching to your bag without anyone noticing it. 

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Device - White

One-year battery life

Each Tile contains a custom-made power source designed to last for one full year, meaning your Tile never requires recharging or battery replacement in order to stay operational.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker Device - White

iOS and Android compatible

The Tile app is available for both iOS and Android compatible devices. Simply download the app, create an account and you are ready to use your new Tile Mate.

Biisafe Buddy Tracking Device - Black 

Smartphone and tablet compatible

The Tile Mate is compatible with a range of the latest Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, so whatever device you have you can be sure the Tile Mate will be an invaluable partner.

Key Details

  • Colour: White
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