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Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - Single Pack

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Product Reference: 57801

Never lose any of your things again with the Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device! Locate and track one of your belongings including keys, bag, wallet or phone.


Why Buy?

  • Keep track of your belongings and never lose anything again
  • Small, discrete and stylish
  • Ring your things within a 30m Bluetooth range
  • Locate your lost phone
  • See where you last had your belonging
  • Find any of your other devices
  • Tile Community Find
  • Water resistant
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Smartphone and tablet compatible
  • 1 year battery life


Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - 4 Pack

Keep track of your belongings and never lose anything again

With the Tile you can now easily find your lost belongings. Simply attach Tile to your keys, bag, wallet or anything else you wish to track and the free app will help you locate it.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - 4 Pack

Small, discrete and stylish

Not only is the Tile small enough to attach to your keys, but it is also discrete and stylish! Making it perfect for attaching to your bag, withing anyone noticing it.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - 4 Pack

Ring your things within a 30m Bluetooth range

If you've lost any of your belongings, Tile has a unique feature where it can be called. If you are within a 30m Bluetooth Range, Tile will play a loud tune, until you have found it.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - 4 Pack

Locate your lost phone

Tile can also be used to find your misplaced or lost phone. If you are within 30m Bluetooth range of your phone, by pressing Tile, it will call your phone and help you to locate it, even if it is on silent.

Not within the Bluetooth range? You can still find your phone by logging onto the Tile website. Once logged in, you can either send a message to it or even ring it.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - 4 Pack

See where you last had your belonging

Alternatively you can see where you last had your keys, wallet or bag via the map on the app.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - 4 Pack

Find any of your other devices

With the use of the Tile App, you can locate your other device, even if they run different operating systems, meaning an iPhone or iPad could find an Android tablet or smartphone, or an Android device could find an iPad.

Tile Community Find

If you still can't find your belongings, mark it as a lost item and you can expand your search with the use of the Community Find feature. Once marked lost, if any other Tile users are within range of your item, it will automatically communicate with the Tile cloud system and send you a notification.

This feature is completely private, meaning others won't even know that you've lost something or what it is.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - 4 Pack 

Water resistant

No need to worry about using Tile in the rain, as it is water resistant to IP5 standard.

iOS and Android compatible

The Tile app is available for both iOS and Android compatible devices. Simply download the app, create an account and you are ready to start tracking your keys, phone or anything else. 

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device - 4 Pack 

Smartphone and tablet compatible

Tile is compatible with a range of iOS devices including iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3rd generation or newer and the iPod Touch. Android devices are also compatible, however they must run Android 4.3 or higher.

1 year battery life

The Tile Bluetooth Tracker Device has a long lasting battery life, which can last up to one year. After a year Tile will replace it for a reduced cost.

Key Details

  • Colour: White
  • Part No: TLE-01001-NA
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