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Tigra Sport BikeCharge Dynamo Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Tigra Sport BikeCharge Dynamo enables you to charge your smartphone while you ride your bike. The Dynamo converts your pedal power into charge for your phone. This Dynamo also doubles up as a handy bike light too.
  • Mobile Fun ID 46040

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 2.8 stars from 4 customers

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Very poor piece of kit
The noise created when engaged is utterly unbearable (even after following the recommendations of the supplier) - it sounds worse than a plastic stick rattling against the spokes. When disengaged I can make the wheel "free wheel" for 130 seconds; when its engaged, the longest it will free wheel is 6 seconds. When engaged you will feel like you need to change down at least 2 gears - the kinetic energy it absorbs is extremely inefficient. The cabling to your device(s) is very untidy. If you want to maintain the slightest hint of a "sporting" profile you will be laughed at by any self respecting push-biker and ostracised by anyone with a token of respect for cycling. Mine is now in the small electrical appliances recycling bin at the local tip. I had to give a single star rating, but would give it 0/10
greaf item
after installing I still had a problem where the front fork pushed against the generator in causing the spinning contact arm to hit the spokes. Neither of the 3 spacer rings supplied worked but the trick is to add a thick washer between the fork and the unit which pushes the unit away from the fork and the wheel and spokes are clear to spin. Otherwise the generator works great and the drag is very light. I would recommend this product.

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