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    Sorry, but The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack - Bluehas been discontinued. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack - Blue

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The ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 accessory pack in blue contains must have items for your S3. Designed to protect and store your Galaxy S3 at home, in the office and in the car.

  • "Perfect service"
  • "Each item is useful, just not together"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

Samsung Galaxy 3
17th October 2012
Perfect service
I ordered a new phone and realised I needed a whole set of new accessories. MobileFun had one pack of everything I needed. Better still it was delivered the next day, perfect. All I need now is for the car holder to stick to my window and I'm up and running.

Samsung Galaxy S3
5th October 2012
Each item is useful, just not together
I purchased this as soon as I got my phone - I was suffering from clumsiness and so I felt I needed some protection for my new handset, and decided that this was a good package and had everything I wanted. The screen protectors are great - the usual fiddly and annoying application meant I had to throw the first away, but that was down to me and not the product (stupid dust!). They fit nicely and the instructions are clear and precise. The case itself is ok, a little harder than I was expecting and took more effort to force the phone into it, but it does contain all the right holes and doesn't move around. The dash mount is a universal type, so can be used for almost any phone - it is spring loaded to grip the handset, and can be swivelled and rotated to get the right orientation. I cannot comment on the ability to remain attached to the dash/windscreen as it is early days yet. The charger is also universal, and reads 'NOK 8600' so I am not sure whether this was meant for Nokia, but it is the standard fitting and charges the phone, so it doesn't matter. The stands - now this is where things fall down. Both stands as they are seem ok - the portable one is in essence just a rubber ball with a suction cap on it, which you can attach to the back of your phone to stand it up. This makes it a little wobbly, but you can probably get the hang of it. The main desktop stand is a simple design - a bare metal angled bracket that slots into a plastic rectangle with a friction pad. When you place the phone on the pad, it sticks to it. Both of these stands are satisfactory, unless you plan on using the case. The plastic case removes the friction for both the suction cap and the friction pad, meaning it either slides off of becomes unattached. Personally, I don't fancy removing the case every time I want to stand it upright on my desk, which makes both redundant. If you don't mind removing the phone from the case, then this package is fantastic. If, like me, you have to choose between the case and the stands, then the package is good. If the case had been a silicone one instead of a plastic one, this would be unbeatable value.

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Why Buy?

  • 6 must have accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Protect, store and even charge your Galaxy S3
  • Each accessory is made with a small, discreet and lightweight design
  • Each accessory is made for the Galaxy S3


The Ultimate Galaxy S3 accessory pack contains must have items to protect and make the most of of your Galaxy S3. It even contains holders which allow you to use your Galaxy S3 at home, in the office or in the car.

Each accessory in the pack is designed to work with each other, so if you want to use your phone in the desk stand or in car holder you don't need to remove the FlexiShield cover that comes with it. Making this the perfect accessory pack for your Galaxy S3.

The pack comes complete with 6 must have items for the Galaxy S3 including:

  • Galaxy S3 Desk Stand
  • Galaxy S3 Car Holder
  • FlexiShield Skin for Galaxy S3
  • Mini Portable Desk Stand
  • Galaxy S3 Car Charger
  • 5 x MFX Screen Protector

Galaxy S3 Desktop Holder

The desktop holder is perfect for viewing your phone at home or in the office. Its stylish and sleek design means that it won't look our of place on your desk. It comes with a solid metal stand which holds the holder in place without fear of the holder falling over and damaging your Galaxy S3.

The holder uses a special adhesive which holds your Galaxy S3 to it, ensuring that it won't fall off, without leaving any sticky residue behind. It can be used in either portrait or landscape modes making the holder perfect for writing texts/emails, browsing the internet, playing games and even using video calling.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack

The special adhesive is designed so that it allows you to use the phone on it either with or without the included FlexiShield case and it allows room for you to still use an Galaxy S3 charger whilst its in the holder.

Galaxy S3 Car Holder

The Galaxy S3 car holder is designed to allow you to position your Galaxy S3 in either landscape or portrait modes and either on your cars windscreen or the dashboard. It features soft pads which gently cushion your Galaxy S3 whilst its in the holder ensuring that your Galaxy S3 will not slip out of the holder but also it won't pick up any scratches whilst its there. The rotating bracket allows you to adjust your Galaxy S3 from portrait to landscape in a matter of seconds and the adjustable arm means it also works with the included FlexiShield Skin.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack

The holder comes with an adhesive plate which fixes on to your dashboard allowing you to use the car holder either on your windscreen or on your dashboard which makes it perfect if you're using your phone as your Sat Nav whilst driving. With the adjustable swivel bracket you can easily remove the car holder from your windscreen and place it on the dashboard.

FlexiShield Skin

The FlexiShield skin is a stylish protective skin for your Galaxy S3. In a transparent black colour, the skin wraps around your phone without adding any additional weight or bulk to your handset but still allowing you complete access to all of the ports and features. Its flexible design means it can be applied and removed from your Galaxy S3 in seconds but with cut outs to use the camera and the charging ports, the case allows you complete access to the Galaxy S3 without having to remove it.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack - Blue

As the case adds no extra bulk to your Galaxy S3, it works perfectly with all of the included accessories in the pack and the unique gel material used allows you to use your phone with the desk stand and the portable desk stand without having to remove the phone from the case.

Mini Portable Desk Stand

The mini portable desk stand is small and discreet and allows you to carry it virtually anywhere with you. It works using a suction cup which attaches itself to the back of your phone, with or without the FlexiShield on, and then allows you to position your Galaxy S3 at a comfortable viewing angle either in portrait or landscape viewing modes. Its simple, yet stylish design, means that you can use it anywhere and its small build means that its easy to carry around with you in your suitcase, bag, purse or even your pocket.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack

Galaxy S3 Car Charger

The Galaxy S3 car charger ensures that your Galaxy S3's battery stays topped up whilst your in the car. With a built in cut off, the car charger can detect when your Galaxy S3's battery is fully charged and it will automatically cut off to ensure that no damage is caused to your Galaxy S3.  The metre long cable means that you can use it perfectly with the included car holder so if you need to use your Galaxy S3 as a Sat Nav you can be sure that you're battery won't run out whilst your on your journey.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessory Pack

The slim design of the micro usb connector means that you can use the car charger without having to remove the FlexiShield skin from your Galaxy S3 first, making it quick and easy to plug into your Galaxy S3 to ensure that your battery won't run out during your journey.

MFX Screen Protector

Keeping your Galaxy S3's precious screen from from scratches is always a problem, so the ultimate accessory pack includes 5 MFX screen protectors which provides your screen with an invisible layer of protection. As the screen protector is invisible it offers crystal clear viewing of your Galaxy S3's screen so you can still enjoy the sharp images that the Super AMOLED screen provides.

The MFX screen protector doesn't interfere with your Galaxy S3's touch screen function and combined with the included FlexiShield skin it offers 100% protection for your Galaxy S3.

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Accessory Pack

Key Details

  • Colour: Blue


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