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The Ultimate iPhone 4 Accessory Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate iPhone 4 accessory pack contains must have items for your iPhone 4. Designed to protect and store your iPhone 4S / 4 at home, in the office and in the car.
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 4.3 stars from 12 customers

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Good value accessories
Excellent variety of useful items at mimimum cost.
"A little disappointed"
The accessory pack was pretty good, apart from the iphone car holder, however you put it on the window of your car it fell off. I was quite disappointed with this as our sat nav holder never falls off.
This is the must have iPhone 4 Accessory Pack
Bought this for my wife for her birthday and had to buy one for myself and can only say it's the best money i've spent in the last year everything you need and very very Good quality totally recommend. 5 Stars
Ok... for one reason only
Brutal honesty here.

Screen Protector - ok, but not great quality... quite thick.
Casing - Would not go round the phone without ripping up the edges of the protector. Kind of rendering the two pretty useless. Will now have to buy either new screen protector kit or new casing. In the end it will probably be the casing that gets replaced as this casing is the type that will be stuck in your pocket for a minute or two while it grabs and you fumble.
Why do they make it out of this plastic that sticks to things?
Little stand with metal bracket - Good does exactly what it is supposed to but in truth is completely useless as will never use it.
Little stand without metal bracket - Ditto above. Not really seeing the point in this waste of oil.
Window/Dash Mounting thing - This is where this pack begins to redeem itself. It will stick hard to a window, and not come off (something other units can't say). If only my windscreen was not on such a slant that sheer weight of the phone means the screen points at the dash not me. They could've made the socket joint tighter fitting or included a screw lock. Either way they haven't so could be better designed. Won't betrying the dash mount so someone else will have to review that.
Charger - It works. Simple. Great! Could do with a longer cable but having bought two in car chargers already this is the first one that works so Yippee!

Overall - I don't think this was worth £30. There needed to be better design and much more forethought put in to the end products for it to truly represent good VFM.
Great pack for the price
Ok,so they sent the wrong pack to start with.....but they resolved the mistake, without fuss and very quickly. The bundle's really good value for money and contains loads of stuff to make the phone of more use.
Mum loves it!
Bought this for my mum after she had an iPhone 4 for her birthday - she loves it and uses everything in the pack. Definitely worth the money.
Very good
Loads of accessories at an awesome price.
Amazin Pack
This pack is amazing, full awesome accessories. I especially love the car and desk holder. I was planning to buy an otterbox defender which is about the same price as the whole pack, and saw this at the last second. I'm so glad I decided to buy this, it's full to the brim of quality but USEFUL accessories. I recommend this to everyone!

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