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The Ultimate HTC One M7 Accessory Pack - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate HTC One M7 accessory pack contains must have items for your One. Designed to protect and store your HTC One M7 at home, in the office and in the car.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38787
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 49 customers

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The Name says it all
It's truly the ultimate accessory pack for the HTC One Mini. For the price of one good flexishield case you get all the other cool stuff.
Everything I needed in one package
I'd been looking for accessories for my HTC One that didn't cost the earth so it was great to come across this pack with everything I needed. The case and screen cover are practical, and the car accessories are easy to use. The only criticism is that the stand could have come with instructions, as it's not completely clear how it's supposed to be set up!
Good Value Pack
This is a good value pack. The case is good quality and combined with the screen protector does a great job of keeping the phone safe. The charger does the job and the stand, (although I may not use very often) is solid.
Good price
Nice package, very good price quality, although:
HTC One Desk Stand: Very nice!!!!
HTC One Car Holder: bit lightweight for phone: rotates to easy. When charge cable is in it turns. The sticker for on the dashboard doesn't stick when phone is in holder.
FlexiShield Skin for HTC One: Very good!!
Mini Portable Desk Stand: To lightweighted: Phone falls over
HTC One Car Charger: works fine
5 x MFX Screen Protector: Very good; you don't see it and way less fatty swipes on your screen
Mostly OK
I am happy with everything in this package except the in-car holder which snapped after about two weeks but I wasn't expecting much from something so cheap.
Perfect and great value
Great value accessories kit, was looking for case. This has a case included with other great items for around the same price as a decent case would cost.
Overall, I'm very impressed with this bundle. Got 4 items for the same price as just a cover. The in car charger and phone holder are so handy.
a great bundle
this product was dispatched quickly and arrived in perfect condition.

Everything included in the bundle is a great quality so do not let the price fool you, it certainly does not feel cheap.

I finally have a case befitting of the HTC1 which can only be a good thing! The car mount, mounts; the desk stand, stands; and the screen protectors are damn fiddly! that is not down to the product but down to the ham fisted attempts to put them on!

this is a great bundle and well worth some of your hard earned cash / credit card / etc ...
HTC One accessory pack
Excellent delivery, and contents as described. Soft cover and car charger excellent. Windscreen mount too small and difficult to use.
Perfect starter pack
Just what I needed all in one pack. Would recommend to any new phone user basic but good value for money.
Fantastic Kit
I was about to buy the double dip case for my HTC ONE, but came across this instead. You really cant go wrong with many products rolled into one package, and I was very impressed. The see through hard gel case is a perferct fit, the screen protector was very easy to apply, and you get x 5 of them, plus a shammy cloth for cleaning. I havent used the car charger, but it looks, and feels of great quality. Im very happy with this purchase and would recommend this rather than the HTC covers which actually hide the phones looks.
Cheap crap
The windscreen/dashboard holder snapped in half the very first time I tried to stick it to the windscreen - hadn't even started to apply any real pressure to the twist lock.
Good value
Definitely good value for money. Decided on the black rather than white case, which actually gives the back quite a nice smoky mushroom colour as you can still see through to the aluminium. Cover button over the volume is easy to use. Snaps on nice and tightly. I was going to spend much more on the Atmosphere Poetic case but I needed a dashboard holder too so figured I'd try this first then I haven't lost much money if its ok. And actually is it. Protects the phone nicely, with enough of a lip to shield the screen too. The only real downside of this pack for me is that they haven't bothered including a little card with the screen protectors. Which obviously makes it quite tricky to push all the air bubbles out. Woud cost them nothing so understand why it's not there. A big pain. Otherwise, all good.
Decent enough
I just wrote a review saying product was ok ok / cheap...

Well after some figuring out I say its very nice & perfect for the one at this price point...

My earlier frustration was due to the packaging which was all the items were just dumped in an envelope, thus they got mixed up... took some time to figure out what part belonged to what... anyways highly recommend this package, very nice, just a small manual explaining all the package overall would be nice...
Perfect bit of kit
The comprised of all that you need to furnish your new phone and to protect it. Definetly recommend the purchase for value and swift response from Mobilefun
Once again "it did just what it said on the pack"
Fast delivery
Lots of useful goodies in the pack
To coin a well known meerkat phrase 'Simples'
HTC Accessory
This was a great buy and s ideal for HTC One
I habe glicht the ultimate htc one accessory kit. Excellent value for money, I was going to buy two products for the same price. Very quick delivery, no problems. Thanks Mobile fun (:
Unbelievable Deal
All this in just Rs 1300 and 305 delivery charges. I just couldn't believe this and with some hesitation i ordered it. But now that i have received the product, i am glad that took the risk and ordered it.
Don't expect a very high quality product but whatever you get is more than worth.
Decent Accessory Pack
Overall not a bad accessory pack. Everything is how it is advertised, except for one thing. It claims the phone stand will work with the flexishield case, but with this white version of it, it will not hold the phone. However the colored flexishield cases work fine with the stand. Can't say I would buy it again if I wanted to.
Very good Product
This is a very good product but the skin cover I received and that shown on the web are different. I think its not flexishield skin cover(as displayed on web Photo), and it is semi transperant (not clear) also. But All Other products are verrry good.
Nice pack for decent price, Nice One!!!
I was pleased to find an accessory pack for such a great price including everything I required and more for my HTC One. The only little dissappointment I had was that I was mislead by the photos which I thought showed the flexicase on the phone inlcuding the Beats and HTC logo printed on it. This was a reason for purchase.
essential stuff for my new htc
Simple stuff realy but when you change to a new phone and want to keep it smart you need new bits and bobs. I needed a new case and screen protector, car charger and desk stand, after a quick search i found all i needed and more in this multi part kit.Gell phon e cover is extra smart in black and fits snuggly with all the essential cutouts.Screen protectors easy to use and the correct size. Desk stand with gell sticky stuff holds the phone great in both Portarit and Landscape views. also the car hoder is a dream with super suction pad and 360 degree tilting .All in all great value kit of essentials.I know its not sexy but good to find it all in one and great value too. p.s. ordered this after i ordered my phone. The kit arrived first!

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