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The iPhone 5S / 5 Platinum Pack - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Comprising of a TPU case, 3 x screen protectors, car holder, desk stand, pouch case and sports armband the Platinum Pack helps you get the most of your iPhone 5S / 5.
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RRP $40.58 - you save 50%

$20.28 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 26 customers

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Everything you need in one order.
I purchased the iPhone 5 Platinum Pack primarily for the car screen holder. The order arrived promptly and well packaged. The service was fantastic, the product is great and contains everything you could want for the iPhone 5.
very happy
was delighted with my purchase. was exactly what I ordered.
A Good Product
Nothing wrong with this product. All of the items work well without any of them being of the best quality. For this price that's what I expected though and would buy it again.
Platinum Pack
More like Solid Diamond!

This pack came with everyting i could have needed for my new phone. A very sturdy Desktop mount (using the gecko plastic, mucho cool), a nice Armband for the gym. Three scratch covers for the screen (little bit of a bubbling problem around the lower edge but still good). a stylus which is also a pen (good for drawing and other fine work, also works on the ipad). a rubber/plastic surround case and a pleather slip case (cant use it with the surround case so really its your choice which you prefer, both stop the back getting scratched in your pocket)

all in all Very good Value for Money!
Fantastic iPhone kit!
Amazingly surprised at this iPhone accessories pack, very cheap and great quality products, not used the iPhone windscreen holder as yet but the magnetic stand looks amazing on my work desk, the carry case is always used to store my iPhone in stops my car keys etc scratching the screen very very good rubbery like material. And the arm iPhone strap is perfect for if you go to the gym or street jogging etc with its waterproof cover.
Pretty much a must buy for anyone with an iPhone.
Very cheap and great quality.. Enough said.
Great pack
Great pack, comes with a really useful stand which can hold any smartphone, a running strap which is perfect and a safe case with multiple screen protectors , all awesome for the price.

Delivery was great even over Christmas.

A winner all round.
Just what my husband needed
My husband recently bought an iphone 5 so this was an ideal xmas present. He was impressed with the screen protection and the in-car phone holder. This was really good value also.
Excellent value
You get a lot for your money, quality is also very good, I even got an in-car charger adaptor, which I wanted but didn't know was included! ordered on Fri pm was delivered next morning, highly recommended.
Great value for money!!
I must say I was sceptical about this item - seemed to good to be true! But I was pleasantly surprised when it came and it was none of that cheap plastic rubbish you get from amazon this is good quality stuff! My iPhone 5 fits perfectly in all of the products you get with this and the handy pen/stylus has proved very useful! I would definitely recommend this product rather than paying £10-£15 per item on the high street. 10/10!!
Great all in one pack
Wow! What a lot you get for £25. I have just got the iphone5 and wanted a case as a stop gap until more choice came on the market. But this little set as blown me away. I was not expecting much but what youngest is quite good quality and everything's functional. I love the stand which will be perfect for my desk and work and I had planned on using my exciting arm band for when I train but won't have to as there is one in this set. Would defo recommend this to anyone getting an iphone
Perfect purchase
This pack was excellent! Great value for money and saved shopping round for all the seperate items! I was concerned that it would be poor quality, but everything's great and you even get spares!
Suprisingly good
U actually bought this temporarily until I found something perfect, but having used it for over a week I haven't bothered spending any more on accessories. The back case is nice, like the shiny finish, and protects the sides unlike a cheap ebay on I used to have. The pouch is perfect fit with a lovely suede finish. Unfortunately the back case doesn't fit in the pouch but it's not a big issue as I use the back cover for a daily protector, and the pouch on weekends so I can show off the phone. The stand is a heavy metal bracket that doesn't look like it will work, but it works perfectly fine, portrait or landscape. The touchscreen pen is, well... a touchscreen pen. But it's thinner than other pens I've used, and is an actual pen so I suppose that's a bonus. Lastly the car holder. This is the only piece that the I am not a fan of. Wobbles and keeps falling off with the suction thing, but that could be my cars windscreen. Comes with a sticky pad which is probably allot better. Overall I would recommend this for the price. 5 items for the price of one case in some other shops, can't go wrong.
Ticks all the boxes
I'm writing this less than 24hrs in but already the difference is noticeable to someone who's used to having a case (and associated gadgetry) and been doing without:
Pouch: good looking little item for the professional look. I will use it for making an impression but I like to have the face visible all the time.
Case: snug, smooth back,matte around the edge. Very reassuring that it will not slip out of your hand. *MAY cause screen cover to ruckle at edges.
3x Screen Covers: slight matte feel and makes noise with pen but it's ok. See above re: edges. Have trimmed them in the past as phone tends to stay in the case. Small tip for precision.
Pen: nice to have both writing and iPhone pen in one.
Armband: very comfy. Very pleased.
Stand: simple but effective. Beware how centralised the phone is on the magnet as it could topple over if too far one way, particularly when charging. Also had a brief instance of not attracting to the stand. No interference with the phone's functions.
Car Stand: very good. Firm stand and easy rotation.
Summary: very good collection as starter kit for reasonable price.
Perfect Pack
Ordered this pack which was exactly what i needed. Quick delivery, easy service to use, no complaints definetly confident in buying future products and highly recommended to others.

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