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The Graduate Professional Stylus Pen Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Classic and elegant, the Graduate Stylus Pen is a professional writing instrument which also doubles as a quality capacitive stylus for touchscreen mobile devices.
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$12.96 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 18 customers

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Classic Design
I bought this item as I was fed up with accidentally tapping the wrong characters when texting on my Xperia Z1, also accidentally making incorrect selections on certain shopping apps.
I am very impressed with the weight and feel of the pen, both when using the stylus and normal writing functions. It is also very good for the "Sketch" handwriting app.
I am predominantly using the pen with my Z1 but sometimes also use it with my iPhone 4S.
Just what I needed
Bought this pen because the reviews were good. I have to agree with them. It's a nice stylish pen for writing, with the real bonus of having a tip that works like a dream on my Nexus4 and 10 screens. I'm now able to use the screens with more accuracy and I don't have the problem of having to clean the screen of fingerprints. On another issue. I bought two pens which I kept and another item that I returned. This is the first time I've returned anything but I have to say the process was simple and quick. Absolutely a first class company to deal with!
Be careful!
I received my pen promptly which I appreciated. All was well until the rubber end of the stylus came out and was temporarily lost. Fortunately I found it and was able to re-attach it. I am surprised that it was not more securely attached. I fear it will happen again unless I glue it in.
Professional Stylus Pen
Very good pen for paper but absolutely rubbish for precision on capacitive screens.
Good Pen
Well, I bought this a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it actually is!

Works flawlessly every time and you can even write with the pen side very smoothly.

My Nexus 7 really says thank you.
Loved this pen which writes beautifully and the end for use on touch screens works well on my Acer 500A Tablet no more finger marks to keep cleaning off now and I find it easier doing my wordsearch now. Good price fast delivery and kept informed on order and delivery. Will not hesitate to use your firm again.
dual purpose tool
Nice feel to this pen good quality and stylus works well on both my iphone and tablet
Just what I was looking for.
This stylus pen is excellent value and does what it says. The pen is a nice smooth writer and the stylus works well with both my iphone and ipad.
Very Useful Product
I find this product very useful as the phone is more responsive than finger touch.
Excellent product. I just can't put it down! Very positive and accurate stylus plus a good stylish pen with pocket clip - a win win situation. Good value, just buy it.
Just what I needed
Saves me making mistakes due to fingers hitting wrong letters accidently. Would recommend.
Smart looking pen / stylus
This pen/ stylus combo is perfect. I use the stylus on the train to work and keep it in my pocket for use in the office. Discreet and smart. Would recommend.
Very nice
Looks very nice in my suit pocket and when I'm using my New iPad outside the office.
I like large stylus pens
Bought this as I needed a stylus for my multiple devices and to write with for the times I use the old method of a pen and paper.

Wasn't disappointed, I like in-particular that it is capacitive and the weight of the pen. A nice weight for a pen, the size is also good. I like large stylus pens.
Looks so cool
This pen really does look so cool, high quality ink and easy to use with my phone too. Great value!
Makes me unstoppable
This stylus pen thing, gives me magic powers when it comes to draw something. Lines are straighter, details finer, and fingerprints absent.
The Dark Stylus Rises
This stylus doesn't try to save the world - it just does exactly what it says on the tin quietly and proficiently. It's a pen. It's a stylus. It's neat, it's efficient, it's professional.

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