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THB UNI Take&Talk Cradle - BlackBerry 8520 Curve Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A quick fit cradle for use with the highly acclaimed UNI System 8 Car Kit from THB BURY for the BlackBerry 8520 Curve
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 5 stars from 4 customers

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It's nice spending money on good equipment.
I already have the Bury UNI System 8 fitted to my car for my Nokia business phone the whole set up is a very well designed and engineered piece of equipment connected through the car's sound system(radio/CD mutes automatically during calls). I decided to separate my business from personal mobile and took out a Blackberry contract for personal use hence my purchase of the cradle. System is very good. Cradles exchange in seconds and pairing is simple. Worked first time, very satisfied. Word of warning re the Bluetooth cradles, if you are using more than one: be careful not to pair the same cradle with different phones(any Bluetooth enabled phone can be paired with the cradle even if it doesn't physically fit) or you will get conflict when more than one phone is in range and Bluetooth activated. This is not a criticism just user advice. Quite expensive but worth it. Prompt delivery and exactly what I expected and wanted. Thanks.
UNI T&T Cradles really are an excellent option
Been using the System 8 set up for a couple of years now and have to say that this system works so well. Just upgraded by phone and purchasing the right cradle to fit to the kit gave me instant car phone compatibility. Works very well. Excellent and would recommend
A Brilliant accessory
THB UNI Take&Talk Cradle for the BlackBerry 8520 Curve. This cradle fits my Bury system 8 universal hands free kit, I had the Bury system 8 Universal hands free kit installed in my car years ago and it had a Nokia cradle. Having just purchased a Blackberry Curve 8520 I wanted it to work with my universal handsfree kit as my car did not have bluetooth, it was easy to switch from the old cradle to the new one and bingo the new phone gets charged up when it's in the hands free kit and it the phone rings the radio stops playing and the callers voice comes out of the radio speakers.
Makes life so much easier - and safer
This is the third THB T&T cradle I have used in the same car. So much easier than having to have new kit fitted every time I change phone. Means that I can keep the window mounted ariel for improved reception in dodgy areas. Gives me hands free AND keeps the phone charged. Incicentally, less commlicated in operation than the last one for a Nokia phone, but I think that was due to the phone rather than the previous cradle.

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