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THB UNI System 8 Hands-free Car Kit - UNI CarTalk Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The highly acclaimed professional car kit from THB BURY with changeable phone holders
  • Mobile Fun ID 4816

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 3.6 stars from 9 customers

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good bit of kit
good bit of kit,although i had a cark 91 kit before ,i thought this would be the same .Only prob i have is actually removing the mobile phone out the cradle as you have to use two hands as the clip that hold the phone in has be pushed down and then the phone removed ( is just the 9700 ? or is the kit not right?,only just ha d it installed so see how it gors,aprt from that not bad
Thb Bury
I heard some good reviews about this product. It was the only one available with the signal booster for a Nokia E71. I have also purchased the adapters to put the sound through the vehicle speakers. I find the sound fine in my vehicle but the sound on the callers phone is terrible and most times they hang up due to the poor sound quality produced by the microphone. I have moved the microphone to three different places with no improvement. I'll buy a parrot next!
bury car kit
great car kit but cant get the phones back lights to stay on not sure if this a problem with the kit or the phone
Satisfied user
The kit was so easy to install, very easy to understand instructions. Have had great use with no problems, would highly recommed.
Looks good, sounds great and easy to fit.
I'm no auto electrician but i managed to fit this in an evening. For best results fit the microphone close to the driver, ie; by the side of the sun visior. This is a cheap alternative to an expensive car kit. Once the base unit is fitted you'll never have to fit a car kit again, if you upgrade your phone just clip in a new cradle to suit and your up and running for a fraction of the cost. (N73)
Very Disapointed
I was told that this unit uses the car speakers, but when I came to have it fitted (BY A PROFESSIONAL FITTER) they said it does not work. There wer not enough plugs on it to use the car stereo. I am very disappointed by this and would NOT recommned this to anyone
Hands free car kit
I have recently purchased and installed the THB UNI System 8. I am so impressed by the performance that I have purchased another kit today to install in my motorhome. It looks good, is great to use (Nokia N70) and easy to install. All you need is to purchase the relevant cradle for your phone. Installation takes about an hour. Would recommend this without hesitation. Buy one now and stay safe and legal on the road.
Well done! Excellent service.
Not good in the heat
The Brodit bracket that it comes with to mount to the car is stuck together with glue and two weeks after professional install the car was warm inside and the kit fell to pieces in to my footwell. safe.
also each time i changed gear i bashed it with my knuckle as its only intended location was too close to the gearstick.
the glue situation required pilot drilling and screws to continue using it.

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