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Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Flip for Samsung Galaxy S4 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Galaxy S4 from bumps and drops with this highly protective flip case with impactology technology. The case comes in a stylish white colour to compliment your phone.
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 3.3 stars from 27 customers

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it cracks
For some reason it started to crack after a couple of months. It's a very expensive piece of plastic, I would expect better for the price.
I don't recommend
Case cracks on its own without a single impact
Like the other reviews, when I first received item I was happy with the the design and what appeared to be the good quality of the item. However a little after 2 weeks of using it, without dropping phone a single time the case has started to crack and brake on the corners. This is a major fault so anyone looking to buy the case should avoid it as it is a waste of money. I hope Tech21 read these reviews and are acting to resolve the issue by re-designing the case!
tech21 impactology flip case
P.O.S. I've had this case for a month never dropped it, but some how its broke I'm very careful with my phone. This case is nice. The one I'm using sucks. The corners chipped off and one just broke clean off for no reason at all. In my opinion its a waste of money.
Great case but.....
There is a real feel of quality about these cases, given the price you would expect that. The phone clips in nice and snug and it feels like it would protect it if you did drop it.
HERE IS THE BUT... We bought 2 of these cases at the same time and both of them have broken identically on the corners - it's as if the phones are slightly too big for the case, as I said they do fit snug.
One has been replaced already and we will wait to see if it lasts any longer.
Proclaimed to save your phone by Tech21, I wouldn't agree with that.

I purchased one of these Impactology cases for my new S4, it fit in okay and there were no issues for the first three weeks.

A few weeks in I noticed a crack appearing in the top left of the case - days later the crack had become larger and larger, the case started to flex so the phone started to fall out of the case. I contacted Tech21 who were nice enough to send me a replacement, I received it after 2 weeks of waiting due to stock issues.

I replaced the case and all was fine...for a month or so, until the same issue occured. They sent me another replacement after I complained - Third case in?, one month later the same crack has appeared in the same location.

Also on top of this, because the surface lid does not secure down - if you drop the phone, 9/10 the case will open up and the phone lands face down.

I would very much avoid this case as it has a terrible design fault.
Case Cracked
I just bought a Galaxy S4 white I then went out and bought a Tech21 Snap case with cover (white) within a week the top left corner cracked so I returned old case for (identical)new one, today (a week and few days later) I noticed a crack in the top left corner again. I really like how slim the case is as well as phone has back and front protection but I need my phone to be protected (not popping out of case) if it were to dropped.
Very bad
After 2 months of normal usage with no incidents at all, it is starting to crack in the top left edge where the case grabs the phone. The D30 stuff is all "awesome" but the case plastic is crap and very slippery in the hand. DO NOT WASTE your money on this. Go for the Zenus Prestige Samsung Galaxy S4 Lettering Diary Series. Way better protection.
PS: Since its white, it gets dirty really fast. All the impacts and damage are noticeable pretty well.
Overhyped piece of crap
After 2 months of normal usage with no incidents at all, it is starting to crack in the top left edge where the case grabs the phone. The D30 stuff is all "awesome" but the case plastic is crap and very slippery in the hand.

DO NOT WASTE your money on this.
Go for the Zenus Prestige Samsung Galaxy S4 Lettering Diary Series. Way better protection.
Bought this thinking it was the perfect cover for my S4. Don't buy as the S4 pops out when dropped. Plus the corners are now cracked.
First time it fell off the couch and popped out. don't waste your cash on this one
Not Happy
First drop of my phone in this case resulted in the phone popping out due to the case cracking and now I have several chunks missing around the rim of my phone. I would not recommend this case at all.
Pretty but useless
I'm pretty picky when it comes to choosing accessories for my phone. I thought this would be the best of both worlds - slim, good-looking and still offering protection against drops and bumps. I'm a wheelchair user, so i drop my phone a lot. It's annoying, but part of the life.

This case is pretty and it's nice that it protects my screen from keys etc. when it's in my pocket. So what's my problem with it? Simple.

Every single time I've dropped the phone, it's come out of the case. So it's completely useless at protecting it. Which makes it a pretty waste of money. I'll be buying something else.
tech21 hit with impact case for S4
I purchased the case as a present for my son, which has proved to be a resounding success, he seems to regard the case on a par with his phone, a perfect match. Well done Tech21 and thank you.
Tech21 case
A lot of research for case with flap. This fits my spec and nicely fits the phone as described. However, I dropped the phone (on a carpet at home) and it popped right out of the case, so not fool-proof. Also, I had not realised that a flap that opens 'sideways' does make it a bit more than expected difficult to access volume rocker switch, but maybe I'm clumsy. So overall "OK" and more expensive than it need be, but I'm not un-happy.
not worth the money
Bought the case. But here are pros and cons

Pros and cons- good back protection but fits awkwardly at edges. Leather top cover fills nice, but very loose and keeps sliding over the edges vertically. Hate it. Also this cover is not smart to wake my S4. Better to go with s view case
Very Robust case
I received my Samsung Galaxy S4, it looked great, nice and slim and has a large clear screen.
As I alternate between having the phone in my trouser pocket and having it in the inside pocket,I have different requirements. The Tech21 would give this slim fragile device great protection when in my trouser pocket. When in jacket mode it can slip away without the robust case.
The Tech21 case did develop a wee crack in the top left hand corner but was replaced with a smile by Mobile Fun - what a service, thanks.
To be recommended.
Nice Case
Very well made, phone fits in it really well, very modern impact protection (not tested it yet!) its the same stuff they use in expensive motorbike body armour
Solid but light case
After spending $1000NZ on a new Samsung Galaxy S4, I was not happy with the lack of protective covers offered locally. Most offered little more protection than a thin piece of cardboard and I did not feel confident that my phone would be protected in the event of being dropped.

This case has a good solid feel and snaps cleanly onto the back of the phone to protect the entire back and the corners. The flip cover is solid with a soft interior which appears designed to prevent scratching of the screen.

The back could do with being a millimetre taller to give even better protection to the front edges of the phone as it comes just up to the front surface.

The cover is finished in a satin finish which barely shows fingerprints and is easy to grip.
Probably the best out there
I did quite a bit of research before I went ahead and bought this case. Seemed to me there are 2 main offerings in this area to protect your phone: Cases that are extremely cheap (around the £5 or under mark) that will be made of low quality materials and most probably fall apart quite quickly, or something around £20-30 that will last. The genuine Samsung cases are ludicrously over-priced and whilst protecting the screen, offer zero protection for the back or if the phone were to be dropped. The S View style cases seemed gimmicky, and from past experience I wanted to avoid screen protectors because my last smartphone has zero scratches after years of use and of course they also reduce the clarity of the screen, and the S4's screen is without a doubt the best out there right now, it would be criminal to stick plastic over it!

So I wanted something that had a flip cover to protect the screen, and some sort of protection for the back without adding loads of bulk and voilà! I found this baby. The phone is encased in a polycarbonate shell which is nearly indestructible (google it) and all the sides are protected (big plus), the camera is also recessed so it wont get scratched. The flip has microfibre to cover the screen, and leather on the outside so it really feels premium. To top it all off, they have strips of D30 (youtube it) inside, which is made up of intelligent molecules that absorb shocks and impact. (awesome, it's basically orange FLUBBER, cooool!)

With the S4 being incredibly light in weight, it is also nice to put this on and make the phone feel a bit more substantial, but even with this I can barely feel it in my pocket, it really is that light!


Probably the best case out there. There are plenty that have a shell on the back (silicone/plastic etc.) but then you have to get a protector for the screen. The genuine cases are just a flip with a replacement back to the phone and offer zero protection. There are leather offerings etc. but as far as I can see nothing comes close to this, it's just got it all going on. Highly recommended.
best cover protection for device with piece of mind
Having followed this company since it's appearance on Dragon's Den and have had their products previously. It will always be my first choice

My only criticism is that they were generally slow with covers and I had got fed up waiting. This time they were on the ball.

The case I purchased is the flip which also then protects the screen whilst in my handbag.

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