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Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Flip for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Galaxy S3 from bumps and drops with this highly protective flip case with impactology technology. The case comes in a stylish blue colour to compliment your phone.
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$33.81 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 13 customers

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Exactly what I needed
A great mobile phone case.Able to make calls,send texts,use the internet and take photographs without removing from the case.
Tech21 impact snap case with flip cover
I love this case. It is well made and looks brilliant. I feel it has extra protection if I was to drop it and its also got the protection on the front screen. I would strongly recommend you buy this case. You won't be disappointed.
Quality Material - perfect fit
I did read the other reviews on this site an did agree with all of them. The case fit's perfectly around the S3, leaving access to all buttons + lens + speaker. Protects it well but not mentioned is that the flap does cover your lens, so you need to jiggle if taking pictures [just a minor issue for me]. As mentioned it would be great if there was a way to keep the flap closed over the screen or open - but that is again a minor to me. This case protects my phone in coats - pockets - bags and putting it on all daily surfaces [can't tell for how long, is it is still new ! but it feels made well so it will last the usual phone life time, and as the price is right one can afford to replace it!]
Exactly what I was looking for.
This case is great. I spent a lot of time looking for a phone case, none of them seemed quite right apart from this one. I wanted one that would go over the back cover rather than replace it. This case is a perfect fit and feels really nice with a soft leather flip cover. Doesn't add much bulk to the phone and is very good quality. I would highly recommend this item and have already purchased a second one for a family member.
Excellent Case
I first bought the original Samsung flap case - £29.99 for a piece of nylon that bubbled and a piece of plastic. It offered no protection. This case looks very similar, makes the phone look slim but it protects the phone on the sides and back. I would recommend this stylish case to anyone. It arrive very quickly too!
Very smart!
I have recently bought a Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Flip for my Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue. Well constructed case, looks very smart and professional! Definitely recommend this for Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue.
Quality case but flip needs catch
This is a quality item that feels like it would protect the device well. It would however benefit from some means of securing the flip cover I.e. magnetically
Top Quality
Tough,slim and very high quality feel. Flip folds back easily. Would recommend to anyone.
Almost exactly what I was looking for
I hunted high and low to get a decent case for my new Samsung Galaxy S3. I wanted something that would cover the case in case I dropped it, but wouldn't be too bulky. Virtually every case I looked at didn't quite fit the bill- either they were too chunky, or they were too "grannyish" or both.

This case is nice and slim line but with good protection. I haven't dropped my phone yet, so can't comment on the total level of protection. However, my phone is looking in a much better state than my husband's who just has the typical snap-back base without flip.

The one drawback- I would have liked it to have a fastening so tha the flip would stay closed. But, other than that, it is practically perfect.

Note- I still use a stick-on cover with this to protect the screen from everyday scratches/ dirt etc.

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