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Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Cover for Galaxy Note 2 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Galaxy Note 2 from bumps and drops with this highly protective flip case with impactology technology. The case comes in a stylish white colour to compliment your phone.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36747

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 4.3 stars from 12 customers

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Impact Quality
I purchased this case believing it would protect my phone. I dropped it once, the case fell away and the screen smashed leaving me a big bill. It does not live up to its review.
Neat but lacking top and bottom protection
Looks Neat, neither slippery nor grippy.
Pity the top and bottom of the case do not wrap around like the opening side does to prevent the metal hitting the ground if dropped. If it did would be perfect
Note 2 Case
The Note 2 simply presses in and the fit is precise and snug, in fact it takes quite a bit of effort to prise it out again which can only be a good thing.
It doesn't add much bulk to what is already quite a large device and although the front cover isn't held closed it hasn't been a problem for me, might be if you keep it in a bag though.
It feels quite comfy in the hand whether you hold it like an open book or fold the front cover round the back.
The S pen is still nicely accessible as are the ports etc.
One minor thing I have noticed is that the bottom corner of the front cover has just started to bend up ever so slightly possibly because I usually keep it in a pocket.

Overall I certainly don't regret buying this case as it looks good, is well made and I'm pretty confident it would protect my Note 2 if I dropped it.
Great product, terrible service
Waited waited and then waited forever on this product to arrive. Emailed them asking what the hold up was and when they expected it to be available. Their "prompt" reply (which the website says takes 1-2 business days) took 16 normal days to get back to me and still didnt answer my question. So I signed up to be notified via email when it was in stock however never once recieved that notice. Was lucky to log on one day and see it available and ordered it right away. Product overall is really great. Adds plenty of protection and feels quite solid and sturdy in the hands. The grey is about a medium dark, and rather plain looking. Folds back nice for one hand use doesnt block access ports or impede functions in anyway. Only gripe might be the volume button isnt cut out but you can easily find it by press them through the soft spine without opening the lid. Does make the phone a bit thicker (as expected) but not a crazy amount so I can still put it in my pocket. As another has said the fiber inside does pick up small stuff but overall great product!
Tech 21 Case with Cover
The case and cover fit very snugly on the Note 2 and certainly provide a good level of protection for both the back cover and the front screen. There are sufficient gaps enabling you to access all of the ports, and the Note 2's pen is easily accessible.

The front cover does not lock into place in any way, however, I don't find this a problem as it tends to stay closed whilst holding the phone. I mostly keep it in my pocket or a bag where it will remain closed.

One minor issue I have with the cover is that the microfibre material on the inside attracts crumbs and dirt. You need to make sure it is clean before you close it. This generally requires a quick rub with your fingers. I've also found that it is easy to accidental change the phone's volume when closing the cover over. However, once used to this it is easily avoided.

Overall, I am very happy with the case, it's look and it's ability to protect the phone.
amazing case
This case is awesome. It feels like it could protect against a potential drop while also staying fairly slim
Tech 21 Case
Well..it took a long time to ship due to backorder status, but the good people at MobileFun were great about communication about what was going on. I emailed twice and got very prompt responses, which is what I wanted. I got my Tech21 case for my Samsung Galaxy Note II, which I love. BTW, MobileFun was the ONLY site which carried this case, so it was worth the wait. I've never shopped in Britain over the interwebs before, and I was tickled to have my order "dispatched" and to recieve a "bill of lading" with my order...come on England, speak English!
great case for my note 2
The case does not add much bulk to your note 2.The grey goes well with my white note 2. Very good build quality. Great protection. Can fling my phone around without braking it. Very classy look.Comes very nicely packaged. Makes your Note 2 look even better. Easy to use.Recommended.

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