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Tech21 Impact Shield With Self Heal Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Tech 21 Impact Shield is one of the most advanced screen protectors available for your Samsung Galaxy S6. Bubble-free, self healing and advanced impact protection.
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$33.81 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 12 customers

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Terrible solution to a problem.
The application system makes the bubbles far worse than you'd ever get just doing it yourself.

And it picks up marks from every touch.
Good product...BUT!
I have now used two of these Tech21 screen protectors and both have shown stain markings, discolouration after a short time. The manufacture is aware of this problem! It is a shame as it would be an excellent product otherwise.
Be warned!!!
item arrived quickly, Item was very easy to install on my phone.
The item was easy to put on my phone. unlike other glass protectors that I have used.
There are screen protectors and there are screen protectors. The tech 21 may cost the same as a job lot of cheaper variants but this is quite different. From the quality of the packaging/instructions to the applicator and the protector itself this is a quality product. I would say that the change in texture takes some getting used to but that will soon happen with typical daily use.
Impressive product, would not hesitate on buying again.
I do not typically leave reviews however after applying the Tech21 impact shield to my phone and having an incident I felt obligated to share my experience. I work in an automotive shop and deal with a variety of automotive chemicals, some that are fairly caustic. During a routine fuel system service I had the service tool fitting fail on me causing fuel system cleaner to spray all over my tool bench, which my phone was sitting on top of. After cleaning the chemical off the screen of my phone I noticed there were now blotch marks left behind by the chemical. Unfortunate I thought, however the blotches were not noticeable with the display on and well if it bugged me that much I could just replace the shield. To my astonishment over the next two days I watched the screen go from blotchy to crystal clear again, the self healing properties of this shield is not just a "selling feature" it actually works. I will gladly buy any shield product from Tech21 in the future knowing what it can do.
Screen protector is simple to install with the provided applicator.
I have no issues with touch sensitivity.
Glass is nice and clear and looks well installed on the phone.
Excellent Product
Was so impressed with this product when I ordered it for my wife's new phone (see previous review)I have ordered one for my own new phone now that I can upgrade.
Excellent product, eye-watering price
This is easily the best screen protector I've ever owned. It's sticks incredibly well, no bubbles, and has no effect on looks, or device usage.

There is a template you attach to your phone, which enables ease of installation. Couldn't be simpler to fit, really.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase, but the price is a little excessive.
The best screen protector yet
Having used many screen protectors over the years I have to say this is the best yet. It is incredibly easy to fit with the positioning kit included and getting it bubble free could not be simpler. Screen clarity is nothing short of perfect, the screen responds to touch commands faultlessly and once fitted you would never know it was there. An excellent product.
Excellent service
Delighted with the product which will hopefully prevent my grandson from shattering his screen again!! Easy to order and very speedy delivery. Thank you
Wouldn't buy any others, perfect protection
Previously bought the S5 version and after a year of use it is still in perfect condition so had no hesitation in buying this one for the S6.

comes with a plastic applicator that slides on the bottom of the phone, so you position the protector perfectly first time. Easiest I've ever applied so even though it is a lot more expensive for just one protector rather than 2 or 3 in a pack like the cheaper ones here, you will only need the one and it is well worth the money.

From my experience of the S5 version, it really does protect the screen from knocks and drops (once onto stone chips face down), there are no visible marks whatsoever.
tech 21 screensaver
Very good product , easy application and tough protection

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