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Tech21 Impact Shield with Self Heal for Nokia Lumia 925 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Tech21 Impact Shield is one of the most advanced screen protectors available for your device. Bubble free, self healing and advanced impact protection, your phone shouldn't be without it.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40078
$20.28 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 6 customers

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Top drawer protection
It's pretty durable and somewhat easy to apply, it's the first time I applied a screen protector myself so perfectly.

Live in South Africa and had to ship this product as it is not available here so it came a lil nippy in cost but it was worth it. It also does not cheapen the beautiful AMOLED screen on the 925.
It does what it says
This is higher tech than most other screen protectors. How effective it is would require a stress test I'm not planning! I had the usual challenge of getting it lined up with the phone's screen. In place it does not impair the touch screen operation, and is optically excellent. One initial problem with delivery of the product. It arrived within less than 24 hours of ordering (by 1st class post). However, the product wasn't in its packaging! Mobile Fun were very efficient re-sending the product, which again arrived within 24 hours.
It's good.
I just received and installed mine today. I installed it just like the YouTube video and it was bubble free. When I installed it was so slightly crooked. I would leave it alone but my LCD is curved around the edges (Lumia 925). Therefore a crooked screen protector will not adhere to a small edge of the LCD which will lead to dust collect. I elevated the screen protector using the red film provided. On the 2nd attempt, there was one dust spot. I elevated again and used tape to grab the dust. I'm pretty satisfied.

Based on the YouTube video, this has to be the best product on the market. Impact protection and self healing, what more can you ask for? I wish it was more available and more marketed in the states. I also wish it was made for more phone models.
How easy was this to use, I could not believe it. I did not need to ask my grandson what to do. It was straight forward, simple and did and is still doing the job. No drop in touch sensative screen performance. I am delighted. This would make a perfect gift; a high quality and high performing item at a sensible price and in this day and age!

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