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SwitchEasy NUDE for iPhone 4 - UltraClear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The SwitchEasy Nude is a distinctive case designed with clean lines and made of one of the most durable materials on the market.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25288
$27.56 inc VAT
 3.4 stars from 21 customers

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Not up to expectations or price
Looks nice and easily fitted, however it gives virtually no protection to the phone. Mine cracked within a week of putting it on the phone without even having dropped it - just from being in my pocket, and for a basic clear plastic case the price is excessive.
Amazing, truely amazing.
First of all, I was worries about the order before 6 or whatever time for next day delivery but it works, maybe these guys live next door to post it or it's just pure mythical service these guys and gals offer, but yeah it's just magical.

Second of all the case is amazing even though I thought I put the screen protector so good and turns out it weren't on there. But yeah second time I done it it went on and decent and the case is great. I feel it's a great stylish case, starting to feel loose but not greatly but still great.

Cheers you legends.
A good choice
There are so many covers/cases on the market these days, I wasn't sure which to get but think I chose well with this. A nice, tight fit and great for taking in & out your pockets. The only bad point was the screen protector which was difficult to fit, but at least they supply you with 2.
Good for purpose
This item is just as described, and does the intended job well, However I feel the included screen protector was a bit fiddley to fit otherwise fine!
Cool but still prefer Incipio
I bought this for my missus and the Incipio for myself. although the SwitchEasy NUDE for iPhone 4 is fantastic i still prefer the incipio.

The SwitchEasy NUDE for iPhone 4 is sleek, slim and does not jeopardize the functionality. The one thing it has advantage over the incipio is that it comes with caps for the headphone socket and and charger socket which is great to prevent dust, dirt and other foreign objects getting in.

Both incipio and SwitchEasy NUDE for iPhone 4 come with 2 free screen protectors!
Better than I thought it would be
I'm pretty impressed by the protection it provides from scratches all-round and the screen protector is really very good and easy to apply. This won't protect your baby from dropping it from a height, but will allow you to put it in your pocket with your keys and coins without worrying about it getting scratched. Biggest benefit: you can hardly tell your iPhone has anything on :)
phone case
Very poor quality scratched first time put on clean desk! Not worth money at all.
Nothing wrong with Mobile Fun's despatch time; ordered one day and delivered the next, brilliant!

But I'd give this product zero stars and say avoid it like the plague! I've had it for less than a day and it's scratched and frosted already! All I've done is carry it in my pocket and I deliberately avoided any contact with keys and coins.

Over £20 (inc p&p) for a piece of junk!
Great product
Great case. Went for the white case but it also comes in black. Has a shine to the surface but not to much to make it slippery. Very snug fit with button holes all in the right place. Best part though is that it comes matching audio jack cover and apple socket cover. That was why I chose it in the first place and I wasn't disappointed. Even came with spare covers invade you lost one. Only problem if any I had was sticking the screen protector on messed the first one up but I suppose that's why you get 2 in the pack. Would definatly recommend
Very good product.
Its a very good product, it's very thin and the phone looks great in it.
SwitchEasy NUDE for iPhone 4 - UltraClear
Excellent product. Exactly what was required for protection of iPhone 4
Switcheasy Ultrablack case
A good case. Good fit, and after a couple of days on my new iPhone 4, made me realise just how scratched it would be through daily use. The clear screen covers are good quality too. Just make sure that the screen is spotless before applying!
Must Have
Have tried a few other products to protect my iPhone, but this one is by far the best. Main reason is that it protects the phone without making it bulky. Hardly notice that there is anything there. Bonus on top of that is that you get two screen protectors.

Protect my iphone.....DONE!
Buy something else
Quality is poor an gets scratched in seconds. I have replaced it an iFrogx lookalike which is superb.
Dont be fooled
It is indeed a very thin case for the iPhone 4 and will solve the reception issue if you have encountered it. However, the black case barely shows the Apple logo through and is not as it appears in the pics. The case has a rough edge on the front and might scratch you easily. Scratches appeared on the back of my case after 24 hours. The case is thin but as a result appears cheap to me. I feel that dust might get round the back of this case and scratch your new toy. I cannot recommend and have removed mine after 24 hours.

The screen protectors included are of a very good quality and I applied one with no issue.

I am sticking to my casemate Jelly case and using the screen protector included in this case
Not worth the money
Its OK, it doesn't look great and the plastic scratches very easily. Certainly not worth £19.99
Great Buy
Thid cover does what it says protects fits well and looks good neat and tidy without taking away the looks of the iphone 4 would recommend it
Switcheasy nude White
I got the White ver and I'm more than happy , I had the nude cover for my 3GS and that's why I went for the same cover. Perhaps the clear one is a poor choice
Love this case
I had the same case for my 3GS after trying loads of cases.
As soon as I got my iPhone 4 I ordered this as I was so impressed with my last one.
What they don't mention is that you also get an earphone socket cover plug and a charger socket cover which are ace.
This cover is very thin but strong, and as I work in an office, I don't need a big fat rubber case.
switch easy nude
Bought one of these as sounded good idea, how wrong was I what a load of rubbish bad fit and makes phone look dusty as acts like dust magnet. Extremely disappointed what a waste of money.

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