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Sorry, but SuperSpot Power Bank 10,400mAh - Black has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

SuperSpot Power Bank 10,400mAh - Black

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Product Reference: 52695

The SuperSpot 10,400mAh Power Bank in black is the perfect companion to ensure your smartphone or tablet has enough charge to power your app usage throughout the day and even comes with a handy carry case and USB cable.

  • "Great little power pack"
  • "Superb little power bank"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

Sony Xperia Z3
15th June 2016
Great little power pack
The Superspot Power Bank is a great power pack for it`s size as it charged my xperia z3 in no time and was able to continue using my phone would recommend this great power pack to anyone when your out and about and need to charge your phone when your away from home. It worked for me and could work for you.

Lee pearce
Samsung galaxy s6
17th March 2016
Superb little power bank
I needed some extra power to compensate for the poor standard battery in the Samsung galaxy s6 and gave the super spot power bank a go. Once fully charged this power bank will provide 2 days worth of recharge capability for the Samsung. The amp age is high enough to trickle charge when the phone is in use and of course dull charge if it's off. Also able to fast charge my phone so thumbs up.. a superb little power solution..

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Why Buy?

  • Power bank provides you with additional charge when you need it most
  • 2.1A output for fast charging
  • Supports smartphone and tablet recharging
  • Freedom to charge your devices anywhere
  • Small, stylish and portable
  • Carrying case included


Power bank provides you with additional charge when you need it most

With 10,400mAh available battery capacity, you can ensure your smartphone or tablet survives the day and beyond. Surf the web, check your email, send a text message and make a phone call in the secure knowledge that if your phone / tablet battery is low, you can boost the power with your trusty SuperSpot 10,400mAh Portable Power Bank.

Apps that require more juice to operate including graphically intensive games or those that use GPS are no longer an issue, so play and navigate for longer with this Power Bank.

2.1A output for fast charging

With the included Micro USB or an existing USB charging cable, you can simply plug into the built-in 2.1A port to benefit from the 10,400mAh of additional battery capacity it provides. The 2.1A output delivers power to your device at an impressive rate so even larger devices such as phablets and tablets can charge quickly and smartphones can even charge while in use with heavy battery dependent apps, such as sat navs, games and internet browsing.

Freedom to charge your devices anywhere

The SuperSpot 10,400mAh Portable Power Bank provides you with the freedom to charge your USB devices anywhere. Connect the USB charging cable into the USB port and instantly begin charging your device. This is perfect if you're on the move or don't have access to a mains power source to charge your device, including camping holidays, commuting and music festivals.

To charge the device itself, simply plug in the provided USB to Micro USB cable and connect to a laptop or PC or use with a USB mains adapter. Charging can take up to 5 and a half hours but then you have huge amounts of power at your disposal and convenience.

Small, stylish and portable

Designed to be portable, the SuperSpot Power Bank is small in size considering its huge capacity, allowing it to fit in a bag, pocket or case easily. It also boasts a clean and simple aesthetic that will compliment your device perfectly.

Carrying case included

Carry your power bank easily with the provided clear plastic case. This makes transporting your new power bank easier than ever and while the power bank itself is very robust and sturdy, the case also protects it, keeping it free from dirt and scratches.


Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 90.5 x 77 x 21.6mm
  • Weight: 299g
  • Capacity: 10,400mAh
  • Input: 5V / 2A
  • Output: 5V / 2.1A

Key Details

  • Charger Type: Emergency Charger
  • Colour: Black
  • Part No: SS10400BK

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