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SuperGrip Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Compatible Car Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Safely and legally display and charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 in your car for enhanced GPS navigation and music streaming with the SuperGrip Case Compatible Car Mount and 1.5Amp car charger.
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 4.5 stars from 28 customers

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Useful and adaptable
I bought this for a slightly unconventional reason. Rather than simply needing a dashboard phone car holder I needed a holder for using a 'dashboard cam' which records your entire journey. It needed a clamp narrow enough to not obscure the forward looking camera lens but strong enough to stop the phone bouncing around and giving a fuzzy video. This clamp does it fine. It's quick and simple to use, adheres onto any dashboard surface and holds tight. My phone is also quite broad as it's a Samsung Galaxy SIII with an Armorcase.
Best ever
This holder has the best grip of any of the many holders I have used. The "sticky" type rubber foot grips like me on a fiver :) I have two of these and looking to buy another
It Works to a Degree
I needed a holder to use whilst in Car after buying one from another dealer (which Fell apart after first use)Nothing To do with Mobile-fun i might ADD
found Mobile Fun Store by accident ordered and delivered very quickly the suction of the cup is Second to none this isn't gonna fall from your dash or screen any time soon extremely strong Suction but because the S3 is extremely thin, it wobbles slightly when in holder you use the touchscreen i bought the otterbox case from mobile-Fun to combat the thinness but it still moves when using the touchscreen
suoergrip S3 compatible car pack
AS described and arrived promptly.

Good construction and seems to adhere to most surfaces with minimal vibration
Good but not for Samsung Galaxy S3
This is a well designed nifty little product, the clamp is holds the device firmly and is secure enough but with heavier devices like the samsung galaxy s3 there is a lot of shaking whilst driving. I think this would be more suited to a smaller or lighter phone
Wont suit all users.
I needed to fix the mount to a vertical surface but the design is such that the phone cannot then be placed in a similar vertical position for viewing but only at about a 45 degrees angle. The same restriction would apply to a horizontal mounting with vertical viewing. Mounting on a sloping windscreen would certainly overcome this problem.
Excelloent 'adhesive' qualities.
Innovative, not perfect
The attachment mechanism is innovative, easy to use and rock-solid. I like the minimalism of the design. The "claw" can hold any phone or similarly sized device, with or without a case, which means my wife can use it when I'm not using it, etc. Great versatility. And it sticks to any surface like white on rice. The only drawback I find is that I haven't found a way to increase the tension enough on the ball-and-socket pivot joint to keep the phone from sagging. An unfortunate flaw in an otherwise brilliant design. Also, mine came with no instructions whatsoever.
Simply Excellent
I bought this to use with my iPhone 4. It is one of the best out there for its grip to the glass (just brilliant) though the claim that it will stick to any surface is not quite true.

I lost mine in car fire and hence visiting the site to buy another one. Would recommend this to everyone.
the perfect gadget...
What a brilliant device fitted in seconds phone attached
Landscape or portrait either is excellent.
I recommend this product 100%.
Not 100% confident but will give it a try
The first thing to say is that this is not manufactured or designed by or for Samsung, let alone the S3. It has a crab-like grip (rather like an alligator clip, but in plastic). The jaws open up to 105mm, so it will fit around the sides of the S3. It seems to be quite snug, and the red rubery grips pads in each jaw protect the phone from the harder black plastic of the clip, and - I hope - provide enough friction to hold the phone in place on those bumpier rides. In fact I was attracted to this for its simplicity (my previous phone was an HTC HD2 and I bought the original HTC car holder which was both very expensive and very good, but quite fiddly to use) and because of the statement on the website that "unique stylish clip grip holder will securely hold your phone in your car even in the roughest of terrains". You can see from the pictures that this is designed for fatter phones, which would provide more of an area for the reds pads to grip. I suspect the S3 will gradually (I hope!) slide one way or the other. Anyway, I will give it a try and let you know. The service from MobileFun was excellent as usual. I have bought all my mobil ephone accessories from them for my last three phones, and I generally buy the lot. It is somewhat disappointing not to see a full range of Samsung-made accessories, but I guess that is down to them, not to MF.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jaafar, please see the below link for our Offical Samsung Galaxy S3 products including vehicle docks;


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