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Stump 3-in-1 Tablet Stand - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Position your tablet or eReader safely in one of three different viewing angles with the sturdy and compact Stump 3-in-1 Tablet Stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34239
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 16 customers

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Just what I was looking for, nice weight and supports both iPhone and iPad really well in any position.
A very worthwhile purchase. Great for my tablet as well as my phone
I've been looking for a long time for a new case for my tablet. When i thought about it what i liked in a case was it's stand. This was the perfect solution. It's sturdy and looks good!
Nice product
Very useful product
Great little stand that does the job well!
Perfect-sized Stand
Stand holds iPad or iPhone vertically or
horizontally even with a cover on the item Heavy enough and sturdy yet not overly big.
A very good device - use with phone or tablets.
This device is simple but does just as you need. Made from rubber it holds your phone or Ťablet in a vertical position. Remember that the home button may be at the bottom of some tablets but most work on their side or upside down.
Stump 3-in-1 Stand
I had high expectations for this product considering its price and I'm happy to say my expectations were far exceeded!

It's incredibly stable, it and my ereader aren't going anywhere, even when turning the pages. The rubber grips the ereader firmly, no slipping or sliding.

Perfect reading angle as I enjoy a coffee on my balcony.

I thoroughly recommend the Stump 3-in-1 stand.
Excellent Product
Very sturdy with excellent viewing angles
Wow, who would have thought that a lump of black rubber could be so useful!
Ingenious Ipad stand with excellent grip & 3 viewing positions.
Everyone who sees it is smitten.

Something I didn't realise I couldn't live without!
Stump 3-in-1 Tablet Stand Black
Love my Nexus 10 & have always been wary of our cats knocking it over. This Stumpy is so firm that I no longer have any fear of leaving my tablet unattended. It provides good positions to view & is non slip. So simple, but a piece if kit I would not be without.
Got fed up with leaning my iPhone against things and holding it to watch videos or Sky Go... I have a Spigen Linear Ex bumper on and it fits a treat in all the grooves. 2 grooves for standing in portrait or landscape and a flat option for portrait... Made from rubber, it's solid without being heavy. My iPad fits great too, it's sturdy and won't fall over unlike the smart case I have for it. You can use the iPad with the case on but the fit isn't great, it's better off without it. I would highly recommend this product!
It works !
I had one of these and lost it (left on airplane ) - cannot live without it so just ordered two - one for kitchen - one for moving around the house / travel.
Far too expensive for a simple block of rubber type compound is all that reduces star rating.
Perfect home for my iPad
The brilliantly simple Stump Stand makes a perfect home for my new iPad when not in use, cradling the unit securely in a soft, rubber-like material. As a stand, it allows the iPad to be used in one of three different positions for viewing and using the touchscreen. Secure, stable and well made, the Stump Stand works equally well with my iPod Touch and I'm glad I bought two of them.

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