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Stick Um! Universal In Car Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Exclusive to MobileFun The Stick Um is the only phone holder you will ever need - ideal for any dashboard.
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 3.7 stars from 128 customers

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Sticker Phone Holder
Did exactly what was advertised and after having purchased conventional phone holders for every phone I have owned in the past this now will be the last one I will have to buy.

Prompt delivery too!
does the job
Over all I'm very impressed it holds my iPhone nicely and enables me to get a clear view... although the whole holder did fall off once whilst going around a roundabout fortantantly my passenger caught it... but has not fallen off ever since then. All in all I'm very happy with this item.
I have struggled with other "easy use" in car phone holders.This, really, is easy to use, place the base mat where you want, then the frame on top, then the other mat, all done. This is made for idiots, me being one of them.
Also, it's easy to move.

Works For Me
Used it on the dashboard of an MX5 for 10 weeks. Is rather sticky so I've decreased the phone's angle to reduce the area of contact between the phone and holder. Works very well.
Purchased this a week ago after watching on YouTube.After persevering for days it still won't stay put on the dashboard. I've cleaned the dash with thinners to no avail.
Don't Bother
At first this phone holder seemed to work and though rather crude looking I liked the concept, especially as I could leave the phone case on. However, the first time I made a proper trip the holder kept flying off the dashboard with the phone attached. And it wasn't even on particularly steep bits or braking hard. The next trip I followed the guidelines and washed the dust off with a damp cloth. This made no difference whatsoever and in the end my friend had to hold the phone for the whole journey as it just kept flying off the dashboard. Fortunately for the manufacturer my iPhone was not damaged in the process as either I or my friend managed to catch it mid air, which is probably not recommended for safe driving, though it is however instinctive. I do not think you can get a much smoother dashboard than mine and yet this holder will not stay stuck, though the phone sticks to the holder as if it were glued. Therefore I would not waste your money if I were you, and if someone had said this on the reviews I read I would not have wasted my money either.
well it's definitely sticky!
Seems a good product so far! Will really test how long the stickyness last as a taxi driver so will use it every day! So far phone intact and has not moved from my stick um! Thumbs up!
Absolute Rubbish
I am sick of my iPhone flying off the dashboard every 5-10 minutes. This holder is not what its cracked up to be, don't waste your money. I'm lucky my iPhone is not in pieces and that I didn't crash my car whilst catching my iPhone.
Service and communication rating only
Bought as Christmas present so as yet not used. However service was excellent, was out of stock, however was kept fully informed and given option to change mind if necessary. Fortunately it was available in time for Christmas
Best secure incar phone holder
Excellent piece of kit which was so easy to install. No need to clamp or screw the base plate, it sticks anywhere. The phone attaches securely and with no cradle to bounce in, the image remains clear. Hit a couple of pot holes and everythng stayed in place. Watch out for the back coming off the phone...yes the holder is very sticky.
Sadly, No!
Sadly it does not stick on my Golf dashboard anywhere. Have not however tried an adhesive pad to stick it down with as that goes against the whole objective for me.I want to keep noting visible on my dash when not in the car.

It is sticky enough for your screen and other types of glass surfaces. And it does hold 2 items with ease.
gloriously sticky
does what it claims. Takes my radar detector and phone at the same time
very handy idea
I am very pleased with my phone holder that sits on my dash board. the product is a very good idea and does work
It Really Works!
Great little mount for smartphones, a bit crude in its design but really does what it says on the box. The phone remains securely on the mount uphill and down and comes back off neatly at the end of the journey. More to the point, the mount remains securely on the dash too and is quite small. You can place it easily exactly where you want it instead of the usual hassle of trying to afix to windscreen and then dropping off throughout your journey.
At last something that works
I have lost count on the number of in car holders I have tried and rejected, but it was worth the wait because this is the best by far.
I have been over speed bumps, around tight bends, braked suddenly and the i phone will not shift.
Perfect, thank you so much, you have made me very happy.
Simple and functional
Not the best looking holder but very simple and does a great job with no fiddley knobs or buttons. Simply stick the phone to stand and pull it off when finished.
Always been happy using Mobilefun.
Iv used Mobile fun for along time,Never have i been disappointed,items i have ordered was delivered quick,and items as described,Many Thanks,Bob.
Does just what i hoped it would,
sticks my mobile to the dashboard
when required and leaves no mark when removed. good product
Simple solution, works well, very sticky
This is an easy to use approach to a universal dashboard mount. The plate is large enough to take the Siii easily and holds it firmly under any driving conditions. The angle allows me to minimise reflected glare. My only minor criticism is that the stickiness is so strong I once removed the phone and the battery cover came off the phone and remained on the holder.
stick um
great product works well
Stick um universal in car Holder
Stick um by name stick um, by nature!
Boy do these mats stick? There are no instructions on how to place the mats. So one goes flat on the side, simple, the next one has to be applied so that the back of the item to be held leans against it.
Yes, just leaning against it, one end is sitting on the mat, the back is just resting against the well named stick um mat. And yes, through thick and thin, and my driving, not the smoothest even on good days, everything stays exactly where it is put! I am slightly amazed that I do recommend this product! These mats should be sold in bigger sizes to put just about anything on as they would not move. Thoroughly recommended product.
the best phone holder i have had
very pleased does what it says
Sticks where it is needed
Having tried all kinds of car mounts for my iPhone this is the only one tha actually does stick on my dash. And it was the cheapest!
does exactly as it says sticks!!
needed this for my sat nav and iphone
neither moves an inch! 'Perfect'
Slight error with balance but good otherwise
Unfortunately there's no weight to the base part, so on a dashboard it overbalances easily unless you have it sloping back a lot. It grips well though so is still good, nice and simple.
Good delivery. A sturdy product that works well. Recommended.
not good
I needed a sticky holder, this is VERY sticky, for the phone, but it would Not stick to my dash, nor the screen. I tryed both pads , both will hold the phone, not on the dash. returned.
Simple solutions are often the best!
Stick em- its simple, its cheep , Its effective Enough Said!
Simple, does the job brilliantly
I was a bit sceptical but its great. Have bought some for friends.
This was advertised as able to stick on textured surfaces which is what encouraged me to order it as this isn't normally the case. I shouldn't have been surprised when it didn't stay on my dashboard and I returned it for a refund
Thought it was what I needed
I can not get it to stick in my Citreon C4 Grand, the dash is not flat so the thing will not hold
Very Flexible!
Didn't realise that the sticky pads were so flexible but at least they seem to hold my Galaxy S in it's leather flip case OK. They are so flexible that they are hard to transfer car to car. I am glad that I kept the box and the covering protective paper. Not sure what the square perforated zone in the top right corner is for though?
Stick UM Car holder
Great piece of kit holds my galaxy sii without slipping in both vertical and landscape mode, also holds my navman s70 perfectly.
Brought this item to hold my atrix phone whilst in otterbox defender case it does just about do it except over speed bumps and tends phone tends to slip down over a period of time so you end up addjusting it regularly ood idea just phone in otterbox case bit to much for it probably good on lighter phoe with no case.
Found this not to be as expected any curvature of dash and it does not hold
which mine has
Not sure
Not given this much of a chance in cooler weather but in the heat we have had my purchase got to sticky and then flopped and down went my mobile. Doesn't seem as good as the write ups credit it. Might be ok in the winter though
Good, but......
It does what it says on the tin...it holds the mobile firm no matter what the road surfaces are like. speed bumps, no problem, BUT...
the satnav will not stick to it due to the lead on the satnav. oh well just use it for the mobile.
Ideal Choice
The stick um does what it says. It keeps my phone safe on my dashboard but easily removable. Missed it the first time round and had to wait for it to be back in stock. Well worth the wait.
Took a while to arrive as it was out of stock when I ordered. However, I have just used it for my Talex Speed Camera warning unit, for the first time on a trip over the Pennines on the A57 snake pass. If it was going to fall off the dash, this route would have made it do so, but it was fine.
Stick Um! Universal In Car Holde
Brilliant product- works sraight out of the box and does exactly what the advertisement says - it holds the phoen or ipod firmly
Stick um!
Does what it says on the tin. Good value for price. 'prettier' things on the market but overall more than happy with this.
Excellent stuff
The Stick Um universal in car holder is a great little gizmo for keeping your phone and/or ipod in place in your car. The 'sticky' rubber surface is very effective and leaves no residue on the car dashboard when you peel it off. There are two rubber mats and a metal folding bracket. You can use the mats with or without the bracket to suit yourself. You can put a phone and an ipod side by side on the bracket. It's really nifty. Only downside is that some car dashboards are stippled and so the sticky mat may not stick too well to it.
Amazingly effective
I really wondered how good this would be - especially as my phone is larger than most - but it is rock solid in the car - even on bumpy twisty roads.
sticky mat
Great for the dashboard dose what it says a great help for so many items ####
Not as good as advertised
advert states that 2 items could be stuck to it - I have a Tom Tom One XL and it dropped off after abiut 20 minutes and there was no room for another device
No use whatsoever.
Product NO use for my Desire HD, would not hold phone on at any angle,with or without my otterbox commuter case on.Would not hold phone in either horizontally or vertically mounted.Have returned for a refund.
Not fit for purpose
If you own any kind of Sat Nav that has a grooved fixing for a screen mounted holder, don't even think about this product for the reason that it requires a completely flat back like a mobile phone to benefit from the sticky pads. It does indicate that you can use it for a Sat Nav. In my case this is not possible. The holder itself is pretty amerturish in its design as if made in a back yard somewhere. My personal experience with this holder is that it is not worth considering. The old addage is "you get what you pay for"
not suitable for all car types
Bought 2 - 1 as a present. This is not suitable for a Toyota Celica, there is no flat space on the dashboard. Also my phone is an older variety with curves and does not stick too well.
The principle is good though.
Worst purchase
Sadly the worst purchase I have ever made from Mobile Fun. As never worked will not stick to the dash of my Audi A4 in any position or angle. Falls over even with my small lightweight Nokia 5800 in it, unable to use it.
Works Well
Holds my dell streak, (it's a big 5" screen phone).
Folds flat when not in use.
I'm not flash and neither is this holder.
Perfect for me.
does the trick
Excellent product sticks almost anywhere, even on curved flat services really does the trick.
Not worth it
Unit is much smaller than picture gives impression, HTC Desire HD takes up more half of width so would not hold Sat Nav as well. Doesn't stick to dashboard (04 Mondeo) even with a good clean. Sticky pad for phone always comes away with it instead of staying on holder.
Seems to be a different model to the photo and is certainly not worth buying.
bad design
I really feel that this product which is made out of thin metal is extremely dangerous to be affixed to a dashboard in the event of an accident I am sure that the metal could inflict a serious injury besides this it doesn't hold to the dash top at all on our mg, disappointed as 'dash genie' also from mobile fun is a work of genius (no pun intended)buy on of those instead.
Good purchase
I wasn't sure whether this would work but so far I have been pleasantly surprised.
It holds fast to the dash although when you remove the phone sometimes it lifts up from the dash, however just hold it down and there's no problem.
I have a HTC HD2, pretty big and quite heavy for a mobile, Stick Um! hasn't let me down yet!!
Therefore I can do nothing but recommend.
Oh and I have one of those dashs that is bobbley, not smooth in case you're wondering.
Sick 'em - or rather not!
The product is extremely poor. It does not stick to many surfaces especially those in cars and my iPhone flew back through the car on one occasion. Also happened with the one I bought for my wife
Didn't "Stick-Um"
Didn't do what it said. Would not stick securely to a clean dashboard with a standard 'orange peel' finish, even though the surface was pretty much horizontal. I admit the surface had a slight curve, but this must be true of most places on the dashboard of a modern car. Didn't work so 1 star seems generous
Easy to use in-car holder for mobile 'phone etc
This has been used only once, for about 30 miles but the holder stuck securely to the facia and supported my mobile 'phone and a separate GPS receiver. The adhesive material is not unpleasant to touch but provides enough friction to hold those items securely over bumpy roads.
Stick Um! Universal In Car Holder
Simple but effective concept - the glue like surface really does work. Not as cumbersome as traditional phone holder.
Stick Um!
Great product - does what it says on the tin.
But beware! Dont drop it on the floor it's a grit & debris magnet!
Very Clever Product
I've used this product for about 2 weeks now and have to say that I am very impressed. For the first few days there was a slight inconvenience as when you removed the device (in my case a fairly heavy Dell Streak mobile phone / tablet)both of the pads came away with the phone and had to be replaced on the metal frame of the "Stick-Um", but that now seems to have settled down completely.

My phone has a perspex protector on the back but this doesn't prevent the Stick-Um providing a rock solid 100% successful hold, no matter how bumpy the road. (And I travel on some very bumpy and pot-holed roads on the Isle of Wight!). This hold is achieved on my slightly curved and textured feel dashboard, and so enables my phone to be used successfully as a Sat-Nav, in landscape view. Placement and removal of my phone is immediate .. again making the whole thing very usable. I've yet to try it out in my wife's car, but I have no doubt that this will prove a success and so quick changes of use are added to its repertoire.

A very clever product, well worth the money and I'm really glad I bought it.
Did not stick
My iphone stuck brilliantly - but the holder itself would not stick on my bmw dash whatever I did, so very disapointed!
Not that great
Looks tacky and basic. Does stick and hold the phone but twice the phone has dropped off whilst driving.
Doesnt always feel very secure so overall not going to use it and dont recommend it. If you have a small phone it may well work fine for you.
Stick Um
Having wasted money on several suction-cup type car holders for my iPhone4 - I am now the delighted owner of a Stick-Um. I can recommend this efficient little item to anyone who values the safety of their iPhone on the car dashboard (I have a new KA) - the phone - with a clear red bumper with a back sticks like crazy - it is totally reliable. It would take dynamite to dislodge - I am completely amazed. Thanks so much !!
Stick Um universal in car holder
Not impressed at all. Instructions would have been handy but not absolutely necessary.
Would not stick to any dashboard!
Had difficulty getting phone to stick to unit. No good for most GSP units as a lot have a fixing clip on the back and the back should be smooth to stick.Unit could have been taller to take GSP units. Would have sent back but postage would have cost even more than unit worth.In my opinion "Useless"
Just Works
Excellent, simple product that works exactly as it should. I use with an iphone4 in an otterbox case and it's fine. I do need to rinse the main pad in water every so often to get rid of the dust picked up from the case, but it is to be expected.
Great piece of kit
Bought this so that I could use my iphones sat nav. Sits on the dashboard and does not move. The phone sits on the holder and that doesn't move either. No mess atall.
Highly recommended
It Works
I have been looking for a car holder which works as described for a long time. The Stick Um Universal In Car Holder fits the bill. I have tried it in several positions in the car with phones and sat-navs of varying weights and it has not failed. Suprising for a very simple idea. Are there any downsides? Maybe it looks a bit "agricultral", but otherwise I haven't found any yet.
how good is it? absolutely brilliant
Can't say anything else but that it does all that it said it would, very pleased.
Not on my Audi
The device is definitely sticky, but won't stick to an Audi dashboard.
I'm reusing the sticky pad for a different application.
Stick Um! Universal In Car Holder
Does exactly what it says. I found it hard to believe, but ir is brilliant. Well worth the money
Universal in cad holder
I am pleased with this purchase, very easy to setup and hold the iphone securely on the car dashboard.
Excellent Product
I purchased this for my car as I have no place to park my phone safely when I'm using my handsfree answer phone. It is an excellent product, easy to set up and use and the phone stays on it well, despite my initial scepticism. You can adjust the angles easily so that your view when driving isn't obscured. It's cold weather and the phone still sticks on perfectly and it still sticks to the dashboard.
Stickum Universal in car holder
Tried a few holders for my phone and thought this might work, it didn't but I put it down to to the plastic in my car. I have a citroen C4.
Not impressed
Seems like a good idea but evry time I try and remove the phone the whole unit comes away from the dashboard as it sticks to the phone better than the dash.
It works - get it!
The Stick Um! is the 3rd car holder I've tried with my HTC Desire and so far the only one that works, every time and hassle free.

My car has a curved and sloping dash with mottled effect plastic - not exactly ideal for sticking to - yet this product does the trick.

It's also great that more of the windscreen is visible.

So far the product's been working fine without even needing a clean to re-induce stickiness.

Assembling it is somewhat weird but not altogether counter intuitive.

Very occasionally the base has lifted and needed to be re-stuck but this is only a minor inconvenience that happened a couple of times.
I bought this item to use it as a desktop stand. For that it works fine. It is sticky and leaves no residue on the phone, but not sure I would use it in a car as the base is quite wide and requires a flat surface in my cart I don't have that much flat surface (ford focus).
It is not as eye pleasing as I hopped.

As I said, is OKish
Suitability for VW`s
I have, both, late models Passat and Jetta . Both of their dash sufaces are slightly dimpled, and also sloping towrds thr driver. My mob is a Sony Ericsson Zylo. It is almost impossible to get the pad to stay in place and adhesion is virtually nil, due to dash surface. Disapponiting really because all othr products have lived up to their claims
Ok - but not much use to me
What you get is two pieces of sheet metal which is hinged in a book style and two very sticky pads, one you place on what you want it to stick to the other to hold your device. It all works well, it seems to stick to most things except my dashboard which is what I bought it for.
Stick um
Found that the phone sticks great but the mat doesn't stick very well to the ridged dashboard. The first time I braked the bracket and my iphone 4 landed at my feet. Not used it since. I'm sure it works well if your dash is flat, not ridged.
universal phone holder
I was very happy with my purchase,the item came alot quicker than what I was told.
Sticky phone holder
Works very well does exactly what they said it would
Stick Um!
Handy little item. Does what it said. Will grip well on most surfaces. Well worth the Tenner !
Stick Um
Phone (iPhone) sticks very well, and saves taking out of clip case.However on curved slightly rippled dash surface (Picasso)mount does not stick so well, but OK whilst empty. If I put immediately behind steering wheel and insert charging lead ( which I usually need to do for longer journeys) the lead plug rests on steering wheel stem and takes the weight, and it is fine.
uni in car holder
As always the item was delivered in quick time and seems to be working well. The one thing I would have liked to know is what to do with rubber pad when it gets dirty/ dusty.
MobileFun Reply
As dust slowly builds up over time the adhesive properties reduce. Simply wipe the pad with a little water and wipe with a clean cloth. (be sure not to use solvents or alcohol wipes). This will restore the Stick Um's magic holding properties.
Return of product
Unfortunately this item did not stick on the dashboard of a Volvo XC70.No matter where I put it the mat would not stay put!I am in the process of returning the said article-not for me!!
Stick Um!
Disappointed with the product. I used it in a Honda Civic and the angle at which my Sat Nav was secure did not allow me to view the Sat Nav screen because the light from the windscreen glared the Sat Nav screen. If the angle of the Stick Um was set to enable me to view the screen i.e.closer to 90 degrees, then the sat nav would come unstuck.
Hoped this would work with my TomTom XL but the back is too curved so won't stick - pity - would have been great.
Great product
Holds my iPhone solid leave no mess on phone or dash board
Does what it says on the tin
This product is based around an amazing gel-like rubber product that grips firmly but leaves no residue. One sheet goes under the stand to grip the car dash, the othe goes on the stand to grip the phone/ sat-nav etc. It just does the job very well. I can now position my iPhone perfectly to use it as a sat-nav. Brilliant.
Nearly but not quite
This holder was bought to hold my iPhone and Sat Nav on top of the dashboard. While it works on flat surfaces, when I tried to use it on a slightly curved surface, it would not remain stable. It is now relegated to my desk (which of course is flat!)
stick em incar holder
Found the product very good,holds my phone perfectly in the car and I can take the holder out of my car and transfer it whenever I want would recomend.
clever little gadget
This gadget is very practical and is just the job my phone or sat nav very glad I bought it
Does what it says on the tin - just!
Good item but more suited to very flat dashes or other flat surfaces. I have a Citroen Gr C4 Picasso which has a very curvy dash and the Stick-Um does hang on for dear life!
That said I would recommend it for mobile phones only.
Stick Um Universal In Car Holder
This is fantastic, I already have a car mount and charger for my iphone but wanted a quick second one I could use in my husband's car and in mine if I was in a hurry. This sticks beautifully on the dashboard, and even on the centre console if I just want to use the ipod facility.Highly recommend it.
Stick um
I must admit that I was a little dissapointed by the quality of this product. It does not have a large base as poor the picture on its box and the 'sticky gel' is not as good as I would have expected.
I suupose for the price it is very average but not as good as I expected!
Stick Um! Universal in car holder
A Very good idea for such as phones or sat nav does not leave rings on windscreens an easy give away for thieves robbing from motor vehicles.
Yours faithfully Jack ps i am trying to purchase another one from
your good selves...
Okay for the price
It works !
Bought this as a cheap alternative to vent fitted phone holders. It does more or less as it says. My dash is dimpled so thought this would work. It is also curved so have had to use the flatest place to put it. It would be better on a flat dash.
I often drive on bumpy roads, and I mean bumpy ! The Stick Um does occasionally fall over, but for "normal" driving it is great. And with a flat area of dash I'm sure would be even more stable.
Universal In-car holder
This is better than I'd hoped. It holds my mobile phone without having to exert any pressure whatsoever.
A not so sticky problem
Sadly this product is a huge disappointment. I've tried it with both my HTC Desire and my Garmin sat nav and, in both cases, the holder lost its grip as soon as the road got a bit bumpy. The last thing you want is your phone dropping into the footwell as you are driving along - could be quite a hazard. This was with the holder fresh out of its box and it certainly won't improve with age. I've gone back to my old holder.
Does what it says on the tin
Good little product. Good price and works as promise.
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