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Stanley by Incipio Foreman Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Stanley Foreman is a heavy-duty black case constructed from layers of silicone and rugged Plextonium to protect your iPhone 5S / 5 during falls.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41136
$40.58 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 17 customers

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Everything I needed
The great thing about this case was that it came with features that I wasn't expecting.

I knew it was great at protecting against scratches, scrapes, penguins, daily wear and tear etc. but I didn't know it would come with a screen protector! Maybe I'll pay closer attention to what I'm reading next time :)
Perfect Protection
This case is ideal for anyone who is prone to dropping their phone. The case is easy to fit as the inner part is quite flexible and the outer shell simply clips over it. I dropped my phone from height the other day and it survived - some I'm confident it will be protected during my busy time of year shortly. All in all, very impressed with this sturdy and robust case!
Brilliant Case!
Dropped my iPhone a few times with this case and it protects very well against damage. The sea ice will crack before by screen does!
Such a brilliant case
This is the best case I've ever had! It's so peng #win
Seal a great deal!
Finally! A case that offers great protection and doesn't look too bad either! It is slightly bulkier than I thought it would be but I guess that makes it great for protecting against walrus tusks. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting long lasting protection.
My phone will go on
Dropped my phone with this on recently on my holiday on a cruise liner, expecting it to be completely smashed. To my delight, my phone lives to tell the tale and my phone will go on and on.
Cool case
Does the job and more. My case has not suffered from knocks and penguin scratches since I put it on! Also, like myself this case minimises heat loss to its surroundings. Very cool indeed.
This is absolutely perfect for protecting my iPhone! I am so grateful to Mobile Fun to shipping this out to me because not a lot of penguins have iPhones so it's quite hard to get a case where I live. Brrrrilliant!
A name you can trust
This case is fantastic! I don't know who Stanley is but he sure knows how to please this penguin. I wouldn't know what to do without it. Perhaps swim or stand for a bit I guess. Anyway, great stuff!
I was recommended this by my brother in law, who is an Emporer. As I am a rockhopper I needed something that is going to protect both whilst I'm clambouring up those rocks and when walruses attack.
Top case!
As the title suggests. This is a quality case which I bought mainly due because I trust Stanley for durability. I may be a penguin but that doesn't mean I will settle for a sub-standard case. I'd recommend doing this to anyone! Great stuff.
Very good case!
I'm pretty please with this case. It may not look very discreet but it provides more than enough protection. I pretty much dropped my phone straight after putting it on but after I p p picked it up I found to my delight there were no scratches on it.
This case is absolutely brilliant! It gives me happy feet because I'm literally a penguin.
I work in really harsh conditions so getting a case that was going to provide maximum protection was essential. I'm not naturally blessed with very good grip so it was essential that my iPhone 5 would be protected should I ever drop it onto the rock solid ice floor that I often frequent. This case is perfect for exactly that, and whilst I still have to be careful when by the water's edge I know that this case will still keep my phone safe even in the event of a seal attacking my huddle.
Would recommend!
I have to say I have been really surprised by just how good this product is! For those of you that are parents to young penguins you'll know just how important it is to get something robust and protective - this case is exactly that!
Great protection
Definitely happy with this case. It looks good, doesn't add too much weight and it has protected my phone so far. It also keeps it protected from everyday penguin scratches.
Great Case!
this case is perfect for my iphone. its really tough and keeps scratches and penguins from damaging it. would recommend to anyone!

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