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Spigen Thin Fit A iPhone 6S / 6 Shell Case - Champagne Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Durable and lightweight, the Spigen Thin Fit A series for the iPhone 6S / 6 offers premium protection in a slim, stylish package. Carefully designed the Thin Fit case in champagne gold is precisely form-fitted to the phone to highlight its original design
  • Mobile Fun ID 48178
$17.58 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 45 customers

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Great product second purchase
Great company and product quick easy delivery with no problems. Second purchase and the product is great
Great! Saved my phone after being dropped. Very slim and well made
Nice cover
Happy with the way the Iph 6S cover looks on the phone!
Quality of cover I bought was better than thought
WOW Mobile Fun your service is A++ and ease of ordering perfect. Delivery in less than 24hrs is very impressive. Quality of cover I bought was better than thought.
The quality is impressive
This case is very flexible, so it’s easy to fit and it feels nice in hand. Nice style and match the elegant design of the iPhone 6s beautifully.
Great cover, sturdy, compact and the gold looks fab. Excellent value for money
Great cover, sturdy, compact and the gold looks fab. Excellent value for money
I am delighted with my new cover for my Iphone, perfect fit, l chose the gold cover, I love it, it is nice and slim, a lovely shade of gold, matching the phone, absolutely love it! Will definitely shop here again, no problems at all
Spigen is finger lickin'.....
Tremendous, superlative and highly effective in its own right. Fits like a glove!!!!!
Top case
Great slim line case , looks classy and well made , and great service from mobilefun
Thought this looked like a decent cover. My phone fell slowly out of my bag unfortunately this cover offered no protection for my one week old phone and the screen smashed. I am usually very careful with my phone so very disappointed I would advise - don't take the chance and buy something else.
The case fits well and is easy to put on. It makes the phone much less slippery than having no case on. Looks smart.
iPhone 6 case
Brilliant product for the iphone6. Would buy again. Totally recommend.
Was worried it wouldn't look or fit right for the price we paid, but once it was put on it was perfect. Massive recommendation.
This is a great sleek slim iPhone 6 part
And a great colour.
Great to protect phone and very stylish.
Great Case, but not non-slip
As with most iPhones they are best without cases but they slip out of your hands far too easily, so I always end up purchasing a case to a) provide a better grip and b) protect it if the phone does hit the ground. Despite the description being "non-slip matte surface to improve grip" this isn't strictly true. So it doesn't' meet requirement a). However it does protect the phone in the event of a fall and protects the camera lenses when placed on a surface. If it provided a better grip I'd have given it 5*
Looks good
Looks good and a nice slim fit, not to sure how much protection it would offer in the event of dropping the phone on a hard surface
Also a little slippy to hold
Delighted with this wonderful case. The fit is perfect leaving the phone extremely thin. Very easy access to the controls and the colour is ideal. I previously was using a wallet style cover but this is so sleek that I will not be using that again. Delivery was brilliant as the case arrived earlier than predicted
Degrades fast
Fits my phone well and doesn't add too much bulk to it. However, it's not as matt in finish as advertised. It's basically pretty smooth so feels like you're constantly going to drop it. It scratches and scuffs really easily. Plus the thin piece in front of the volume buttons snapped off far too easily in my pocket. Replacing already with a different brand. Disappointed.
Slick but limited protection
I upgraded to an iPhone 6 after cracking the screen of my 5 and then dropping it down the toilet. Safe to say I need protection! The spigen thin case was rated high in the iPhone 6 best cases and promised full protection! When the case arrived I was surprised by how thin it was, it clipped onto my phone with ease and boy did it look good. It maintained the shape and feel of my phone and even has a cut out circle for the apple logo. My phone looks and feels fantastic however if your looking at this case in terms of protection Id recommend some of the more bulky cases. I've taken out the apple extended warrenty which allows for accidental damage and this case makes my glad I dod. Cosmetically perfect protection limited.
Really nice case for the iphone 6, suits very nicely on the phone, it's very thin and confortable and you can't barely feel the case on your hands!!! The hole on the back is glass it's not really a hole and i think it's really great to have glass in it to protect more.
Great Cover
Nice cover, very confortable, i liked the gall on the hole in the back (it's not a hole) there's a glass in it... suits very nice on the phone... i recemande this!!!
Worth every penny and more
Absolutely fantastic case. DO NOT spend hundreds of pounds on your new smartphone and then just a couple of pound on a cheep case. These aren't the cheapest in the market and there is a reason for that, THEY ARE QUALITY, and fully compliment your shiny new toy.
Smart looking protection
This case is slimline, robust and does not detract from the design features of the phone. There is no coverage on the front so if a full case is what you're after this isn't for you. The only slight issue I have is that the case scratches quite easily. Other than that it's a sleek and attractive design
iPhone 6 cover
I was very happy with my iPhone 6 cover it was delivered in a very promptly manner , 3 days
Spigen IPhone 6 hardcase
This item afforded no protection to my iPhone 6. I dropped my phone accidentally from height of 2 feet. The screen cracked and phone was replaced.
Slimline protection for iPhone 6
I decided to try this case for my new iPhone 6 because I was swayed by the claim that it is "precisely form-fitted to the phone to highlight its original design". I can vouch that this is true: having previously gone for leather cases which look stylish, but which bulk out the phone, masking its slim design, I was pleasantly surprised by the way that this retains the ultra-slim look of the iPhone 6, while protecting it from bending in your pocket. True there's no cover for the front, but the case comes with a screen-saver, and these can be purchased quite cheaply, should you need more. Also the 'gunmetal' case I bought goes very nicely with the 'space grey' phone which I chose.
Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 6 case
Fast delivery and am absolutely pleased with my purchase
Very thin iPhone 6 case
Great case for iphone 6 - fits snugly and doesn't add any bulk to phone - so much so most people I showed the phone to thought it was part of the phone. Very good build quality and provides extra protection for the lens as this is proud of the phone case.
Cool & slim iPhone 6 case
This is a very slim and cool looking case for the iPhone6 from Spigen , it's great value and will protect my pride and joy from any knocks or scrapes of daily use. An essential piece of kit to accompany this amazing piece of tech.
Excellent value and a great case
I purchased this case due to the value of it mainly. However on receiving the case and putting it onto my new iPhone it is an incredibly amazing fit and looks amazing. The case is very well made and feels great on the phone. I feel a lot more confident that my phone is now protected. Delivery was within a couple of days and I could not be happier with the service given by mobile fun. I would highly recommend ordering this case if you are looking for a non intrusive yet highly elegant case for an iPhone 6.

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