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Spigen Slim Armor LG G4 Case - Gunmetal Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Slim Armor case for the LG G4 in gunmetal has shock absorbing technology specifically incorporated to protect the device from impacts from any angle.
  • Mobile Fun ID 53532
$31.11 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 6 customers

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Great products.
I am a heavy user. And if I am honest not very careful with my phones? So l needed something that was practical in stopping damage to my phone in its. daily use, without making it look like a brick, plus fit into my shirt pocket. It look cool and sophisticated, when I put it on my desk and prop it up on its built in stand so I can view my messages at a glance. It the best thing since sliced bred. Ideal for today's busy executive's
Excellent fit for LG G4 leather bached
Easy to pop on, even with the original leather back on the LG G4. Tends to lift the leather back of the phone off when being removed, though if I am removing the case, I will want to get to the battery or sim card anyway.The extra depth protects camera lens when phone is laid down or carried. Slides smoothly into pocket but is not slippery to grip. Adds another 46 g to weight of phone though (originally 168g) making it 214 g in total. I may need to wear a belt to hold my trousers up now, with combined weight of phone, wallet and passport when travelling.
Well fitting if a little bulky
Being a non samsung/iPhone owner, there are naturally bugger all options when it comes to phone accessories. This cover fits really well over either the leather or plastic cover. It's probably a bit bulkier than I hoped for, but you quickly get used to it and being the constant phone dropper that I am, it's not a bad thing.
I recently got mad at my wife who was having a go at me cause I choose to play Clash of Clans rather than be a good father to my kids. In my rage, I exclaimed F the phone and threw it across the room. After we both stopped laughing at my outrageous behaviour, I checked my phone and it was perfectly ok. So kudos goes to the cover in this situation.
Its got a pointless tab thingy so you can put the phone on its side on a table sideways to watch videos. Great fun for the whole family. Obviously it's a feature that never gets used as, you know, you tube watching tends to happen when slobbing on the couch.
Access to ports for charger and and headphones is no worries.
Great Case
This has been on my G4 for months now, only removed occasionally for cleaning out dust.

This case just works!
Great fit and finish, it sits really tight on and looks great.
It's not too big and bulky, even for my size 7 hands. I've not had any problems with it blocking me from pressing the rear buttons either :)

Never dropped my phone with it on, but i absolutely trust it for small drops that would damage the phone without the case on.

Full access to all ports, never had any issues with jacks not fitting, but some oversized headphone-jacks might not work.

The kickstand works perfectly, and it NEVER comes out unless you want it to, so it WILL NOT BREAK. It might pop off if you drop the phone while it's in use, but in 99% of those cases, it will pop right back in place.

Highly recommend this case. Alongside a good tempered screen protector, your G4 will be safe for it's lifetime unless you drop it HARD or run over it with a tank or some other, impossibly stupid mishandling :)

Was delivered in 4 days to norway, excellent :)
Does exactly what you want
It fits my new LGG4 perfectly. It doesn't muffle the speaker. The kick stand is small but works fine. Ordering and receiving the phone was easy and quick.

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