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Spigen SGP Ultra Hybrid for Google Nexus 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Google Nexus 5 with this unique black bumper with air cushioned corners from Spigen SGP.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41772
$19.44 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 65 customers

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Great sturdy case, thanks!
Great sturdy case, thanks!
Very effective
I dropped the phone about half an hour after I put the case on, on concrete. The case got a fine graze, and the phone kept ringing, like nothing happened.
It's a keeper.
Thick with full coverage
Comes with a screen protector too!
Really Good Case
Product seems to provide really good protection, I haven't dropped my phone since getting the case, however it does feel very sturdy. I do have a habit of pulling the corners of the case on and off when I'm doing things, and it (luckily) hasn't scratched any parts of my phone.

The product gives users the chance to keep the back-panel clear, or to customise their phone, which I think is a really good idea. At the moment I just have a piece of blue card, but might change it up soon! Do beware though, that cutting out the card for the back will require small scissors to be accurate when cutting the hole for the camera out!
Exceelnet Product
An excellent product, does the job amazingly well.
The perfect case for protection and wireless charging
I was looking for a good case to protect my Nexus 5 device, but also still wanted to work with wireless charging.

This case has both of these features! Perfect protection and a good grip for the smartphone and also perfect signal with the original google wireless charging pad.

The perfect case for your smartphone
Fits very nicely
It gives excellent protection and looks good too.
Just what I needed for my Nexus 5
This is a item worth buying because u get a lot of things for free with the case like a screen protector and 2 smart stensals
Spigen SGP Ultra Hybrid for Google Nexus 5 - Black
This case is ok. Protects the phone and that, looks a bit bulky but makes up for this in its protective qualities.I can award this case 3 ☆'s
Good product
I have not seen or had a good case like this for a very long time, a well job well done :)

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