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Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Preserve the super-sleek profile of your awesome Samsung Galaxy S5 while giving it maximum protection with this blue Neo Hybrid case from Spigen.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44240
$31.11 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 38 customers

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Stylish and functional
Great S5 case, not too chunky and still looks good. This is my second Neo Hybrid. The narrow bit around the charging dock is a weak point and broke on impact, but it still saved my screen from shattering.
Delivery arrived on time.
Quality case
Replaced a previous version Spigen case and this new design is much sleeker and the finish is exceptional.

Only slight negative is the grip could be improved, but this is marginal.
Excellent. Original product. perfect
Ok !
Just right!
The case is exactly what I was hoping for:
•tSecure fit
•tPhone fully accessible
•tEasy to hold
•tSubtle splash of colour
Fortunately I haven't had to test the actual protection provided, but the phone is certainly more securely held so it seems much safer.
Excellent product by Spigen, good quality at an average price. The buttons on the case could possibly be a higher quality but still adequate, the coloured frame itself is easy to scratch, showing the metallic undercoat.
secure grip
Everything fits, everything still works, looks great and should protect the phone.
quality product
I done a lot of research to find the right cover for my s5 neo and decided to pay that little bit more for a spigen case. I'm glad I did as it does exactly what it states. The fit is perfect and makes the phone look stylish and doesn't make it look too heavy. Delivery was excellent and arrived promptly. Very professional company. Would definitely buy from them again. The s5 and s5 neo take the same case. I saw comments about having to remove the case to charge the phone but you don't have to with the s5 or s5 neo.
The blue Spigen SGP Hybrid case was a perfect fit to my Samsung Galaxy S5. Easy fitting, provides excellent protection and looks great. Would recommend anytime
Perfect Fit
This case is a perfect fit, and I think it actually enhances the look of my S5. The case buttons appear lighter to use than the original phone.
It's a very slim profile, but still robust. My phone is now safe but still looks cool
A great quality stylish cover and a perfect match for the blue Galaxy S5. Very good value for a quality cover like this.
Sleek case but a bit tricky to get on/off
This case fits my S5 well, however I had quite a lot of trouble trying to remove it from the phone when wanting to change the SIM or SD card. It also makes the phone a bit bulkier but that's to be expected from any case. Overall good purchase, I haven't dropped the phone yet to see how tough it is but let's hope it fairs well.
Exceptionally great quality
Great quality phone case with a sleek and sexy look. The material both looks and feels amazing and the range of colours to choose from are fantastic!
All of the phone's ports are easily accessible with the case, even the charging port which at first I thought would be a hassle since the S5 has a cover over it, but it's no more difficult to open with or without the case.

The only slight disappointment, in my opinion, is that the volume and lock-screen buttons stick out a tiny bit too much which feels like they can be accidentally pressed while in my pocket or back pack.

But overall, I'm completely satisfied with the product :)
great looking case
The case looks really great and feels really nice but the only thing I don't like is how I have to take off the case to charge it.
Looks stunning!
I've had lots of interest shown in my phone since switching to this case ... it just looks so right on the S5 - chunkier than the phone alone, but not so bulky that it makes it like a brick. The case is stylish but features a rubberized "lip" around the screen than prevents the glass touching a surface and this is very reassuring, although for the first couple of days I kept wanting to push it down as I was used to a flatter case profile (I'm over that now!) Access to the power socket is slightly compromised and you need to get a fingernail in to open it, but that's about the only niggle.
Sweeet Case
I've got to say this is the best case I've ever bought for my S5. Fits easily and really well. Dropped my phone 5 minutes after fitting the case and not a mark on it
Awesome cover
I am very impressed with the quality and the look of the Spigen Neo Hybrid.Its looks great of the phone and I usually hate having a case on my phone. I also feel great in the hand. Can highly recommend this case to anyone that has a Galaxy S5
Excellent protection and good looks
Classy looking, solid protection, easy to install. Unlike other cases I've tried,rocker buttons are easy to press aided by the external band that wraps around the inner casing. This case is exactly as described. Shame to cover up the S5's excellent tactile backing though. I wish smart phone designers would integrate secure casing with their designs.
Fantastic case for S5
Brilliant case for the S5. Looked around for 30 mins on various sites. This was by far the best option. Case doesn't add too much bulk to the phone and most importantly of all, it feels like a quality product and it does the job of protecting the phone as I have already found out when I dropped it. Would definitely recommend!
Marvellous Mobile Protector/Cover
I'm very pleased with the Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Case recently bought from Mobilefun. I always have a New Case/cover when I get a New Mobile Phone and was amazed and how much better my Galaxy felt in my hand. It did feel a bit thin and somewhat slippery in my hand before fitting this Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Case but it now feels firm and secure. The on/off switch is a dream to work, just a slight press and t works every time. No more pressing hard to turn it on/off. I can and would reccomend this Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Case to everyone needing a Quality cover for their Mobile Phone. Buy it!
Perfect fit
The neo hybrid case is perfect for anyone wanting to protect their S5. My first case was Samsung own flip case and upon first accidental drop cracked the screen. Replacement phone later I decided to buy a better product. The neo hybrid fitted the bill and I've not been disappointed. Don't be fooled by cheaper copies as the rubber/plastic housing seems flimsiest and not as robust. Great product and would definitely buy again if required
The item I bought came quickly and was well packaged. I was very happy with my item and the quality of the item is very good.

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