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Spigen Kuel P12Q/C Dual 4A USB Car Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Featuring two 2A USB ports this compact and stylish car charger from Spigen will keep your devices fully charged even when in use.
  • Mobile Fun ID 45644
$27.05 inc VAT
 4 stars from 3 customers

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product was good i really like it.
The product which i purchased frm mobilefun was really Outstanding no comment at all. my review rating is 4 out of 5, Thank you mobilefun !!.. .
Better than most
A very solid feel and the 'blue ring' is a nice feature at night for a passenger to find the USB connection without turning on the interior light. Not sure about the independence of each port as I get the feeling charging time increases when both USB ports are used at the same time. A bit difficult to judge without having two identical androids/ipads both at the same battery state. However, it is far better than some so called two port units.
Solid piece
A good choice for a car-to-USB adapter. Does exactly what it says on the box, provides power to 2 devices easily.

The blue ring is actually a blue light, which I guess some people might find distracting depending on where your cigarette lighter port is, but it's no worse than some blue lights you get on car stereo consoles.

I like it, just does what I wanted it to do and a decent price, seemingly decent quality.

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